It’s always nice to sleep in a comfortable surface, but it’s even nicer knowing that the bed is made by keeping nature in mind. A company such as Avocado, that have been known to produce some of the finest nature-friendly beds in the market, is still leading the sales as one of the top natural mattress manufacturers in the market with their traditional and constantly updated Avocado mattress.

If you’re a fan of mother nature (which, in fairness, you probably are) then the Avocado mattress might be the best product to suit your sleeping needs. Comfortable, environmentally friendly, and sturdy, the Avocado mattress is one of those beds that will likely last you for quite a long time and not wear down in at least 10 years.

We’ve made a full and extensive review of this bed to show you why it’s one of the highest rated natural mattresses in the world. If you want to know how the bed is built, what products are used, and what are the Avocado mattress pros and cons, then stay with us until the end of this article. You’ll know if you want to buy it then!

2 Reasons Why You Should Choose the Avocado Mattress

The Avocado mattress has a lot of advantages, but it does share some similarities with other beds that could cost you a bit less money than this one. However, there are two main reasons that will make you want to prefer Avocado over any other mattress out there. You may want to consider them before opting out of the Avocado offer!

Official Avocado Mattress Certifications

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The Avocado mattress is certified to be natural by the most demanding of environmental groups. Every process has its own set of technicalities that may require a few unnatural interventions, but the Avocado mattress is as natural as it gets.

The wool used to manufacture this product (which is cultivated in New Zealand) is certified to be 100% natural. If you’ve been searching for a mattress long enough, you probably know that many types of wool are artificially enhanced to make them feel better. The Avocado mattress uses high-quality natural cotton instead, and that has earned the company a natural friendly certification.

The same thing happens with their cotton. It’s 100% natural and the Avocado mattress doesn’t use any other materials to compensate for anything. The whole natural build fills out the weaknesses that some materials may have, which makes the product even better than you’d expect.


The Avocado mattress is known to last. Those words don’t come lightly at all, because finding a durable latex mattress made with natural materials is not too shabby at all. This mattress offers comfort with natural products while also keeping a standard of quality that seems to be unmatched by most of its competitors.

The Avocado Mattress Pros & Cons – What to Look Forward To

The Avocado mattress can boast about the fact that it has almost no flaws, generally speaking. However, potential buyers may still want to be wary about the things that aren’t too good about this bed and have a clearer understanding of the things that they’ll love the most about it.

Avocado Mattress Pros

  • The Avocado mattress doesn’t retain heat, which allows even the hottest of sleepers to not sweat like crazy through the night.
  • It’s one of the best environmentally friendly mattresses in the current market.
  • The company is very clear about their goals and objectives, which have earned the people at Avocado a high and clean reputation.
  • The pillow top cover compensates for the lack of firmness options available while purchasing the Avocado mattress.
  • Natural products are not often associated with durability, but the Avocado mattress defies this rule and lasts for a long time without showing signs of wear and tear.
  • A great level of pressure relief makes this mattress ideal for combo sleepers and sleepers of all shapes and sizes.

Avocado Mattress Cons

  • As you would expect when buying any quality environmentally friendly product, the Avocado mattress is very expensive, and you’ll need to pay over $1000 to purchase it.
  • It’s a firm bed – even if you opt to buy the pillow top cover, it’s going to fill firmer than the average product on the market.

The Avocado Mattress Build – How is It Made?

A shopper should always know how its mattress is built before making their purchase. The build also helps you get an idea of how the mattress will work, but it’s also the main indicator of how long the mattress will last.

Overall Build

The Avocado mattress is, in general terms, an 11-inch mattress that is made of natural latex and pocketed coils, which makes it a bouncy but very comfortable bed for lone sleepers or couple alike. It’s made of three layers, with a main focus in the foundation layer as it creates an important balance between the other two.

There are, however, two versions of the Avocado mattress. The standard version is the one we’ll be focusing on throughout this article, but there’s an additional version (which costs a bit more) that include one extra layer called a pillow top.

Option Layer – Pillow Top Cover

The pillow top layer that comes with the special version of the Avocado mattress greatly reduces the firmness that the regular Avocado mattress has. It’s made to offer users a comfier sleeping surface, and it makes the mattress even more ideal for people that hate to sleep on firm mattresses. The regular Avocado mattress is commonly called a firm bed, particularly because it combines coils with latex.

This layer makes the mattress much taller, as it increases its size by almost 1/4th of the original.

First Layer – Avocado Mattress Comfort Layer

The first layer of the Avocado mattress is 2 inches tall. It’s made of a soft version of Dunlop latex (the natural latex used to manufacture these mattresses) and it has the main objective of providing the sleeper with comfort and relaxation, while not letting go of the natural responsiveness for which latex is known for.

Second Layer – Avocado Mattress Transition Layer

The second layer of the Avocado mattress (which would be the third layer in the pillow top version) is just 1 inch tall, but it serves a very important purpose – it divides the comfort layer and the bottom innersprings with its firmer Dunlop latex variation. This layer is mainly used to provide support between both layers, and it increases the overall comfort that the sleeper feels when in bed.

The second layer also serves the important purpose of limiting the bounciness of the mattress, which would be far greater if this inch of Dunlop latex wasn’t in place. However, the bed is still very bouncy when comparing it to memory foam mattresses.

Third Layer – Avocado Mattress Foundation Layer

The bottom layer of the Avocado mattress is 8 inches tall, making it the largest layer of the bed. Its size allows the mattress to feel supported and sturdy, which is a crucial feature to have in a latex bed as the bounciness would be otherwise unbearable.

The Avocado mattress is a fully hybrid natural mattress with a third layer that consists of a large innerspring system that has over 1000 coils (the largest version of this mattress has over 1300!). The high-quality pocketed coil system is zoned, which not only prevents uncontrolled bounciness, but it also provides better support for the sleeper in their head and torso areas.

The Avocado Mattress Firmness

The Avocado mattress has an above-average level of firmness. In a scale from 1 to 10, we’d give it a 6.5. However, if you decide to purchase the pillow top version, its firmness standards drop dramatically, and it becomes a much softer bed. The pillow top variation of this mattress would have a score of 4.5 out of 10, if we are to rate it.

The firmness of this bed is provided mainly by the inner pocketed coil system that lies at the bottom layer of the mattress. The layer of firm Dunlop latex that lies between the other two layers of the Avocado mattress help the sleeper feel the transition between firmness and softness, which is emphasized when lying on top of a pillow top cover.

Furthermore, if you really like to sleep in soft beds, you may want to look elsewhere. However, the Avocado mattress is an awesome bed for those people that enjoy a good level of firmness accompanied by enough bounciness and easy transitioning between sleeping positions.

Do keep in mind, however, that there are no variations of this bed in terms of firmness. You can only purchase the Avocado mattress in different sizes, but you won’t get any firmness options unless you buy the pillow top cover.

Avocado Mattress Support – How Does it Fare?

The Avocado mattress provides users with a great level of support thanks to the combination of high-quality Dunlop latex and a zoned innerspring system that prioritizes the user’s most delicate areas.

The zoned pocketed coils provide an even greater edge for long term support than what other mattresses have. The zoned distribution makes it harder for the coils to wear down and lose quality, which makes the Avocado mattress keep the same level of support throughout most of its long product life.

The support provided by the bottom layer of this bed also makes it possible for the sleeper to stay in one spot without having to worry about the mattress making them “roll over”, which is a common issue in most innerspring beds that aren’t zoned.

This also makes the support of this bed ideal for couples, as it won’t push them together during the night and instead it allows them to stay on their respective sides of bed if that’s what they choose to do.

The Best Sleeping Positions for the Avocado Mattress

It’s common for buyers to be wary of the best sleeping positions in a hybrid mattress before purchasing one. In fact, many people opt to try the mattress out first before purchasing it if they like to sleep in different positions, which is something that can’t be done with an online-ordered bed.

However, you may rest easy – the Avocado mattress supports sleepers of all shapes and sizes regardless of how they want to sleep.

We’d only not recommend the Avocado mattress for lightweight sleepers that only sleep on their sides. In fact, they will still feel comfortable while lying on top of this bed, but they won’t sink enough and the support from the inner coils will not be fully felt.

Combo sleepers with a love for mother nature will absolutely love what the Avocado mattress has to offer, as it creates a great surface to support side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers alike. Easy transitioning between positions also helps the mattress’ cause!

The Avocado Mattress Price

The Avocado mattress is not at all cheap. There’s a premium price that must be paid if you want to get your hands on a fully natural bed, but at the end of the day, it’s worth paying it. This is the list of prices of the Avocado mattress, as seen on their official site.

  • Twin – $959 + $240 with Pillow Top
  • Twin XL – $999 + $300 with Pillow Top
  • Full – $1199 + $300 with Pillow Top
  • Queen – $1399 + $400 with Pillow Top
  • King – $1699 + $500 with Pillow Top
  • Cal King – $1699 + $500 with Pillow Top

Avocado Mattress Motion Isolation – Good Enough for Couples?

The Avocado mattress isn’t particularly great at isolating motion. This is due to the combination of pocketed coils and latex, which aren’t known to be the most isolating of materials. However, it’s surprisingly better at isolating motion than most latex beds – the zoning used to separate the innerspring system does help a lot in reducing the inconvenience of motion transfer on top of the bed.

Couples may still prefer to try out different mattresses before choosing this one, but the Avocado mattress is one of the best natural latex beds when it comes to motion isolation.

Should You Purchase the Avocado Mattress? – Our Final Verdict

It would be wise to at least consider purchasing the Avocado mattress if you’re looking for a nature-friendly bed. The number of awesome features that this hybrid mattress has makes it one of the best natural mattresses in the world. However, it’s important to note that the bed is relatively expensive. You’ll be paying a premium for the high quality of these 100% natural bed. You’ll be doing your part in helping the environment if you choose to buy it, though!