dreamcloud mattress
dreamcloud mattress

The Dreamcloud mattress is a high-quality and luxurious mattress that you can get for a relatively low price. It has a design that suits owners of all weights, thanks to its hybrid combination of memory foam and innersprings. This big and complex mattress offers a multi-layer design, with each layer fulfilling a different role to help you achieve a good night’s sleep.

We know how difficult it is to determine whether a new mattress will please you. We’re going to help you find out if the Dreamcloud mattress is what you’re looking for with our complete review of all its features.

Why Should You Purchase a Dreamcloud Mattress?

Great Value for Money

You’ll want to purchase a Dreamcloud mattress if you’re seeking to experience a luxurious sleep at a relatively affordable price. Luxury mattresses tend to cost upwards of $2500. Such a fee usually prices out regular buyers who are unwilling to spend too much money on a mattress.

This product offers a luxurious sleeping experience without having to break the bank for it. The company’s most expensive Dreamcloud design costs less than $1500. Even so, they also offer regular discounts – at times, you’ll be able to get the king-sized Dreamcloud bed for less than $1300.

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There are some other models which can be bought for less than a grand, but they’re usually out of stock.

Suits Almost Every Type of Consumer

The product is designed to be used by different types of sleepers. It offers awesome support for people who sleep on their backs but also provides outstanding comfort for side sleepers.

The product also offers great motion transfer features. You should be able to have a good night’s sleep even if you move a lot while resting. The mattress evens out the weight from both sides of the bed, keeping you from waking your partner regardless of how much you move at night.

Smart & Long-term Investment

The Dreamcloud mattress is a long-term solution for your sleeping woes. Take this into consideration if you feel like the product is out of your ideal range of prices. You might want to spend a little more on a product like this to secure yourself a mattress that won’t have to be replaced in the short term.

The Pros & Cons of a Dreamcloud Mattress

A Dreamcloud mattress will offer a variety of benefits to their owners, but that doesn’t mean the product is exempt from criticism. We want you to make the best decision possible – with the best information at hand. That’s why we encourage you to closely analyze the product’s benefits and drawbacks before making a final decision.

Dreamcloud Mattress Benefits

  • The mattress has an ideal design to suit most type of buyers
  • It’s an ideal mattress to be shared with a partner
  • You don’t have to worry about annoying weight limits
  • The Dreamcloud mattress retains just enough heat to stay cool all the time
  • Dreamcloud’s high-quality build guarantees a long-lasting mattress
  • It’s designed to distribute weight by zones, preventing indentations from forming in the surface

Dreamcloud Mattress Drawbacks

  • It doesn’t sink in too much.
  • The Dreamcloud mattress is not easy to move. You’ll need help if you want to carry it
  • It’s a very large product – you’ll need a suitable frame to support it
  • Size options are rather limited. Most of the mattress sizes offered by the manufacturer are relatively big

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Dreamcloud Mattress

The Dreamcloud mattress offers a cloud-like feeling at an affordable price. Regardless, you might still find more comfortable mattresses at higher price ranges. However, we feel like this product offers great value for money.

You should also take into consideration the way you sleep: if you tend to stay in one position (particularly one with your stomach facing the mattress), you might want to consider other options.

Your weight also plays an important part on your experience with this mattress. Average and heavier buyers could feel like the Dreamcloud mattress is ideal for them. On the other hand, lightweight people might not sink in as much. They’ll still find it rather comfortable, though.

The Cover of the Dreamcloud Mattress

The top part of the mattress feels incredibly luxurious. This is due to a combination of high-quality polyester and cashmere fabric. Laying down on top of the Dreamcloud mattress gives your skin a feeling of smoothness unmatched by beds of lower price thresholds.

The whole mattress feels as if you were sleeping on top of a pillow, but providing comfort isn’t the only function of the cover. Part of the mattress’ cooling features are aided by the high-quality heat-channeling materials that form the top of the Dreamcloud mattress.

The Dreamcloud’s smooth hybrid cover is as comfortable as you’d expect from a luxurious mattress

Aesthetically speaking, the cover also provides an additional feeling of visual luxury. Its qualities are reflected in the mattress’ looks. Some parts of the cover are hand-stitched to secure durability and a cleaner finish.

Dreamcloud Mattress Construction: How the Mattress is Built

As you might’ve guessed by now, the Dreamcloud mattress is a type of hybrid mattress. This invention consists of 8 different layers, supported by an innerspring system and various sections of memory foam.

The combination of these two features provides the Dreamcloud mattress with the best of both worlds. The build of the mattress is divided into various “pressure zones”, where the weight on top of the bed is evenly distributed.

Each layer has a distinctive characteristic, creating a high-quality sleeping experience for users of all sizes

The Dreamcloud is one of the largest mattress designs that you’ll find on the market. It stands at 15 inches tall, as the inside of the product contains all 8 layers properly divided from one another. The division of each layer guarantees comfort for the user as well as durability for the mattress.

Most layers are made from different types of fabric, although some share certain similarities. This is the layer order, from top to bottom:

Comfortable Hybrid Cover

This layer contains all the fabric which makes up the mattress’ cover that we described above. The cover is meant to be pleasurable for the skin, but it should also create a soft division between the memory foam and the user.

Three Layers of Memory Foam

The memory foam is the most important part of the mattress’ build, alongside the pocketed coils. The foam allows the user to sink into the bed without feeling stuck. All three layers are evenly distributed inside a large section. The middle layer is partly crafted with latex, allowing heat to flow and enhancing the Dreamcloud’s cooling.

Protective Edge Layer

This small layer is placed between the coils and the foam to separate the different materials from one another.

Pocketed Coil Section

This rather large section makes up more than half of the mattress’ size. Every spring is pocketed individually. They allow you to bounce freely, but in a controlled manner.

The coils are strategically placed in what we called “pressure zones”. The zones allow the weight to be evenly distributed around one area of the bed, without disturbing anyone located in another pressure zone.

The memory foam is mainly responsible for the Dreamcloud’s mattress cooling system. Nevertheless, the large coils allow air to flow through the mattress rather freely, which also helps ventilating the inside of the bed.

Additional Support Layer

This layer is very similar to the edge layer we described above, although it’s a bit thinner. It serves the purpose of dividing the bottom of the mattress from the outermost layer: the base.

Sturdy Base Layer

This layer is made of polyfoam and supports all the other layers, keeping them together. The fabric is very resistant and not prone to tearing apart. It’s larger than the cover of the mattress, as it’s supposed to be placed against the foundation.

The Best Sleeping Position for a Dreamcloud Mattress

We feel like the Dreamcloud mattress would be an ideal purchase for almost any type of sleeper. Its 8 layers of construction allow the user to change their sleeping position constantly while the mattress adapts to their movement.

Stomach sleepers might want to avoid purchasing this product, but anyone else is sure to love its construction

Its coil build is distributed in what we’re calling “pressure zones”. The Dreamcloud’s layers are divided into various zones, which disperse the weight of the sleeper and isolate movement into a single area.

Nevertheless, stomach-sleepers might feel like the layers sink down a bit too much. This is a matter of personal preference, of course. Nevertheless, we still recommend purchasing the Dreamcloud mattress if you’re accustomed to sleeping sideways or facing upwards.

The Dreamcloud Mattress’ Splendid Edge Support Features

The edge support that it offers makes the product ideal to be used by couples. One of the main criticisms that you see in low-quality mattress reviews is the fact that they only feel good near the center of the mattress. This is because lower-end products tend to have a poorly constructed innerspring system.

The mattress feels as great in its edges as it does near its center – it’s ideal for people who share their bed with a partner

The layers of the Dreamcloud mattress are entirely functional up to the very edges of the bed. This means that it doesn’t matter if you have a partner who occupies most of the mattress– you’ll be able to take full advantage of the mattress’ comfortableness even if you’re pushed to the edge of the bed.

The mattress can make you feel safe while sleeping on the edges as well. The edge support is greatly aided by the presence of foam beneath the cover.

Its edge support is one the main reasons as to why the mattress is so good for overweight owners. You can get in and out of bed very quickly, even if you suffer from physical issues that hinder your body’s mobility.

Weight Support and Motion Transfer Work in a Dreamcloud Mattress

The Dreamcloud mattress is great at isolating the movement of a person into one area. This feature is particularly useful if you share your bed with a partner. You will be able to move freely on your side of the bed without having to worry about waking the other person.

You won’t have to worry about the support springs moving together, given that each packed coil is wrapped individually. All of this is possible thanks to the “pressure zone” feature that we’ve discussed.

This mattress deals with weight changes almost flawlessly and offers great support for people of all weights

We do want to warn you that the Dreamcloud mattress will react differently depending on your preferred sleeping position. Regardless, you’ll be able to change positions comfortably without feeling any changes in bodyweight distribution. Let’s look at the way the mattress reacts according to each type of sleeping position:

Laying on Your Stomach

If you like to sleep laying face down, the mattress will do a good job supporting your weight and balancing it out, avoiding you to sink too much while in bed. With that said, the sinkage might prove to be a tad inconvenient while laying on your stomach.

This won’t be a problem if you’re a light person, but heavier people might want to consider sleeping on a different position or purchasing a different mattress altogether. Your body could feel weird after laying down on your stomach for a while.

We’ve circled out this problem as one of the few issues with the softness of this mattress. Consider a firmer mattress to avoid this issue.

Laying Sideways

Side sleepers have probably noticed before how much pressure their hips and shoulders are subjected to when laying down. This is one of the main reasons as to why side sleepers go looking for a new mattress. If that’s why you’re here, then you’re in luck.

The Dreamcloud mattress provides much needed stress relief to the pressure that builds up in your hips and shoulders. You should be able to lay on your side for many hours at a time without feeling any pain.

Laying on Your Back

The coils and the memory foam create a great hybrid surface for pressure relief. The effects of this feature are useful for people who sleep on their back. The sinkage of the Dreamcloud mattress allows your back to fall towards the coils, shifting the muscles of your back towards a very comfortable position.

Basically, laying on your back gives you the opposite effect of sleeping on your stomach. The mattress is ideally designed to thrive in these situations – especially if you are heavy or overweight.

Dreamcloud Mattress Sinkage

Before we begin discussing the sinkage offered by this mattress, let us get one thing straight: if you’re craving for a mattress with deep sinkage, you might not be pleased with this product.

This mattress’ sinkage is ideal for most types of sleepers – but it’s a bit firmer than some of its competitors

With that out of the way, we can tell you that the support you’ll feel from the packed springs is amazingly good. Logically, you’ll be feeling more sinkage than the average person if you’re heavy. Even so, lightweight owners will still enjoy the support sensation that you get from the innerspring support.

Let’s use actual weight as an example to give you a better idea of the Dreamcloud’s mattress’ sinkage: if you weigh 50 lbs., you can expect the mattress to sink around 4 and a half inches. You’ll get the best support from the innersprings and memory foam from this weight threshold and upwards.

How Comfortable is a Dreamcloud Mattress?

Although comfort is always going to be a matter of personal preference, Dreamcloud should successfully satisfy most customers – even if they have a high standard of comfort.

Looking for a comfortable mattress at an affordable price? This product might be exactly what you’re after

If you want to get a better idea of how firm or fluffy the mattress is, let us put it in a scale for you. In our scale, 1 represents extreme sinkage, while 100 represents a rock-solid feeling. In this case, our rating would be a comfortable 55.

The manufacturer has their own rating, where they give the mattress a 6.5/10. We think it’s a bit lighter than that.

Dreamcloud Mattress: All You Need to Know

The price of each Dreamcloud mattress is entirely dependent on the size you intend to order. They offer 6 different sizes – all equally standing at 15 inches. You can only get these mattresses online, as the company doesn’t currently offer any sales in shops.

Thankfully, they do offer a one-year guarantee that you can use to try the product and decide whether you like it. Regardless of which model you purchase, the company will fix you up with a lifelong guarantee covering any manufacturing defects.

You’ll be eligible for a return with full money reimbursement at any time, during the first year of ownership. Shipping and returns are free of charge as well if you live in the United States – the company sends and receives merchandise via FedEx.

Our Final Verdict

After carefully reviewing the Dreamcloud mattress and all its features, we can conclusively agree that the product is one of the best mattress options that you can get for less than $1500. It’s still a luxurious, high-end mattress with a high-quality manufacturing standard. The price is justified by its excellence.

You’ll be able to take full advantage of the mattress’ features regardless of how much you weigh or how you sleep. We’d only recommend you look elsewhere if you’re a stomach sleeper – and even so, some stomach sleepers might grow to love this product!

If you’re convinced that Dreamcloud is the way to go, visit their website and try to fish for one of their discounts. They tend to take a few hundred dollars off their prices from time to time. If you still aren’t convinced, Dreamcloud also offers 6-month payment plans.