Memory foam mattresses are one of the most popular types of beds in the world. Mattress manufacturers from all around the globe have made these types of beds for many years, things are unlikely to change anytime soon. That’s why we’ve decided to compile a list of the best memory foam mattresses of 2019.

We’ve also included a couple of hybrid mattresses that incorporate coils into their memory foam design. Each mattress we’ve reviewed offers different features, so it’s up to you to choose which of these products would suit you better.

Memory Foam Mattress Features & Information

Memory foam has been around for almost 50 years. It has become a popular fabric for bed manufacturers as it’s very easy to cut and modify, and it doesn’t cost a lot of money to buy or produce.

Memory foam mattresses are very good at adapting to different types of body shapes. They can change their shape very quickly and accommodate to the user’s needs. Most of these mattresses have a layer of foam which is manufactured with a special gel. This gel always keeps the mattress cool and serves as a sort of borderline between the other layers of the bed.

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Doctors tend to recommend using memory foam mattresses to patients that suffer from chronic back pain. The foam contours very easily and creates an orthopedic effect, relieving stress from your muscles and keeping you well rested through the night.

These types of mattresses tend to be warmer than innerspring beds, although modern mattress builds are designed to keep the mattress from retaining too much heat.

Apart from that, memory foam mattresses offer support to people of all weights. It doesn’t matter how heavy you are, a memory foam mattress with a solid foundation will be able to deal with your weight appropriately.

These mattresses are known for their lack of noise when you sleep. That, combined with their motion isolation, makes them the preferred mattress choice for couples all over the world.

Which Type of Memory Foam Mattress Should You Purchase?

Make sure you measure the size of your bed frame if you’re wondering about which size of mattress you need. You might also need to get your hands on a new foundation to hold the mattress if you want to buy a large bed.

You would also do good to consider the type of foam used to manufacture the bed you’d like to buy. Some of the products we’ve reviewed today are made with dense foam, while others use copper-based memory foam to create a better sensation to the user.

Each of these beds also offers unique thickness and measures, so we encourage you to keep in mind the things you like in a bed as you read our list. Most importantly, you’ll want to consider the type of sleeper that you are. Side sleepers tend to have a lot of trouble finding a bed that suits them well, so keep your eyes out for specialized beds if you’re one of them.

Be sure to investigate the type of density of your own mattress to make sure that you’ll like your new bed. Denser types of foam can offer higher firmness, while less dense foams tend to be better for people who enjoy sinking in their mattress.

Nectar Mattress – Best High-Density Memory Foam Mattress

The Nectar mattress is a memory foam mattress which is manufactured with high-density fabric. The mattress’ design incorporates many of the features often related to memory foam mattresses, but it has a gel layer right beneath the cover that always helps to keep the mattress cool.

Thanks to its gel layer, the mattress keeps a lower average temperature than most of its competitors. It’s also very comfortable, even though it doesn’t have as much sinkage as other mattresses (mainly due to the density of its foam).

The Nectar mattress also has a very solid support layer, which holds everything in place and provides additional support for the upper layers. The support layer is made with polyfoam, which is as dense as the memory foam on its upper layer.

This mattress is known to be one of the most high-quality but affordable mattresses on the market. It offers the best features of a memory foam mattresses at a much affordable price.

Nectar Mattress Pros

  • It makes no noise when you move around on top of it, making it ideal for couples
  • Offers the best features of a high-quality memory foam mattress for a lower price
  • It has an average level of firmness that suits every type of sleeper
  • The Nectar mattress is one of the cheapest mattresses of its quality

Nectar Mattress Cons

  • The memory foam doesn’t offer as much support on the edges of the mattress
  • Its lifespan isn’t as long as you would hope, although the company does offer a lifetime warranty in case something bad happens to your bed

Dreamcloud Mattress – Best Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress

The Dreamcloud mattress tops the hybrid mattress market in most categories. Additionally, it comes at an affordable price (although it is more expensive than the Nectar mattress). The Dreamcloud mattress is one of the most complexly built mattresses that we’ve reviewed on this site – its 8 layers provide an enormous level of comfort that justifies the price of this bed.

The Dreamcloud mattress is ideal for people who sleep in various positions, although it doesn’t do much good for stomach sleepers because of its relatively deep sinkage. Most stomach sleepers could feel discomfort near their neck area while lying down in one of these beds.

The Dreamcloud mattress includes a high-quality cover, manufactured with a combination of comfortable fabrics. It adapts very well to the user’s body shape. The layers beneath the cover are made with high-quality memory foam, but they also have an innerspring system in place.

The presence of an innerspring system doesn’t hinder its motion isolation features. The coils are pocketed, and they’re dispersed in different zones which allows the mattress to provide as much comfort as a memory foam mattress while keeping a hold of the bouncing features often associated with spring beds.

The Dreamcloud mattress offers incredible support on the edges. Lying down on the edge of one of these mattresses will make you feel as secure as you would if you were lying down on the middle. It’s a very balanced mattress that should please even the most demanding of customers.

Dreamcloud Mattress Pros

  • The mattress doesn’t have a weight limit – it suits people of all sorts of weights
  • Its high-quality build makes the mattress last for a long time before needing a replacement
  • The distribution of its innersprings creates an improved version of the motion isolation offered by the memory foam

Dreamcloud Mattress Cons

  • It’s not easy to move given its size and weight
  • There aren’t many size options to choose from when ordering it

Layla Mattress – Best Flippable Memory Foam Mattress

The Layla mattress is a two-sided memory foam bed which is manufactured with special foam infused with copper. The defining feature of this bed is the ability of the Layla mattress to relieve the pressure off the heavier areas of your body. This turns the mattress into an ideal bed for any type of sleeper – you can lie down in any position and you’ll be comfortable while doing so.

Combo sleepers might want to give this bed a try, as it is one of the most versatile products we’ve seen so far. In fact, you can even flip the bed to change its level of firmness – all you must do is flip the bed if you’re not happy with the firmness level on one of its sides.

We noticed that its cooling features aren’t as great as other memory foam mattress like the Nectar bed, but it still offers better cooling than most of its competitors. The cooling of the Layla mattress is comparable to the one offered by the Dreamcloud.

The memory foam’s copper infusion allows the bed to react better to your body’s movements. You can feel the bed contouring around you as you change the way you rest.

The support system of the Layla mattress makes for a good level of bounciness, although we don’t recommend purchasing this bed if you like bouncy mattresses.

Layla Mattress Pros

  • It adapts incredibly well to the shape of your body and supports your muscles very well
  • The lack of springs in the mattress’ construction makes it a very good motion isolator
  • The bed can be flipped to access a different level of firmness

Layla Mattress Cons

  • The Layla mattress is very heavy and difficult to move around
  • It’s not as dense as other memory foam mattresses

Casper Mattress – Best Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress

The Casper mattress is rather expensive, but its features make it offer great value for money. There are many different types of Casper mattresses, each of them providing unique features and adapting to the needs of different consumers. The brand also offers budget options that don’t offer as much comfort, but their prices make them more accessible to buyers of all backgrounds.

The original Casper mattress is built with three layers – all of them made of foam. The memory foam layer is placed in the middle, between the other two polyfoam layers. The cover of the mattress is very comfortable thanks to its build, which consists of a variety of different fabrics put together to form a pleasant layer to your skin.

The Casper mattress is one of the models we recommend to couples. Its three layers of foam make almost no noise when you move around on the bed. You can get out of bed without being worried about waking up your partner. Its edge support might not be anything too great, but it’s still above average when considering that this is a foam mattress.

It comes with a very resistant foundation layer that can withstand a ton of use. The Casper mattress seems to be made to last for a very long time. It’s also important to note that this is a relatively firm bed – every other mattress on this list is softer than the Casper bed.

Casper Mattress Pros

  • The Casper mattress doesn’t retain heat easily. You can sleep hot without having to wake up covered in sweat
  • It works great for couples thanks to its noiseless performance and motion isolation
  • It’s more affordable than most of its competitors

Casper Mattress Cons

  • It could have some issues with off-gassing – keep it in mind when unpacking it
  • The edge support offered by this mattress is not good. You won’t feel supported while lying on its edges

Eight Sleep Jupiter – Best Customizable Memory Foam Mattress

The Eight Sleep Jupiter mattress is the best bed manufactured by Eight Sleep, according to our review. It offers great levels of customization as you can ask the company to create two different levels of firmness and incorporate them to your bed – it will increase the total cost, of course, but it’s always nice when bed manufacturers offer this option.

This is the bounciest mattress on our list. Its layers are meant to support a lot of weight while offering very decent bounciness that responds well to pressure. Its build is very similar to the Casper mattress construction – it’s formed by one layer of memory foam hugged in between two layers of high-density polyfoam.

It has very decent sinkage but overall you could consider the Eight Sleep Jupiter mattress as a slightly firm bed. The memory foam makes it adapt quickly to your body shape. Additionally, you can comfortably sleep in any position without feeling trapped. The memory foam “forgets” the shape of your body very quickly thanks to the presence of the polyfoam.

The motion transfer of this bed is very smooth, but we’ve seen better in the past. The Layla mattress, for example, offers smoother motion transfer than this bed.

Eight Sleep Jupiter Pros

  • Ideally designed to be used with the Eight Sleep Tracker, which you can use to improve your sleep
  • You can fully customize the mattress by ordering the special service from the company
  • It’s very bouncy
  • The memory foam on this bed is quick to adapt to your body’s movements

Eight Sleep Jupiter Cons

  • The Eight Sleep Jupiter mattress costs a fairly large sum of money

Bear Mattress – Best Contouring Memory Foam Mattress

The Hybrid Bear mattress is a memory foam-based mattress which aims to please all sorts of sleepers. Its construction uses memory foam as well as an innerspring coil system, which gives the surface the ability to quickly adapt to movement and accommodate to the user’s needs. The pressure created by your body when you lie on top of the bed is well managed by the mattress.

You might want to look at some of our previous reviews if you’re looking for a soft bed. This bed isn’t too firm, but it’s above the average market standard. Regardless, the Bear mattress has its innerspring system very well incorporated. You’ll notice the bounciness offered by most spring mattresses but without compromising the quality of its motion isolation features.

Every single type of sleeper will probably enjoy lying on top of this bed. Its sinkage and general ability to adapt to different pressures create a good atmosphere for people who love to change positions often. Combo sleepers and people who share their beds with a partner are very likely to be pleased with the Hybrid Bear mattress.

The Bear company also offers a memory foam mattress with no innerspring system in place. Regardless, their hybrid product seems to be way more responsive and offers more comfort than its regular counterpart. Thankfully, none of these mattresses make you feel trapped when you sleep – even if you stay in one position for a long time.

The main issue with the hybrid mattress is that it costs a significant amount of money. The price is well above the market’s average, with beds that cost more than $1500. You’ll be paying for quality, but it’s definitely a large sum of money. The price is the one thing that kept us from having the Bear mattress higher up on our list.

Bear Mattress Pros:

  • The mattress deals with sleepers of all sorts of weights and measures
  • It can adapt to movement very well thanks to the innerspring’s responsiveness
  • The mattress doesn’t have enough sinkage to make you feel trapped – it’s just enough to make you feel comfortable

Bear Mattress Cons:

  • You can only get the Bear mattress in a single firmness level – there’s no room for customization
  • The innersprings don’t provide the mattress with good support on the edges

Our Final Verdict

We’ve selected a variety of different mattress to review, each of them having a unique set of features that separate them from the rest. All these mattresses are of the highest quality and none of them make you feel uncomfortable when you sleep. It’s up to you to choose whichever one you feel like it’ll please you the most. Remember to consider your sleeping habits as well as the mattress build before making a final decision. Some mattresses are better for people who sleep on their back, while others do wonders for side sleepers. Regardless, the mattresses we’ve reviewed today tend to offer solid support for all types of sleeping positions.