Innerspring mattress popularity has seen significant growth in popularity during the beginning of the 21st century. This is mainly due to the new technological advances that permit the creation of coil systems that offer more comfort than ever. The mattress industry has taken an advantage of this, which has filled the mattress with innerspring beds and hybrids alike.

You’re probably considering the purchase of an innerspring mattress if you’re here, so we’re going to show you which are the best innerspring mattresses on the market. These firm mattresses are very comfortable when they’re well manufactured, but they also offer a level of alignment that foam mattresses are often unable to provide.

Benefits of Buying an Innerspring Mattress

Comfortable Hybrids

The development of new and more effective innerspring systems has allowed the mattress industry to create some of the most comfortable hybrid beds on the market. New pocketed coil technology permits the integration of dual-layered innerspring systems inside one mattress, thus increasing comfort and controlling the bounce of each bed.

These systems are often accompanied by memory foam, polyfoam or other sorts of fabrics, such as latex. These combinations offer a good amount of comfort but also provide the bed with enough firmness to properly sustain your body weight. On the other hand, other types of beds struggle to provide simple benefits like decent spine alignment and the control of back pains during bedtime.

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Innerspring mattresses tend to be the best mattresses to buy if you’re a new homeowner unsure of what to purchase, as they tend to be the most balanced out of all your potential choices.

Good Variety of Choices

The first time you shop for an innerspring mattress tends to be very overwhelming. The vast amount of choices that you’re presented with could discourage you at first, but the potential you have of finding your perfect match is better than you’d imagine.

Innerspring mattresses tend to be offered in various firmness options, as well as various heights and with different types of covers. The material used to manufacture the coils of the innerspring system also shapes the way that the bed works – we’ll explain these later. Knowing which type of coils are in your desired mattress will help you get a better idea of its performance.

Innerspring Mattresses Suit All Needs

Whether you prefer soft beds or firm mattresses, innerspring systems tend to be the most balanced sorts of mattresses that exist. Memory foam beds are usually soft, while latex-based products tend to be too bouncy. An innerspring mattress is a reliable and durable surface that could take years to wear down.

Drawbacks of an Innerspring Mattress

Shorter Lifespan

The use of coils means that innerspring mattresses deteriorate quicker than memory foam or fabric-based beds. The constant pressure that gets applied on top of one of these beds slowly damages the coils until they get rendered unusable.

Newer innerspring technologies have allowed to slow down the decay rate of these beds considerably, but you still need to know that a memory foam bed usually lasts more than an innerspring mattress.

Motion Isolation

Finding an innerspring bed with good motion isolation and delicate motion transfer is very rare. We’ve come across some during our reviewing process, amongst which the most relevant one is the Dreamcloud mattress (we’ll tell you all about it soon – but we have an article fully dedicated to it as well).

Coils usually move as a whole, which means that motion on one side of the mattress is likely to be felt throughout the whole bed.

Poor Noise Control

Adding to the issue of motion isolation, these beds tend to generate a lot of noise. Although this doesn’t tend to be a problem for solo sleepers, couples might struggle during their intimate times. Sleeping couples could also be easily woken by the movement of their partners, which is far from ideal.

Regardless, some modern innerspring beds are almost as silent as their memory foam counterparts. As a result, modern innerspring beds are more suitable for couples than outdated models.

Different Types of Coil

Unbeknownst to many, innerspring mattresses are created with different types of coils. Each type offers its unique characteristics, although they share a lot of similarities, nonetheless. Let’s take a detailed look at each type of coil.

Pocketed Coils

The use of pocketed coils has skyrocketed in recent years. Mattress manufacturers have realized the importance of this type of coil as they are able to mimic some of the features that you find in most memory foam beds.

Pocketed coils offer good motion isolation and they’re great at contouring around your body’s shape. Likewise, their bland nature makes them prone to breaking down sooner.

Wire Coils

You’ve probably seen many types of wired coils before. This is the traditional type of coiling in which the springs look like circles that go up and around, and they’re held together by metal surfaces at their bottom.

Furthermore, durability tends to be incredibly long because the coils are built as a single piece. They’re highly unlikely to break down quickly. Unfortunately, this is the type of coil that has the least amount of motion isolation.

Bonnel Coils

Bonnel coils are designed to compress under soft pressure. They are the most responsive coils and they imitate quite well the comfort of dense memory foam. Regardless, they’re rather cheap to make and they break down very quickly. These are the least durable types of coils and are often associated with low-quality bedding.

Tied Coils

Tied coils are used to manufacture the firmest innerspring mattresses. Each coil acts individually, which benefits motion transfer, but they’re all connected through a metallic lacing. Tied coils give mattresses very good spine alignment as well as support, which makes them the best for those who suffer from chronic back pains.

Saatva Mattress

We’ve already reviewed the Saatva mattress before, and we’ve found it to be one of the best value-for-money options when it comes to coil bedding. The company offers a ton of customization options, which make their classic Saatva mattress one of the best innerspring mattresses in the world. They also sell memory foam beds and hybrids, but their innerspring systems are of the highest quality.

Saatva has also mastered the art of good customer service. Their non-predatory practices have earned them praise around the world, thus placing them amongst the most respected mattress companies on the market.

Saatva Mattress Firmness

The Saatva mattress is great for people who sleep on their own and like to move a lot while in bed. It’s a firm innerspring bed, manufactured with very small coils which provide a decent amount of firmness and support for your back area. The pressure relief of this mattress isn’t one of its better features, but it can save you from chronic back pains if you’re a long-time convalescent.

Surprisingly, the bed conforms very well around your body for such a firm mattress. The shoulder area of the bed is very soft, which makes it a good option for those who sleep on their sides.

Saatva Mattress Motion Transfer & Isolation

As with most innerspring beds, the Saatva mattress has some issues with motion transfer. The small coils implemented into the build help mitigate the issue a bit, but moving on one side of the bed will be felt across the whole mattress anyway.

Saatva Mattress Pros & Cons

Saatva Mattress Pros

  • Superior and deluxe innerspring build
  • The quality coils and the cover construction around the edges give the bed support all around the mattress
  • You can fully customize your bed before purchasing it to fully fit your needs
  • The coils are constructed in a way that allows air to flow, therefore making the mattress great at cooling
  • The motion transfer of the Saatva mattress is better than what you find in most innerspring beds

Saatva Mattress Cons

  • Poor motion isolation and noise reduction
  • Their larger models are very expensive compared to the smaller beds
  • Not ideal to be used by couples

Dreamcloud Mattress

The Dreamcloud mattress is a high-quality bed that many consider as one of the most luxurious models of innerspring mattresses. It has a zoned distribution of its coils, which aims to improve the bed’s motion isolation and comfort. It has a multi-layer build, thus making it able to sustain a lot of weight without sacrificing comfort.

The Dreamcloud mattress looks to be one of the better durable mattresses on the market. Although it has a lot of layers (and separate coil zones), the mattress lasts for a long time even after years of constant use.

Dreamcloud Mattress Firmness

The Dreamcloud mattress is categorized as a medium firmness bed. You should feel well-supported regardless of your sleeping position, although this won’t be the case for side sleepers; the mattress doesn’t offer as much sinkage, thus diminishing the pressure relief that it offers near the shoulder area.

Likewise, its firmness is perfect for back and stomach sleepers. We do recommend using a soft pillow to go along this bed, should you choose to buy it. This will likely improve the alignment of your body with the bed, maximizing the comfort that the Dreamcloud mattress offers.

Dreamcloud Mattress Motion Transfer & Isolation

The Dreamcloud mattress does a great job at controlling motion transfer across the bed. There’s still some degree of motion transfer, of course, but the bed’s coils are divided into zones, which isolates movement to certain areas of the bed. This is particularly useful if you sleep with a partner, as they will be able to stand up or even move on top of the bed without waking you up.

There might be issues with motion isolation if you or your partner are heavyweight. Large people might cause more zones of coils to move, which in turn creates more motion waves that travel across the mattress. We only recommend this bed for lightweight and mediumweight couples.

Dreamcloud Mattress Pros & Cons

Dreamcloud Mattress Pros

  • The Dreamcloud has a balanced designed that suits almost every type of sleeper
  • It offers incredible motion isolation for an innerspring bed
  • The coils are very well made, and they seem able to last for a long time
  • Stays cool through the night thanks to its cover and air-friendly design
  • Its zoned coil distribution improves motion isolation as well as body part-specific comfort

Dreamcloud Mattress Cons

  • It doesn’t offer enough sinkage, rendering it uncomfortable for side sleepers
  • The Dreamcloud mattress is large and difficult to move around

Avocado Mattress

The Avocado mattress is new to the mattress market. It combines coils and natural latex to create one of the most innovative bed designs on the current market. The main selling point of Avocado’s products is the eco-friendly construction process that they undergo. Those who love to support the care of nature with their purchases are opting to buy the Avocado mattress above other options.

The Avocado mattress isn’t only one of the best innerspring mattresses, it’s also the best organic mattress that we’ve reviewed so far. Everything, including its cover, is created through a process where the care of the environment and comfort are equally as prioritized.

Avocado Mattress Firmness

The Dunlop latex used to create the inner layers of the Avocado mattress provide the bed with plenty of bounce. Even so, the Avocado design combines bounce with firmness, which makes for a medium-to-high firmness bed.

Furthermore, the Avocado mattress supports back and stomach sleepers very well, although you might want to opt for their low-firmness option if you sleep on your sides. The regular version of the mattress will probably feel a bit too firm for side sleepers. Regardless, it’s a great bed for combo sleeper of all weights and sizes.

Avocado Mattress Motion Transfer & Isolation

Innerspring and latex aren’t particularly known for their motion transfer features, and that definitely shows in the Avocado mattress. We’ve categorized the Avocado as one of the best options to buy if you’re a solo sleeper, but the motion isolation of the bed makes it a bit annoying to sleep with a partner on it.

Regardless, intimate couple activities can be fully enjoyed on top of this bed. The bounce it provides creates a great surface for partners to enjoy. In spite of that, we don’t recommend this bed for couples that wake up easily – motion is felt throughout the whole bed, even if you try to move carefully.

Avocado Mattress Pros & Cons

Avocado Mattress Pros

  • The Avocado mattress is made with environmental-friendly materials
  • It does a good job at reducing pains and sore muscles thanks to its pressure relieving features
  • The Avocado build permits the bed to offer decent motion isolation
  • It’s great at cooling down
  • Comes in various firmness options

Avocado Mattress Cons

  • Avocado isn’t a well-establish brand and offers less buyer-safety than the other beds in this review
  • The mattress might feel a bit noisy for most people

Helix Mattress

The Helix mattress comes in a variety of different models and specializes in providing top-quality pressure relief. In fact, it’s one of the most recommended beds for people who suffer from sore muscles during bedtime.

The bed comes in two different models: The Moonlight (which provides a great amount of pressure relief with a soft feel) and the Midnight (designed to better suit the needs of side sleepers).

Both models look similar aesthetically speaking, but they feel quite different when you lie down on top of them.

Helix Mattress Firmness

The Helix Midnight mattress is firm and offers just the perfect amount of sinkage to please all sorts of sleepers. The Moonlight model, on the other hand, looks to be the best option for those who love to sleep in plushy beds. The Midnight mattress has an average level of firmness, but the moonlight is way below average.

The bed allows you to feel the effect of the coils through the memory foam layers, which enhances even further the feeling of support that you get from the Helix mattress.

Helix Mattress Motion Transfer & Isolation

The top layer of the Helix mattress is made with memory foam. Although this layer is thin, it does a great job at isolating motion in a single part of the mattress. The Helix has a level of motion isolation similar to the one you get with the Dreamcloud mattress, placing it above the average market standard for innerspring beds.

We recommend the Helix mattress for couples of all sorts of weights. There might be other more comfortable innerspring beds on the market, but you’ll be lucky to find one with as much motion isolation as the Helix mattress.

Helix Mattress Pros & Cons

Helix Mattress Pros

  • Supports sleepers of all weight
  • The Helix mattress offers a good amount of motion isolation
  • Very good edge support
  • It has a breathable inner mattress build as well as a breathable cover

Helix Mattress Cons

  • The Helix mattress has an inconvenient potential for off-gassing during the first few days of use
  • The company isn’t highly rated when it comes to customer service