The American manufacturer of mattresses known as Leesa has spent its entire productive life creating a memory foam mattress that aims to bring comfort across the globe. The Leesa mattress comes in a single design, although the company offers a couple of other models with different names.

The company has been donating mattresses for a long time (they donate 1 mattress per each 10 they sell), making them one of the most socially-aware mattress brands on the market. Their products are thoroughly tested and made with high-quality materials. However, is the Leesa mattress the perfect one for you? Use our review as a guide to find out.

Why Should You Purchase the Leesa Mattress?

The Leesa mattress is built mainly with memory foam, but it has a ton of other features implemented by the manufacturer to improve the overall experience of the user. In order to achieve this, the mattress is constructed with three different types of foam. We’ve listed below the three main reasons why you should purchase a Leesa mattress.

The Leesa mattress is affordable and very well-built – two features that aren’t usually shared by the same bed

A Memory Foam Mattress with Bounce

Most foam mattresses on the market lack serious bounce, mainly due to a lack of an innerspring system. Regardless, the Leesa mattress can (and will) bounce as much as you need it to. The LSA 200 foam used to create one of the mattress’ layers produces a peculiar bounciness that isn’t typical of these sorts of beds.

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On the contrary, the semi-latex build doesn’t allow the memory foam to properly isolate motion. This might be a better mattress for people who sleep alone, rather than for those who share the bed with a partner.

Deluxe Mattress for a Low Price

The Leesa mattress is not one of the cheapest of products on the market. In spite of that, it is one offers great value for money and is considered to be one of the most affordable deluxe beds that you can find.

The Leesa mattress might be worth purchasing if you’re looking for a bed that will make you feel comfortable through the night and last you for a long time. The smaller models are very affordable, further enhancing our point that you’ll want to consider buying this bed if you sleep on your own.

Your purchase also entitles you to a 10-year warranty and a 100-night sleep trial, both starting right at the moment your bed is first set up in your home.

Consider These Points Before Buying the Leesa Mattress

The Leesa mattress is not the ideal mattress to buy if you share your bed. This is mainly due to its bounciness – the motion isolation is not as effective as you’d expect from a foam bed. Regardless, the bounciness does help in other activities you could perform in bed with your partner. You probably know where we’re going, so we’ll leave it at that.

You might want to avoid this mattress if you don’t like super responsive beds. The Leesa reacts very quickly to your movements, and we understand that some buyers might prefer less responsive beds to better change positions when they’re asleep.

The Leesa mattress is bouncy and responsive, although it might not be a good choice if you sleep with a partner

In addition to its responsiveness, and perhaps as a reflection of it, the Leesa mattress feels softer than other similarly built beds, such as the purple mattress. If you’re a side sleeper, this mattress could be ideal for you. Stomach sleepers could feel like they sink a bit too much, in which case we encourage you to choose a firmer bed. A spring bed or a spring hybrid could be what you’re after.

The Leesa mattress isn’t built to offer an extreme level of firmness or strong back support. It simply offers a balanced feel. It’s a high-quality bed, and it will suit your needs if you’re not looking for something specific on it.

The Pros and Cons of the Leesa Mattress

You might already have a good idea of the things that the Leesa mattress has to offer. Still, we’ve compiled a list of specific features that will paint a clearer picture of everything that the Leesa mattress has to offer. We encourage you to take a close look at all the drawbacks that come with this product before purchasing it.

Leesa Mattress Pros

  • Offers incredible contouring
  • The support provided by the bed is well beyond what you’d expect from most foam mattresses
  • It has a very good and unique aesthetic appearance, which goes well with most rooms
  • It’s an improved version of the older traditional Leesa mattress
  • The conforming of the bed makes for incredible pressure relief
  • Ideal to be used by back and side sleepers
  • It’s bouncy but comfortable
  • Comes with a lengthy warranty and a 100-night sleep trial

Leesa Mattress Cons

  • It’s not as responsive as you might expect
  • The semi-latex feel offered by the LSA 200 makes the bed sleep a bit too hot during the night
  • Its motion isolation isn’t too good. The LSA 200 makes for a bouncy bed that carries movement all over the mattress

The New Leesa Mattress Versus Its Predecessor

The Leesa mattress that we’re reviewing in this article is the latest Leesa product that the company has released. The older version of the same mattress was their flagship product and the product that the company sold the most.

Consequently, Leesa made some improvements to the upper layers of the bed and re-released their traditional mattress with a new type of foam (patented by the manufacturer), called LSA 200.

The LSA 200 puts this bed above most of its competitors thanks to the high quality of the material

This new version of the Leesa mattress is built exactly like the older model but substituting the upper layer of the bed with this more durable, softer version of foam. The added softness of the bed plays a key role in its overall feel, and although it makes it a little less responsive than its predecessor, it also makes it feel way more comfortable.

Leesa points out in their description of the LSA 200 that it’s a more durable type of foam than the one they had been using before. The jury is out on this feature for us, though. We haven’t been working with the bed long enough to know if it’ll last longer than its predecessor.

How the Leesa Mattress Works – Describing the Build of the Leesa Mattress

The Leesa Mattress Cover

The cover of the Leesa mattress consists of polyester and lycra. You’ll notice how soft it feels as soon as you touch it – you don’t even need to put pressure on it to fully appreciate the quality of the materials. The color of the cover also helps to make the bed visually attractive. Of course, it’s a matter of taste, but the colors used to create the cover are neutral and should complement any room rather well.

Furthermore, the cover is removable. You can take it off entirely and notice how the mattress is built. Once you remove it, you’ll be able to check each layer individually without having to make any tears in the product.

In addition, having a removable cover improves the hygiene of the bed as it makes it easier to clean.

First Layer – Comfort Layer

The previous Leesa model was built with Avena foam, which was a form of mattress that resembled the way latex felt. The inclusion of the LSA 200 in the build was made to substitute the Avena foam from the first layer and focus on a more comforting material. The first layer of the bed is responsible for providing maximum comfort to the sleeper.

Likewise, and as we mentioned before, the LSA 200 isn’t as responsive as the Avena foam. It doesn’t feel like it, at least. Sacrificing responsiveness for added comfort seems like a good decision in hindsight, and we feel like it’s a change that Leesa can (and should) be proud of.

Similarly, the first is responsible for the bed’s cooling. It’s not really an efficient cooling agent, which is a true shame because if the bed slept cooler through the night it could be one of the best foam beds that we’ve reviewed in this site.

Second Layer – Memory Foam Layer

This second layer of the mattress is made entirely of traditional and durable memory foam. It serves as a transition layer between the first layer and the foundation layer at the bottom. In addition, it also provides the bed and the upper parts of the build with extra responsiveness and contouring.

We believe that adding the memory foam layer is what makes the bed so comfortable. The conforming it provides allows the upper layers to sink just enough to make the sleeper feel hugged, but not enough to make them feel trapped.

You might’ve felt a bit trapped if you’ve ever slept on a mattress with memory foam on its upper layer. Incorporating the memory foam beneath the LSA 200 plays a major role in having a mattress unaffected by this problem.

Third Layer – Foundation Layer

The bottom layer of the mattress is made with a very dense variation of traditional polyfoam. It doesn’t provide much in terms of comfort, but its firmness allows the sleeper to remain undisturbed through the night. In addition, it provides the upper layers (which are soft by nature) to remain well-supported and calm when subjected to movements at the top of the bed.

The Best Sleeping Positions to Adopt for the Leesa Mattress

The new version of the Leesa mattress offers a lot of variety when it comes to sleeping positions. According to our tests, you should have no issues using your favored sleeping position if your stomach isn’t facing down. Even then, some stomach sleeper might find comfort using this mattress.

If you’re a stomach sleeper and you’ve decided that the Leesa mattress could suit your needs, order it and test it for a few months. If you’re uncomfortable with how it feels, you can always return it thanks to the 100-night trial.

Firmness Test – Just How Firm Is the Leesa Mattress?

The firmness of the Leesa mattress is entirely dictated by how much you’re allowed to sink into its first and second layers. To explain it better, you’ll notice how the second layer of the bed will allow your body and the first layer to sink, without generating the dreaded trapped feeling that we all despise in a mattress.

The Leesa mattress offers great balance and a level of firmness that should please every kind of buyer

The foundation layer is designed to avoid sinkage and to allow your body to feel supported even though you’re lying on top of two really soft pieces of fabric. The pressure relief offered by this mattress is fantastic – the firmness is just enough to allow your body to feel rested, but not enough to make you feel unsafe.

Leesa has achieved quite a decent amount of balance on this mattress, a feature that seems to be very difficult to find on the current market. In terms of a firmness level, we’d rate it just above average.

Weight Support – How Heavy Sleepers Cope

People with weight issues (specifically those who weigh more than 300 pounds) might want to avoid this mattress. The overall low edge support and the fact that the bed doesn’t cope well with heavy weights makes for a rather unpleasant experience. If you’re overweight, you might have a lot of problems getting out of this mattress.

Anyone that weighs 250 pounds or less will feel the firmness of the bed to its maximum extent, getting the best out of the Leesa mattress’ contouring, conforming and pressure relief.

The Leesa Mattress Motion Transfer & Motion Isolation

Sharing your bed with a partner means that you’ll have to be on the lookout for a mattress capable of isolating and transferring motion as well as possible. There are a couple of things to be noted about this bed’s motion transfer. First, its motion isolation isn’t as bad as it was on the first latex-based model. Second, you’ll still feel the movements of a partner anywhere in your bed.

The Leesa mattress motion isolation is similar to the one you find in most spring beds, but a tad less bouncy

The motion isolation of the Leesa mattress isn’t one of its strongest features, even though the use of LSA 200 does improve its standards. You can easily compare the motion isolation and transfer of the Leesa mattress with the same features you’d encounter on a regular spring bed.

However, this is the price you pay for the added elasticity. Is it a bad feature to have if you sleep with a partner? Not really. As we mentioned earlier in our review, there are some benefits that added elasticity brings to a couple’s bedtime. This is mainly seen when spending time as a couple on top of the bed.

How It Fares Near the Edge – The Leesa Mattress Edge Support

The edges of the Leesa mattress feel a bit weak. This is mainly due to the full-foam build. As a result of the lack of an innerspring system, the bed has a uniform feel throughout the entire surface.

The problem is that the sides have no extra resistance, so they feel weaker than the rest of the mattress. It’s not much of a problem if you’re not heavy, but those who weigh more than 250 pounds could have some issues with this bed.

The Leesa mattress has very good edge support – especially when considering that it’s made mainly with memory foam

When you’re sleeping, you’ll never feel that you could roll out of bed – even if you tend to move a lot during the night. This will greatly benefit you if you sleep with a partner, as you can stay close to the edge and feel entirely secure through the night.

You might have problems with the edge support while getting out of bed, but you’ll likely be okay with it as long as you’re sleeping.

Pricing & Info

The Leesa mattress has an average price that hovers far below the market’s standard. Even though quality memory foam mattresses are manufactured by many companies, few of them offer such good value for money as Leesa manages to do. Their most expensive mattress costs just over $1000, while their Twin model can be bought for just $525.

The manufacturer donates one Leesa mattress to a homeless person per every 10 products that they sell. This means that your purchase is directly helping someone in need!

The warranty offered is also a statement by the company that they trust their product’s longevity. You’re entitled to a 10-year warranty which comes into effect as soon as you receive the product. You can return it at any given time, free of charge, should you choose to do so.

You’ll be able to try out the product during the first 100 days as well, in which time you can decide whether you like it and if you want to keep it or return it.

Our Final Verdict

The Leesa mattress makes for an ideal bed for most types of sleepers, regardless of their physical attributes. The main issues that this mattress have are the lack of proper edge support while sitting, as well as the lack of well-implement motion isolation and distribution system. Nonetheless, the Leesa mattress stands out as one of the best memory foam mattresses on the market.

The prices at which you can purchase these beds certainly offer great value for money. You can buy their most expensive models at a fraction of the cost you’d pay for other brands.