Saatva is an American mattress manufacturer that focuses on offering their costumers good value for their products as well as various options to choose from. Thus, the Saatva mattress can be purchased at a variety of different firmness options, each adapting to the needs of every type of person.

The Saatva mattress comes in various shapes and forms, but we’ve noticed that the bed seems to be more favorably used by lone sleepers. The innerspring system offers a comfort level that’s very hard to match, but they pocketed coils make the motion isolation features of this bed feel below par – especially when compared to any memory foam mattress.

Let’s take a look at some of the Saatva mattress best features to see why this manufacturer is held in such high regard.

Why Should You Purchase a Saatva Mattress?

The Saatva mattress offers so many different options that you might feel overwhelmed, but in a good way. Customization is not something that many mattress manufacturers can be proud of, as options in the mattress industry are often fairly limited. There are many selling points for the Saatva mattress, but customization is easily the most relevant one.

The Best Mattress for Those Who Sleep Alone

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Regardless of the sheer number of features offered by the Saatva mattress, this innerspring bed still suffers from the issues of poor motion isolation. We’ve identified this bed as an ideal mattress to be purchased by people that sleep alone. It doesn’t matter if you move around at night, as long as you’re not sharing the bed, this mattress is basically perfect.

On the contrary, if you indeed sleep with a partner, we recommend purchasing the Luxury Firm Cal King model.

High-Quality Innerspring Technology

Saatva is considered to be one of the best innerspring mattress manufacturers in the world. The quality of their pocketed coil technology and the health benefits offered by their mattresses justify the high regard at which they are held.

The Saatva mattresses might be exactly what you need if you’re a fan of innerspring mattresses. In fact, a Saatva mattress could be the ideal innerspring mattress to try first if you’ve never had one of these before.

Fully Customizable Beds

Regardless of everything we’ve said so far, the ability to customize these beds is what makes them such an appealing option to all sorts of people. You can select the firmness option that you prefer and judge whether it is the best for you or not before choosing to keep it.

The customer service offered by the company is second to none, and definitely one of the best we’ve encountered so far in the mattress industry.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying the Saatva Mattress

We recommend the Saatva mattress for people who like to sleep on coil mattresses. If you’re looking for a coil mattress that can replicate the feeling of sinkage that you find in most memory foam beds, this bed isn’t for you. Some hybrids do this very well, but the Saatva focuses on having a solid level of firmness and not as much on replicating the way other mattresses feel.

Each variation of the Saatva mattress offers different firmness, adapting to the needs of every type of sleeper

Regardless, it’s an ideal mattress for people who like to sleep hot on innerspring beds. The Saatva mattress has a couple of coil layers, which are designed to allow air to flow freely through the bed. The bounciness that this mattress has to offer doesn’t seem excessive either – you’ll be buying a mattress with regular bounce if you choose to buy the Saatva.

Each Saatva mattress has slight variations, though. For example, the Luxury Firm option has less bounce than its counterparts and provides a firmer sleeping surface. The feel of the beds is rather similar, though – the main thing that changes is the firmness level. Do not expect too much of a drastic change in different models.

The Pros and Cons of the Saatva Mattress

The Saatva mattress has many benefits and drawbacks, and even though each firmness option changes slightly, we’ll be focusing on the overall Saatva mattress pros and cons.

Of course, as we mentioned before, this mattress is ideal to be used by lone sleepers, but don’t be discouraged if you’re a couple – the bed will still do an amazing job. Thus, we’re not listing this as a con.

Saatva Mattress Pros

  • The deluxe innerspring construction of this bed is second to none on the market
  • Saatva uses natural products, that would otherwise be cataloged as waste, to manufacture their beds
  • It has an innerspring system allows the bed to have a high-quality edge support
  • The Saatva mattress provides comfort to all sorts of sleepers
  • It comes with enough customization to suit the needs of anyone
  • The bed allows air to flow through the coils, which allows you to sleep hot without overheating

Saatva Mattress Cons

  • Although Saatva offers great value for money, their large mattresses are more expensive than the market’s average
  • Almost non-existent motion isolation

Making the Mattress – Info on the Saatva Mattress Build

Constructing a Saatva mattress seems to be quite tricky, thus explaining their relatively large prices. The company uses foam and combines it with layers of coils to create a feeling of comfort that is rarely matched by other coil bed manufacturers.

The product is made using many 100% natural materials, meaning that preferring this product contributes to preserve the environment.

Mainly made with natural materials, the Saatva bed shares layers of foam with innerspring constructs to provide a maximum feeling of comfort to the sleeper

The high-quality construction of the Saatva mattress has one downside: the foam used to create additional layers of comfort doesn’t provide any motion isolation. Although this bed isn’t truly considered a hybrid, you’d expect the foam to at least counteract the dispersion of motion waves, but it simply doesn’t.

Let’s take a closer look at how the Saatva mattress is built, so we can get a better idea as to why this happens.

Saatva Mattress Cover

The Saatva mattress cover is designed to be breathable, allowing air to flow through the bottom of the bed up to the top of it. The cover is a crucial part of the cooling system of this bed, and it’s manufactured with fully organic cotton, which also makes it feels soft and comfortable to the skin.

The first thing you notice when looking at this mattress is its channeled design. This makes the bed feel softer throughout its entire surface.

On the contrary, there is an inner layer of memory foam near the middle of the bed (close to where your lower back area would go). This layer feels firmer than the rest of the bed, but it provides a tremendous amount of pressure relief, therefore making it a necessary feature to improve comfort.

First Layer – Comfort Layer

The first layer is similar to the one you find in most innerspring mattresses. It consists of a foam base that protects the cover of the bed from the coils located right beneath it. It also serves to increase the amount of pressure relief that you get from this bed.

This foam layer isn’t the thickest layer of the Saatva mattress, but it allows you to feel hugged by it. Although the feeling will never match the one you find in a memory foam bed, it’s still better than what you’d expect from a regular coil mattress.

Second Layer – Wrapped Coil Layer

Right beneath the first layer, you’ll find the first build of pocketed coils inside the bed. The coils built into this layer provide owners with enough bounce to move freely around the Saatva mattress and are supposedly responsible for improving the bed’s motion isolation.

We felt like this wasn’t truly achieved. Although the bounce is noticeable and it works as intended, the amount of motion that we felt from one side of the bed to the other is just too big to overlook. Light sleepers are very likely to wake up if they sleep with a partner, unless they move carefully and intentionally try not to disturb their other half.

Third Layer – Coil Supports

The third layer of the Saatva mattress is also made with coils, although these coils are more rigid than those you find in the second layer. These steel coils are rather large, thus creating a gap inside the mattress that greatly contributes to the flow of air.

Including a second layer of coils directly beneath the second layer is what makes this mattress so unique. Usually, you’ll find that mattress manufacturers divide coil layers with foam, but Saatva took a different approach with their flagship bed and created an innovative system that only disappoints with its poor motion isolation.

This layer of the Saatva mattress provides additional bounce by combining with the upper coil layer. These coils are free from any wrapping and they move more freely than the others.

The Best Sleeping Positions for the Saatva Mattress

The average sleepers are going to be very pleased with the Saatva mattress. It offers support for every type of sleeping position, regardless of where you concentrate the pressure from your body. Every part of the mattress is designed to provide extreme comfort and pressure relief, and this is greatly aided by the channeled design on the upper part of the bed.

The Saatva beds allow you to choose whichever position you like most, regardless of your size or weight

Side sleepers tend to suffer from shoulder pain when sleeping on a coil bed, but the Saatva mattress provides enough relief to avoid this problem. Stomach sleepers can lie down comfortably without sinking into the bed, and back sleepers will feel supported and their spines will remain aligned through the entire night.

Sleeping Position Exceptions

We’ve noticed how this bed seems to be great for every type of sleeper. While it may be true, lightweight side sleepers could find the Saatva mattress inconvenient as they won’t be able to take full advantage of the pressure relief provided by the innerspring build.

Lightweight people won’t sink deep enough into the first foam layer, therefore not allowing their bodies to interact with the coils – let alone the pocketed coils further down. They’ll still feel the effects of the bed, but not to a full extent. This isn’t much of an issue if you’re a combo sleeper, though.

Saatva Mattress Firmness & Comfort

Each version of the Saatva mattress comes with a particular level of firmness. The Luxury Firm option is the most popular model of this bed, as the comfort it offers isn’t equaled by the others. Regardless, if you prefer your mattress to sink a bit more, you might want to op for the Plush Soft model. There’s also a Firm option, which is stiffer than the Luxury Firm.

The company offers three models of the Saatva mattress, each of them having their own levels of firmness and comfort

Plush Soft Option

The Plush Soft option is the best option for side sleepers, should they opt to buy this bed. It still has very poor motion isolation, but the pressure relief that it offers near the shoulder area is ideal. This option still supports stomach sleepers, but we recommend purchasing a firmer model if you intend to sleep on your stomach.

The Saatva mattress advertises the Plush Soft version of their bed as a pressure reliever for your arms – and we can confirm that’s the case. This is a good model for those who wake up with pain in their arms after a long night’s sleep.

Luxury Firm Option

Couples might want to buy the Luxury Firm option. It offers support for all sorts of sleepers, which has made this model very popular amongst buyers. You can adopt any sleeping position while on top of this bed, without having to worry about chronic pains emerging anywhere in your body.

In contrast, if you and your partner like to sleep in the same position, you’ll probably want to opt for the Firm or Plush Soft models.

Firm Option

The Firm option of the Saatva mattress is designed to suit the needs of stomach sleepers and back sleepers alike. It feels a bit more rigid than its other two counterparts. In fact, this is the Saatva mattress model that offers the least amount of sinkage out of them all. You’ll feel like you’re floating on top of the bed rather than being hugged by it.

Purple Mattress Motion Transfer & Motion Isolation – The Ideal Solo Bed

There’s not hiding from the fact that the Saatva mattress is awful at isolating motion. The features are in place to achieve decent motion isolation, but they simply don’t work as intended. The second layer of coils should provide the bed with a stable way to distribute motion, but it simply serves to add more bounce.

The lack of a proper motion isolation system makes this bed ideal to be used by solo sleepers

The poor motion isolation of this bed makes it unappealing for couples. If your partner tends to wake up in the middle of the night and you’re a light sleeper, you might feel them and wake up. It’s inconvenient, but this issue could be solved by purchasing the Firm model of the Saatva mattress, although we do recommend purchasing a different bed altogether.

The Best Bed for Solo Sleepers

The Saatva mattress might be awful at isolating motion, but there’s a bright side to it. This issue causes trouble for couples. This is one of the best spring beds we’ve tried in terms of comfort, so solo sleepers are very likely to enjoy the Saatva mattress to the fullest.

The Leesa Mattress Edge Support

Most modern spring beds offer at least a good degree of edge support, but the Saatva mattress has exceeded our expectations in this regard. The mattress feels just as good on its edges as it does near its center, but the company has created a small layer of foam near the edge to further increase safety while lying near it.

The edge support of the Saatva mattress is one of the most effective that we’ve tested so far

You should feel very safe when lying near the edges of the Saatva mattress. Likewise, you’ll feel comfortable and well-held if you sit down on the bed with your legs resting on the ground.

The lack of motion isolation is truly a shame because the edge support offered by the Saatva mattress is exactly the type of support you need if you sleep with a partner.

Saatva Mattress Pricing & Info

Apart from the ability to choose different models, Saatva provides you with different height options for each mattress (this doesn’t affect the way they feel – it’s just a matter of preference). Furthermore, the height doesn’t directly reflect on the price, so you’re free to choose the one you prefer without worrying about added costs.

The Saatva mattress can be very expensive, depending on which model you choose to buy. Each model’s size is equivalent in cost to the other models, and they range from $599 for their Twin-sized beds to $1499 for their Cal King-sized mattresses.

The Saatva mattress also has one of the largest warranties we’ve ever seen, as the company offers a 15-year limited warranty and a 120-night sleep trial.

Our Final Verdict

Saatva has created a product to suit the needs of everyone thanks to the range of customizable features that you can choose from.

Purchasing this mattress means that you choose the height, size, and firmness of your bed depending on your preferences. If you’re okay with buying a bed with poor motion isolation features, then the Saatva is just for you – everything else that it offers is nothing short of amazing.