PlushBeds is a fully eco-friendly brand of mattresses that specializes in creating soft and comfortable beds that adapt to the needs of sleepers from all across the world. PlushBeds have earned a massive reputation in recent years thanks to the quality of their products as well as their “Green” commitment, which has allowed them to innovate with comfortable mattresses that stay in touch with nature.

PlushBeds mattresses are bouncier than foam beds, and considering that the materials used to create them aren’t all like foam, it’s understandable that the user might expect something different. They deliver quality as well as innovation, and they do so at an affordable price for a luxury bed.

You’re probably wondering how these beds are built and what materials are used to substitute less eco-friendly options that are so commonly being used in traditional beds, right? That’s why we’re written this in-depth review that will tell you everything you need to know about PlushBeds and why they’re so good!

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The Essentials – What to Expect from a PlushBeds Mattress?

Eco-friendliness is a given when buying one of these beds, but you must be surely getting your hopes up when you’re about to purchase one of these mattresses. What should you expect from them at first? Learn the basics before you go into the more in-depth part of the review to ensure that you’re looking at the right product:

  • Bounce – PlushBeds mattresses tend to have a level of bounce unmatched by foam beds, but not as pronounced as some latex beds that you find on the market. In any case, the bounce is indeed generated by the latex layers that make up these fantastic eco-friendly beds
  • Comfortable Surfaces – The beds created by the PlushBeds company have most of their surfaces and upper layers made with high-quality cotton, which makes them some of the most comfortable on the market
  • Go Hot or Stay Cold – The magic of these fantastic beds lies on their inner latex layers, which are constructed in a way that allows air to flow through them quite naturally. As such, you may sleep hot or cold regardless of what you prefer, and you shall have no issue getting the temperature right because the mattress will rarely heat up
  • Medium Rigidness as a Universal Rule – Most of the beds created by this company present a medium level of rigidness, which make them ideal for all sorts of sleepers.
  • Quality Foam Beds! – Even though PlushBeds has gained worldwide recognition for their latex beds (which we will focus on in this review), they also sell some amazing memory foam beds for sleepers of all sorts

Are PlushBeds Mattresses Good at Motion Isolation?

Most of the beds created by the company are decent at isolating motion, even though they are bouncy (especially their latex products). In general, PlushBeds developed beds for all sorts of sleepers, so you will find responsive beds as well as more rigid ones. Each model also comes in various firmness options, so you get to choose the one you like the most as it adapts to your needs.

PlushBeds and Their Commitment to Pleasing Everyone

Their beds are not only versatile at motion isolation. All of the attributes of these beds vary depending on the model. The only thing that remains a constant through all of their products is the eco-friendliness in their nature, as all of them are developed with materials that have been approved as eco-friendly by third-parties and not just the PlushBeds manufacturers themselves.

As with most beds, back and stomach sleepers might want to opt for one of their latex models, while side sleepers and combo sleepers might want to check out one of their amazing memory foam beds.

The Construction of a PlushBeds Mattress

Most PlushBeds mattresses and products are made with three different layers, although the construction within the bed varies depending on the firmness option of your choosing. In any case, the company offers a total of six different firmness levels, which allow you to pick whichever one adapts to your needs better.

The main material used to manufacture these beds and what makes them so eco-friendly is the custom-grown organic Dunlop latex, which is used in the two innermost layers of the beds. This adds enough firmness and bounciness to give the bed that feeling for which they are known. This is the construction of the average latex bed that PlushBeds produces, so you can get an idea of how they’re made:

First Layer – The Uppermost Layer

The first layer of these beds is specially designed to make people feel comfortable when their bodies go into contact with the mattress for the first time. However, it also serves the purpose of keeping the mattress itself free of mold and dust, as it is extremely resistant to collecting particles thanks to the nature of the material that makes it.

What material is used to craft this fantastic layer, you ask? The answer is natural latex, just like it is used in almost every other layer of the bed. The one used in the upper layer is a non-dense variation of the famous Dunlop latex, which allows the body to sink in a bit more than it would do if the density used was the same as it is in the other layers of the bed.

The first layer of the bed is also responsible for giving users a lot of pressure relief, which makes the inner layers far more responsive and better than they would be without this thin upper one.

Second Layer – The Middle Dense Layer

The second layer of the bed is far denser and firmer than the first one, and this is the one that stops you from sinking too much into the bed when you sleep on top of it (even as a heavy sleeper). It’s made with Dunlop latex too, but the variation of this latex is a bit denser than it is in the upper layer.

This second layer transitions the first one to the third one (the firmest of them all) in a natural way, and provides bounciness to the sleeper.

Third Layer – Foundation Layer

The last layer that makes up this bed is a foundation layer that supports the sleeper and makes the bed firm as a whole. It supports the body and completely removes the sinking attribute that the other two layers have to an extent. The foundation layer of this bed supports the upper layers and keeps the bed together in the most complete way possible.

Types of PlushBeds Mattresses

Even though PlushBeds have gained a lot of plaudits because of the quality of their latex beds, they have also a great line of memory foam beds that adapt to the needs of most sleepers. These are all the mattresses sold by the company as well as a small summary of what to expect from each of them:

  • Luxury Bliss – The thick Luxury Bliss bed comes with encased coils strategically located within its core to make you feel bounciness, responsiveness, and comfort like you haven’t before in any bed.
  • Botanical Bliss – With an organic cotton cover and the best New Zealand latex being put into manufacturing this mattress, the Botanical Bliss is one of the best at offering adaptability and support to the sleeper. You get to choose how you want to sleep!
  • Natural Bliss – Fully natural mattress developed with cotton and wool to make the upper layer as comfortable as possible, with inner layers that adapt to the shape and size of sleepers of all types.
  • Posture Plush – The Posture Plus is a high-density foam mattress that allows the sleeper to experience the temperature that they like the most while in bed. It allows you to sink into the bed without feeling trapped (no quicksand feeling!) and its natural essence makes it free of any chemical odors that you might perceive with other beds.
  • Ocean Mist – The Ocean Mist is a mid-density bed that allows the foam to return to its original shape quite quickly, which makes it ideal for those of you who want to move around at night but hate feeling trapped when doing so.
  • Cool Bliss – The Cool Bliss is a top-of-the-line product that is touted as the memory foam luxury bed of PlushBeds. It has gel memory that makes the bed extremely responsive plus a cooling capability like no other bed that the company produces.

Going PlushBeds is Going High-Quality Natural!

If you’re interested in buying a bed that is eco-friendly, there is hardly a better option than one of these fantastic products. One of them will surely suit your needs, and even better than that is the fact that they are all made with products certified to be natural by external auditors. Latex and memory foam sleepers from all over the world rate these beds as very high class, and you might be missing out if you don’t purchase one of them! Don’t wait anymore and head straight to their website now!