Combining a super-soft top with resistant and supportive coils, the WinkBed Luxury Hybrid mattress is the flagship product of the WinkBeds company. It has been in the market since 2014 but it has quickly become one of the favorite products of industry experts thanks to having a unique build that truly combines support with comfort in the most unique of ways.

This mattress is extremely huge, but the size is part of the reason why it feels the way it does. Its construction requires a huge size for the coils to properly support the pillow top without making the sleeper feel any discomfort.

The size is not an issue as long as you have enough space in your bedroom to fit the bed without making it look awkward (don’t underestimate how tall this bed is).

Why have we rated this bed so highly? You’re about to find out why!

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WinkBeds – A Short Story

The WinkBeds brand was founded in 2014, making it one of the newest mattress brands to quickly make their way to the top of the industry. They started out by manufacturing a simple mattress (which is the basic version of the WinkBed Luxury Mattress) but they have since moved on to create various versions of its flagship product, which has allowed the company to offer a selection of more than 5 high-quality beds.

One of the main advantages of purchasing from WinkBeds is that all of their items are made with eco-friendly products. The company has a goal of trying to keep things as cheap as possible whilst also using materials that aren’t harmful to nature when collected.

WinkBeds develops products with materials fully harvested or collected in the United States, too. Buying from the company means buying national in any US state.

WinkBed Pros and Cons

Before we break down the entire construction of the bed and analyze just what’s good about it and what isn’t we want you to take a look at the bed’s pros and cons so you can give yourself a general idea of what to expect with these amazing mattresses.

Keep in mind that the WinkBeds Luxury Hybrid mattress has different firmness levels, so we’ll avoid talking about the pros and cons of its firmness until we reach the firmness section of this article. It’s a few sections ahead, in case you wish to skip straight through it.

WinkBed Pros

  • The mattresses tend to be comfortably bouncy in general, regardless of their firmness level
  • The construction of the bed allows you to sleep cool regardless of room temperature
  • It has almost no issues with off-gassing
  • Every firmness level adapts to the needs of different types of sleepers
  • It’s, by far, one of the most balanced beds that we’ve ever had the comfort of trying out

WinkBed Cons

  • Each mattress is fairly expensive
  • Mattresses are a bit too tall for the taste of some buyers

WinkBed Luxury Hybrid Mattress Construction

Although it does make the bed look tall, the construction of this mattress is almost flawless and makes for one of the best sleeping experiences that we’ve been fortunate enough of trying out.

Its cover is made with Tencel, an American super-soft material that brings comfort and balances the bed’s temperature by giving it an extra layer of breathability (this is crucial because of the bed’s rather hefty inner build).

The top of the bed is made with foam infused with gel, which makes the bed remain firm but also provides sleepers with enough room to move without ever feeling stuck. It complements the inner parts of the build extremely well, too, as it provides the much-needed balance that is required by a coil-filled inside.

Further down, you’ll notice that the bed is constructed with microcoils that are divided into various zones. This provides the bed with an outstanding level of motion isolation and gives the bed extra bounciness without turning it into a trampoline-feeling mattress.

The magic of this bed -and what truly pulls all the strings- is the presence of a huge 8’’ foundation layer made with pocketed coils. The foundation gives the bed a ton of mobility and keeps the mattress from feeling firm as stone. Some people love to praise the microcoils and the gel-infused foam, but we want to credit the foundation layer too.

Motion Isolation & Edge Support Features of the WinkBed

The coils are all located in zones, and a zoned distribution tends to produce fantastic results for motion isolation and, if done properly, it also does wonders for edge support. Thankfully, with the build of the WinkBed Luxury Hybrid Mattress being one of the best out there, you can rest assured that this bed takes the best of both worlds.

The motion isolation of this bed is fantastic. You can put a glass of water on one side of the bed and drop a bowling ball on the other side and the glass should not move.

Edge support is on-point, too. Those of you who want to sleep with a partner will be able to do so comfortably thanks to the coil zones not alienating the edges of the mattress. The construction of the bed truly shows why it’s a luxurious purchase.

Pressure Relief & Contouring

Naturally, pressure relief and contouring are tied to the firmness of the mattress that you choose to buy. However, looking at all the models in general, we can safely say that pressure relief is absolutely fantastic. The two layers of coils make this bed one of the best at distributing weight and relieving the pressure from the sleeper.

Contouring is not an issue either. The bed adapts to the shape of your body in the most flawless way that we’ve ever seen from a hybrid mattress. You will never feel trapped even though the Tencel layer is extremely soft thanks to the way in which the inner coils compensate for its upper lack of support.

How Does the Mattress Feel?

All of the mattresses -regardless of the firmness level of your choosing- feel amazing. They all delivered very well even with the high expectations that we had for each of these beds. We had the fortune of trying out the Luxury Firm version for more than one week and the results were even better than what we had imagined at first.

The rest of the options are great, but each of them is better suited to different types of sleepers. Let’s take a closer look at each version and which one should you buy.

The Mattress’s Firmness Options

  • Softer – The softer version of the bed has a firmness level of 5/10
  • Luxury Firm – The Luxury Firm, also known as the standard version, has a firmness level of 6.5/10
  • Firmer – This version has a firmness level of around 7 to 7.5/10
  • Plus – The Plus version, designed for heavy sleepers, has a firmness level of 8.5/10

Which Option Should You Go For?

The Softer and Luxury Firm versions of the bed are better suited for lightweight people, whilst the latter two versions are better suited for heavy sleepers. However, we can recommend the “firmer” version of the bed for lightweight sleepers that sleep on their back.

Softer and Luxury Firm do a fantastic job at providing support for lightweight sleepers regardless of their preferred sleeping position, whilst the same can be said about the Firmer and Plus versions in relation to heavyweight sleepers.

WinkBed Luxury Hybrid Mattress Pricing

These beds are not cheap, but if you’re looking to make an investment worth your money, the WinkBeds Luxury Hybrid mattress is a safe choice to make. It comes with a 120-night money-back warranty (they don’t charge you for the delivery, either), so it’s a safe bet to make if you have the money to buy it.

These are the prices for each bed and size:

Sizes     Dimensions       Height  Weight Price

Twin      38″ x 75″              13.5″     75 lbs.   $1049

Twin XL 38″ x 80″              13.5″     85 lbs.   $1149

Full         54″ x 75″              13.5″     120 lbs. $1299

Queen  60″ x 80″              13.5″     135 lbs. $1599

King       76″ x 80″              13.5″     145 lbs. $1799

C. King  72″ x 84″              13.5″     145 lbs. $1849

Is the WinkBed Luxury Hybrid the Best Mattress Out There?

It’s always hard to tell whether a mattress is the best out of the bunch because each one offers different features that suit the needs of different types of sleepers. However, this is one of the highest-rated hybrid mattresses on the market and one of the best luxury mattresses that have been released in the last decade.

With different firmness options to choose from and an overall durable build, this mattress adapts to the needs of everyone and will remain in pristine condition for the better part of the next 15 years. You won’t have to worry about replacing this mattress anytime soon, which makes the price completely worth every penny that you pay for it.

If you’re a fan of hybrid beds with average bouncing and world-class edge support, as well as beds that come in various firmness options, this is the mattress for you to purchase.