Widely regarded as a world-class mattress manufacturer, Purple has specialized in creating a special type of polymer to manufacture their beds. The product known as the Purple mattress is their flagship bed and offers the most general features of all their products as it aims to feel comfortable for everyone. As such, it serves sleepers regardless of their preferred positions.

The Purple mattress that we’re reviewing here is what you might know as the Original Purple Mattress. The new model offers similar features, although some are improved and it’s a tad more expensive.

The grid pattern used to create the first layer of the mattress is unparalleled in the mattress industry. The comfort and support it creates seem to be very difficult to top. Regardless, is the Purple mattress right for you and will it help you sleep well? We’ll be breaking down all the features it offers so you can get a better idea of whether this is the right bed for you.

Why Should You Purchase the Purple Mattress?

The Purple mattress is manufactured with a specially designed type of polymer with hyper-elastic capabilities. Thus, it offers various features that adapt to the needs of every sleeper. Even so, you might be wondering exactly what makes the Purple mattress so good if you’re considering buying this mattress. These are the main reasons that would make you want to buy it.

Unique construction, great comfort, competitive pricing – some of the main things that might make you want to buy the Purple mattress

World Class Column Support

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Most types of polyester and foam mattresses offer quality column support if you sleep on your back. With the Purple mattress, you’ll be getting a bed that will support the shape of your spine regardless of how you sleep.

This mattress is far from being considered an orthopedic bed of any sorts, though. On the contrary, the Purple mattress is a very comfortable bed that supports your spine by providing it comfort. You should be able to feel how the muscles on your back are able to relax almost as soon as you lie down on this bed.

Unique Top Layer Design

The Purple mattress could be ideal for you if you like to try new and innovative creations. The comfort layer of this mattress has a grid pattern that serves as a compliment to the rest of the layers of the bed. Most importantly, it does an amazing job at creating extra support for the muscles of your body. We’ll discuss this layer later when we talk about the mattress’ build.

Multiple Position Support

Combo sleepers rejoice. We know how difficult it is to find a bed that properly adapts to each sort of sleeping position. The features of the Purple mattress’ first layer allow you to switch positions at night without having to worry about feeling uncomfortable. Comfort and multiple position support are some of the best features that we’ve seen in this bed.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying

There are some small warnings that we’d like you to consider before purchasing the Purple mattress. First, you will not get the best out of this bed’s pressure relief if you’re too lightweight. The bed will make you feel comfortable nonetheless, but you won’t collapse on top of the first layer if you don’t weigh enough to make it sink.

The Purple mattress stays cool through the night, but it might not suit lightweight side sleepers

However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t feel comfortable on the mattress. We’re just pointing out that heavier sleepers might make the best use of this bed’s comfort layer.

Second, we noticed that Purple mattress bed have issues sleeping hot. If you like to stay very warm through the night, the distribution of the Purple mattress grid works against that. The mattress stays very cool through the night in most cases, unless you subject the bed to an excessive amount of heat.

The Pros and Cons of the Purple Mattress

We’ve already given you an overview of the things you’ll get when you purchase the Purple mattress. To help you get an even better picture of it, we’ve composed a list of what we see as the pros and cons of this bed.

Although generally most of what we’ve experienced with this bed has been positive, there are some negative aspects that you should not overlook should you decide to buy the Purple mattress. Here are the most relevant Purple mattress pros and cons.

Purple Mattress Pros

  • The Purple mattress is manufactured with an original comfort grid, which makes for a high-quality first layer
  • It allows you to sleep comfortably regardless of your favorite position
  • The mattress conforms very well and adapts to any type of body shape
  • Provides the same amount of motion isolation that you find in most modern memory foam beds
  • You can purchase it at a very good price – especially after the release of the New Purple Mattress
  • Comes with a lengthy warranty and a flexible sleep trial period

Purple Mattress Cons

  • The Purple mattress could feel a bit cold at times
  • It might not be the best bed for lightweight people

The Purple Mattress Build – How It Works

As we’ve told you, the main benefit of the Purple mattress is the unique design and materials used to manufacture its upper layer. The New Purple design features a hybrid build, but the Original Purple mattress comes is made by using a combination of various types of latex and polyfoam. This should suit the needs of every sleeper with ease.

Purple has always advertised themselves as “scientists” and experts that know a thing or two about how the body works when lying down. We can’t know for sure how true that is, but we do know that the technology they’ve manufactured works. We’ve analyzed the construction of the Purple mattress, and the following paragraphs are what we concluded.

Each cover integrates perfectly with one another to create a feeling of comfort, requiring no spring to offer bounciness

Purple Mattress Cover

Most mattress manufacturers choose a couple of different fabrics to manufacture their covers. In Purple’s case, the cover uses three different fabrics in polyester, elastic polyurethane and viscose to create an elastic and comfortable cover for the Purple mattress.

The elastic fiber is known as Lycra. You’ve probably heard of this term before if you’re familiar with athletic clothing. This fabric is extremely elastic but allows air to pass through it very easily. The combination of different fabrics makes this cover ideal for mattresses aimed at sleeping cool.

The Purple mattress’ layered construction allows the body to sink quite a bit, which makes the presence of a comfortable cover even more important. You won’t feel any rash touches when lying directly on it.

First Layer – Comfort Layer

The first layer of the Purple mattress is what makes this bed so unique. The grid pattern was specially designed by Purple to provide the user with extra comfort, as well as better support for all sleeping positions. Purple manufactured a hyper-elastic type of polymer to create this gridded pattern, and they test it thoroughly to know just how much it can expand before selling each bed.

This polymer allows the mattress to quickly adapt to your body’s shape, but it also provides just enough bounce to allow quick transitions between sleeping positions. The overall structure of the bed is very solid, but the first layer is arguably the most important one.

The Purple mattress’ grid layer works along the cover to create a surface capable of staying cool throughout the night. The cover allows air to flow through the bed, and the first layer permits air to stay pocketed in each of its slots. This feature could also work to create hotter temperatures if you subject the bed to a decent amount of heat.

Second Layer – Transition Layer

The second layer of the mattress is dense and much more compact than the gridded layer on top of it. The Purple mattress has this layer to provide additional support without sacrificing comfort as a consequence of it.

The second layer consists entirely of a dense variation of polyfoam, although less dense than the Purple mattress’ base. The pressure relief that you feel whenever you lie down on top of this bed is mainly due to the presence of this layer acting in conjunction with the gridded layer at the top.

Third Layer – Foundation Layer

The Purple mattress has a base that allows it to support a very large amount of weight without creating additional pressure. Furthermore, the third layer is manufactured using a special type of high-density polyfoam. This polyfoam is similar to the one you find in the second layer, but it provides the mattress with extra support.

The Best Sleeping Positions to Adopt for the Purple Mattress

The combination of a polyfoam and elastic Lycra creates a surface where any type of sleeper can thrive. In fact, the presence of the elastic fabric allows the bed to react very quickly to movements. It provides enough bounce for people to always feel comfortable, even if you tend to change positions many times during the night.

Every type of sleeper is sure to be pleased with this mattress, although lightweight side sleepers and heavyweight stomach sleepers might not get the best out of its features

The Purple Mattress Known Issues List

We noticed how lightweight sleepers might not be able to get the best out of the Purple mattress features because of the lessened pressure relief they’ll feel. This is mainly an issue for lightweight people who sleep on their sides – contouring will not be enough to create an ideal sleeping surface.

The Purple mattress also presents an issue for heavyweight sleepers that sleep on their stomachs. The first layer provides much more support than you get from a traditional memory foam bed, but it still allows for too much sinkage. This could be reflected in a below-average sleeping experience for heavyweight owners.

Despite all of this, owners of all weights should still be able to enjoy sleeping on top of this mattress. The problems it has are very shallow and don’t compare to those you may find in other mattresses.

Additional Position Info

The mattress will allow lightweight sleepers to feel entirely comfortable if they sleep on their back or stomach. In fact, the Purple mattress could as well be one of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers that we’ve reviewed so far. The contouring and conforming offered by the mattress’ upper layer enhance the support it has for stomach sleepers.

Purple Mattress Firmness & Comfort

Before starting to describe how firm this mattress is, we think it’s important that you take a closer look at its upper layer. The feeling it offers is not equal to the feel of other mattresses, and it’s arguably even more comfortable than most. The grid pattern makes it difficult to compare with other beds, but we’re certain that the Purple mattress has an above-average level of firmness.

The Purple mattress comfort comes from a combination of above-average firmness and a well-constructed layer design

You can feel the way the bed’s layers transition as you apply pressure to its surface. The second layer combines very well with the first one to create a unique and hard-to-match feeling of relief for your muscles.

Contouring Comfort

We’ve noticed how the firmness varies according to your sleeping position. For example, you might feel more support near your hips and your lower back area if you sleep on your back. The first layer conforms and changes its shape according to the heaviest areas of your body, providing maximum comfort regardless of your shape.

The elasticity present in its first layer allows great responsiveness from the bed, which in turn increases the comfortability of the Purple mattress.

Purple Mattress Weight Support

The Purple mattress is designed to support sleepers of all weights. We already went through which sleeping positions are less supported, but the mattress shouldn’t feel uncomfortable unless something goes wrong with its inner layers.

One of the main features that allow the mattress to support so much weight is the thickness of its first layer. The material allows heavyweight owners to sink towards the second layer and provides them with enough support (and responsiveness) to change positions.

Furthermore, the Purple mattress offers the same weight support throughout its entire surface. Every part of its inner build is designed equally, which means you won’t experience different support on opposite sides of the bed – not even on the edges.

Sleeping Alone or with a Partner? Purple Mattress Motion Transfer & Motion Isolation

If you sleep with a partner, you’re probably wondering how good the hyper-elastic layer for motion isolation is. Shamefully, the extra bounce provided by this layer causes some issues when it comes to motion transferring. If you lie down on either side of the bed, your motion will be felt by whoever’s sleeping on the other side.

We’ve come across better mattresses when it comes to motion transfer, but the Purple mattress does a decent job at isolating motion nonetheless

The feeling is minimal, thus it’s not much of an issue. Regardless, this could be a long-term problem if you wake you wake up easily. However, the bed generates no noise whatsoever. None of the layers produce sounds, given the lack of any sort of coils.

Dealing with Support – The Leesa Mattress Edge Support

The design of the Purple mattress would make it hard for us to demand high-quality edge support from it. The entire mattress is built equally, which means the bed has a uniform feel, but this translates into a complete lack of support on its edges. You’re likely going to struggle if you like to sleep near the edge of the bed (or if your partner pushes you towards it).

The design of the Purple mattress doesn’t permit quality the integration of edge support, but you’ll be well-rested when sitting on the edge of the bed – not so much when you’re lying down on it, though

We recommend purchasing one of the bigger Purple mattress models (Cal King or King) if you share your bed with a partner to keep you from having any issues.

Oddly enough, sitting on the edge of the bed feels very comfortable. Likewise, you’ll be able to stand up at any time without feeling like you’re putting extra effort to it. In truth, the edge support of the Purple mattress is rather mediocre if you’re lying down, but it can be beneficial if you tend to sit on the edge of your bed for a long time.

Purple Mattress Pricing & Info

High-quality mattress manufacturers offer lengthy warranties to attract potential buyers. Purple offers the standard 10-year warranty that we tend to see from most manufacturers, and they’ve accompanied it with a 100-night sleep trial in which you can freely return the product at any time.

The traditional Purple mattress can be bought at prices starting at almost $700 for the Twin-sized bed and ending at $1299 for the Cal-King. The mattress is not sold in physical retail stores – you’ll have to buy it through their website or via other online stores.

The price range is just a bit above the average market standard, but it’s lower than the New Purple’s. The new hybrid version costs a significantly larger amount of money.

Our Final Verdict

The Purple mattress has impressed us with the quality of its innerspring-free build. Although not particularly good at motion isolation, the mattress is good to be used by couples and lone sleepers alike. It’s manufactured by one of the best and most respected mattress brands in the world, which adds to its overall quality.

We recommend the Purple mattress for people who enjoy trying out new types of beds, as well as to those buyers who are looking for a comfortable, affordable and reliable new mattress.