Amerisleep is a mattress retailer that creates different mattresses to suit all types of sleepers. As such, they target a huge market, which allows people of all sorts to enjoy their products. The mattresses made by Amerisleep seem to be held in very high regard by many of its buyers, but do they really pass the test? Are Amerisleep beds reliable and comfortable?

We’ll be breaking down all of the features that make Amerisleep mattresses what they are, including the way the are built and the different firmness levels which you can purchase. Are Amerisleep mattresses good? Find out by reading up this summary!

What is

Amerisleep is a mattress retailer that has been rivalling some of the industry giants in recent years. They don’t offer as many models as they offer variants to their flagship bed, which makes it a specialized mattress retailer that focuses on quality over quantity. Most of the beds sold by Amerisleep adapt quite well to the buyer, which makes them good options for those who aren’t sure what to get.

Furthermore, Amerisleep earns itself quite a good reputation by offering outstanding trial periods of over 100 nights, which gives customer a lot of confidence on the products that the company sells.

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With that said, Amerisleep beds are not for those with a tight budget. It takes over $800 to purchase one of the products, and even though they end up being worth it, it’s still an important sum of money to spend on a bed. They’re made to last for a long time, though, so you can see it as a one-in-a-decade investment.

Best Amerisleep Mattresses

Amerisleep mattresses are made with high-quality memory foam, which makes their line of beds one of the top choices for memory foam enthusiasts out there. The best Amerisleep mattress for you depends on the type of bed that you’re looking to buy. They offer products that range from AS1 to AS5, with each number increasing the price of the product as well as its quality.

For example, the AS2 will be more expensive than the AS1, but less expensive than the AS3. Each bed comes with different firmness features as well as a custom build. The AS5, the company’s most expensive bed, is built with three different layers and supports sleepers of all types.

In short, the AS5 is by far the best mattress produced by Amerisleep, and one could argue that it’s also one of the best mattresses that you can buy from an online retailer. It also comes with a 100-night warranty. However, it’s also the most expensive product that the company sells.

If it’s out of your budget, don’t worry – the AS1 is a quality mattress that can be bought at an exceptionally low price considering it’s a luxury bed.

Amerisleep Mattress Firmness – Mattresses for All Sleepers

We know you’re short on time, so we’ll cut straight to the chase – here are the five different beds offered by Amerisleep and a short description of each model, including which of them better suits each type of sleeper.


The AS1 is the most basic bed sold by Amerisleep, and even though it doesn’t com cheap, you can get one for less than $1000, which is good value for a luxury bed. It has a medium level of firmness, which makes it ideal for back and stomach sleepers.


The AS2 offers similar features to the AS1, but it’s constructed with higher quality foam, which improves responsiveness. It shares a similar level of firmness with the AS1, although this one is just a tad softer than the former. In any case, it’s still a good bed for back and stomach sleepers.


The AS3 has more memory foam than the two other models that we’ve mentioned, which makes it softer but still great for all sorts of sleepers. If you’re unsure of which bed you should get, then go for this one. Amerisleep claims that this is the best you can buy if you’re looking for versatility, and we can confirm that it is!


The AS4 and AS5 models are not good for heavy sleepers, but both beds do a fantastic job at supporting combo sleepers as well as side sleepers. Back sleeper and stomach sleepers will feel that it’s a bit too soft for them, so we recommend choosing one of the first three beds if you spend most of the night laying on your side.


This is by far the most plushie bed made by the company, and it’s perfect for side sleepers. It can still work well for a combo sleeper, but you’ll always feel the full extent of its layers’ effects when sleeping on your sides.

High Quality Backed by Lenient Amerisleep Policies

Amerisleep mattresses tend to be made to last, and the quality with which they are built is reflected on the fact that the company offers long warranty plans for each bed. Checking for a long warranty is often one of the best ways for you to judge the quality of a product, and this is especially true for mattresses, as a buyer tends to spend many hours on top of its bed and each person subjects it to different levels of pressure.

Amerisleep also offers convenient return services if you didn’t end up liking the bed that you bought – that’s how sure they are that you’re going to love it. Just be sure to purchase the right bed to suit your needs and you should be set for a bed for the next decade or so.

Does Amerisleep Pass the Test? Review Conclusion

Amerisleep mattresses pass the quality tests to which every expert subjects them. These beds are made with a high degree of quality, and each mattress has a special level of firmness and comfort to adapt to the needs of specific sleepers. It doesn’t matter if you’re unsure of which bed to purchase either – you can use this guide to determine which model is going to suit you better.

If that’s still not enough for you, the top-quality customer service offered by Amerisleep can guide you through your purchase to make sure that the mattress you’re getting is the one that you need.