The MyPillow brand is known to be one of the best producers of comfortable pillows in the market. Many users consider the MyPillow one of the best in the world, and the level of comfort that it offers is certainly a statement of just how awesome these products are.

Even though the brand wasn’t originally known for their mattresses, it seemed like a wasted opportunity not to produce at least one line of them. That’s exactly what they have done – MyPillow mattresses have entered the market and they’re now competing against the likes of Lessa, Bear, and Casper. Which of these products come out on top, though?

Well, to answer that question, you’ll be better off reading the following review. We’ve made sure to break down the features of the MyPillow mattress to help you determine how good will it be for you. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what we tell you – it’s all about how you feel while lying on top of one of these amazing mattresses.

Keep in mind that MyPillow mattresses have received very positive reviews in the past – especially from customers. We want to give you an in-depth breakdown of this product, but our main goal will be to help you form an opinion of your own.

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MyPillow Mattress Overview – What to Expect from Your New Mattress?

We already know how awesome the MyPillow pillow feels, but now that their mattress has started gaining a lot of popularity in recent months, it’s about time that we tell you just how good it is and why are so many people purchasing it as if there was no tomorrow. Before we begin, keep in mind that even though this bed is extremely highly rated, you’ll want to read this entire review to see if it suits you.

For starters, one of the things that really stands out when shopping for a MyPillow mattress is the cost. You won’t find it ludicrously high, as most high-tier beds tend to be priced. Instead, you’ll find that the MyPillow mattress is on the affordable end of the spectrum, and considering that it offers some features that you usually only find in luxurious beds, it’s definitely an eye-catcher.

In any case, you shouldn’t make such a long-term decision by only considering the price of this bed. You must take other things into consideration, such as the firmness, the coolness with which it sleeps, the materials it uses, and the type of sleeper that it suits best.

Generally speaking, we feel like the MyPillow mattress is a very good bed that appeals to most types of people, and even with its basic bedding top, you should absolutely love it if you’re an average person.

MyPillow Mattress Pros & Cons

Be that as it may, there are some things that you probably won’t like about this bed, and it’s important that you consider them before deciding whether to purchase it or not. We’ve made this list of quick pros and cons to help you make a quick decision if you’re short on time, or to simply give you a general idea of what you can expect to read on this article.

MyPillow Mattress Pros

  • The mattress feels normal and it doesn’t look like it was manufactured with a specific purpose other than making the bed feel good for everyone who lies on top of it.
  • In general, the MyPillow mattress can adapt to almost every type of sleeper with no problem whatsoever.
  • If you’re looking for a long-term mattress option that won’t break down quickly but that will also cost you less than a grand, then the MyPillow mattress might be exactly what you’re looking for.
  • The build is made with high-quality materials and it shows in the way the bed moves and resists
  • Has an acceptable level of motion transfer.

MyPillow Mattress Cons

  • This is not a good bed for you if you’re overweight. You’ll need to look for something that can hold its shape under serious weight, and this mattress simply gives in too easily if you’re over 230 lbs.
  • You might sink in a bit too easily if you like to sleep on your stomach.
  • The bed is seriously lacking edge support, so couples might want to take a minute and consider whether this one is a good option for them.

MyPillow Mattress Build & Materials – How It’s Made

First of all, the MyPillow mattress is not made out of any hybrid construct nor does it use two types of material to provide a feeling of comfort. Au contraire, this bed uses foam (and variations of poly foam) to create an incredible feeling for most types of sleepers and almost irrespectively of your body weight. In total, the MyPillow mattress uses four types of foam in its build.

It’s a relatively tall bed, standing at 10 inches from the base of your bed to the top of the mattress. However, the way the mattress is built makes you feel like you’re lying on top of a cloud at times. The first layer of the bed, which is the cover, is made entirely out of a soft type of foam, which lets you sink in with ease (without feeling trapped or stuck) and giving a soft feel to your skin.

The second layer, however, is where things truly get interesting for this build. It’s made entirely with a special type of foam which allows air to flow with ease, and provides a good transition between the top layer and the third one, which is super soft and allows you to feel greater than ever before.

The second layer has almost no density and makes it very easy for the bed to cool during the night – even in hot temperatures.

The third layer is mainly put in place to help increase the comfort of the second one whilst also providing a good transition towards the last one, which is the base. This layer is, however, a bit firmer than the second one. In any case, it’s soft enough to help the bed feel awesome all around.

The fourth and final layer is simply used as a base to keep everything together, allowing the softer and upper layers to deal with weight without making the bed lose its shape. It’s a very soft layer anyway, which is surprising considering the low density of the last three, but it works quite well.

In general, if you like beds that feel soft on touch as well as when you sleep on top of them, you’re really going to love the MyPillow mattress. The main issue is that it doesn’t have any coils to provide better bounciness or support, but it’s still an amazing bed nonetheless.

MyPillow Mattress Firmness

You’ll be able to notice just how easy it is for you to sink into this bed at the first moment of contact with the mattress. It allows you to feel hugged by it, but you won’t feel like you can’t move or that the bed is a bit too soft. In fact, for a bed made entirely with foam, the MyPillow mattress has a surprisingly great level of firmness.

The main feature of this bed is that it adapts to your body shape. At times, that can be inconvenient if you want to sleep on your back, but there’s nothing that a good MyPillow pillow can’t fix. In any case, the level of firmness feels welcoming to every type of sleeper unless they are a bit too heavy to handle.

If we had a spectrum to judge the MyPillow mattress, we’d say that it’s just above average in firmness. In fact, you could say that the firmness would be in the middle of the spectrum. It’s probably going to suit your needs very well as long as you’re not looking for something that’s either super soft or very firm. That’s the magic of the MyPillow mattress – it’s as versatile as it gets.

MyPillow Mattress Sleeping Temperature

The MyPillow mattress allows you to choose how hot you want to sleep. If you’re going for a hot night’s sleep, you can simply get your covers ready and the bed won’t allow enough air to circulate other than what you’d expect from any other bed. However, if you’re not sweating too much and you’re sleeping light in clothing or with no covers, then the bed will not retain too much heat.

Let’s put it this way: the bed won’t really influence how hot or cool you sleep. That will be dictated by the way you choose to dress or how many covers you want to put on top of you. That’s something that we really liked about the MyPillow mattress – it allows you to be the judge on whether it’s too hot or not hot enough. You can choose what you want and how you want it without tweaking the bed at all.

The second layer of the mattress is supposed to provide a strong flow of air, but in reality, it only helps you dictate the temperature by yourself. It’s as good as it gets, really.

MyPillow Mattress Body Type Fit – To Whom Is It Ideal For?

This is where things really get tricky with the MyPillow mattress. The main reason as to why is because this is really a matter of personal preference. As we stated before, the bed doesn’t cope that well with stomach sleepers as it makes them sink a bit too much for our liking. However, you might find it extremely comfortable even if you like to sleep on your stomach.

In any case, the way the bed deals with weight makes it an ideal option to be purchased by any side sleeper reading this. Your whole side of your body will feel like it slots directly into the bed, which makes it super comfortable to sleep for a long period of time. If you love to sleep on top of your arms (which we don’t recommend!), the support and softness that this bed provides will feel incredible for you.

The main issue with back sleepers is that the bed doesn’t let your spine adjust accordingly and you might feel a bit too floaty for what an ideal position would be considered. In any case, a good pillow can fix this issue. Staying on topic, the MyPillow pillow does complement this bed very well, and we encourage you to try it if you haven’t already considered it.

The best feature about the MyPillow mattress is that it should work very well for all types of sleepers. It doesn’t matter how you lie down; this bed will do a good job for you anyway.

MyPillow Mattress Motion Transfer Features

There really isn’t much to say about the MyPillow mattress motion transfer, but we’re not saying that in a negative way. It’s incredible. The lack of coils might not allow the bed to bounce as much as a hybrid, but it also makes it so each zone of the mattress is isolated from motion between one another. That means that you can move freely without having to worry about waking up your partner.

Sure, a lack of proper edge support can be an issue, but this bed makes it so both of you can move around as much as you want during your sleep!

MyPillow Mattress Cost & Purchase Information

On first glance, the MyPillow mattress does look quite expensive. However, promo codes allow you to purchase it at a much lower price that will certainly adapt to what you’re able to afford. This is still considered one of the best beds around, which means that you can expect it to cost quite a lot of money. Thankfully, not even the most expensive option goes for a grand!

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