Sleep EZ is a company that designs mattresses of all sorts, mainly constructed with latex and simple layer placement. Today’s review will focus on analyzing everything you need to know about their Roma mattress. This is one of their most popular products, manufactured with just two layers that offer more than enough comfort to compete in today’s market.

The Sleep EZ mattress is also made by combining the properties of latex and cotton to create a comfortable sleeping experience. The product is also capable of being used on either side (it’s dual sided – both sides count as covers for practical purposes).

This mattress is the definition of versatile, but does it offer what you’re looking for? Stay with us through this review and be the judge.

Why Should You Purchase the Sleep EZ Mattress?

Company Vibes

One of the main reasons you should consider buying a Sleep EZ mattress is the manufacturer’s quality. They have been making beds for almost half a century, and their products come with a decade-long guarantee to ensure owners that they’ll be getting the best quality available.

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You can also look at their products personally if you’re on Arizona. Unlike other online retailers, you can check out the product yourself before purchasing it. They do work mainly with online orders, though.

Great Feel & No Smell

The Sleep EZ Roma mattress makes for a great bed if you enjoy firm and comfortable mattresses. The mattress feels firmer than some of its competitors, but it’s still very comfortable. Your back is likely to feel well-rested thanks to the Sleep EZ mattress’ pressure relief features.

One huge added bonus is the fact that the mattress has virtually no smell after you unpack it. Most mattresses tend to have off-gassing issues and other sorts of smell-related problems. This mattress keeps a natural smell from the moment you unbox it through the rest of its lifespan.

Latex Superiority

Sleep EZ uses high-quality latex to manufacture their mattresses. This is reflected in their bed’s bounciness, which tends to be just right for most people’s tastes.

This bed has no memory foam on its build either. The Sleep EZ mattress won’t remember the shape of your body and you won’t have to worry about falling back to the indenture created by your own figure if you like to move around at night.

In fact, the Sleep EZ Roma Latex mattress is ideal to be used by combo sleepers. Change positions as often as you want – you won’t feel stuck at any time while sleeping on top of this bed.

Sleep EZ Mattress – All Pros & Cons

The main thing you should consider before purchasing a bed like this is that Sleep EZ mattresses are mainly manufactured with latex. You’ll want to avoid purchasing one of these if you don’t like the way a latex mattress feels.

Other than that, there are plenty of benefits that come with the purchase of a Sleep EZ Roma mattress. Let’s take a closer look before moving on to specifics:

Sleep EZ Mattress Pros

  • The mattress doesn’t make you feel stuck at any time during the night – even if you spend hours lying on one position before changing to another
  • The Sleep EZ Roma mattress is odorless and doesn’t have off-gassing issues
  • Sleep EZ prices are budget-friendly
  • It’s a flipable mattress – you can choose to sleep on its firm side or on its softer side
  • It’s an ideal mattress if you suffer from chronic backache

Sleep EZ Mattress Cons

  • The Sleep EZ mattress isn’t as long-lived as other products – it might start losing quality sooner than its competition
  • The edge support is very poor
  • It’s not as tall as other beds, standing at 7’’ inches
  • The mattress lacks cooling capabilities and could make you sweat a lot if you like to sleep hot

How Solid is the Sleep EZ Mattress Construction?

The Sleep EZ Roma mattress has a very simple arrangement of just two layers, and a composition primarily made of latex. The latex used in the construction of this mattress is firmer than the average kind you find in most beds. This is mainly due to the denser composition of the fabric. The latex is what makes the bed remain stable and keeps both layers together.

The mattress is mainly manufactured with high-quality latex and its cover consists of 100% organic cotton

Each side of the Sleep EZ mattress has a specific feature that makes it unique. On one side, the mattress is very soft and has a lot of sinkage. The other side is designed to better suit those sleepers who like a firmer experience. You can flip the mattress as you wish to adapt the product to your liking.

The first layer is of course the cover of the mattress. The inside of the bed is entirely manufactured with an additional layer of latex. Let’s inspect each layer further so you can get a better idea of how the product is made:

First Layer – The Sleep EZ Mattress Cover

The cover of the Sleep EZ mattress is one of the few parts of the product that isn’t manufactured with latex. The cover is crafted with organic cotton – no synthetic components included. This makes the cover of the mattress really soft while also keeping the surface as breathable as possible when working with latex.

The surface of the bed is divided into channels. Channel quilting mattresses tend to offer better pressure relief near the back area of the sleeper and they also keep a better hold of your sheets.

Second Layer – Sleep EZ Latex Comfort Layer

This layer of the Sleep EZ Roma mattress constitutes the entire inside of the bed but has a different density on each side, making the mattress flippable. The firm side of the build feels firmer than most of the other mattresses we’ve reviewed, but it’s still very comfortable. The soft side does a great job at mimicking the smoothness of foam mattresses.

Latex beds have specific properties that differentiate them from foam and innerspring beds. The Sleep EZ mattress has a special latex which provides the bed with breathable features, although it will become too hot if you like to sleep well tucked in. Keep in mind that this mattress doesn’t have an effective cooling system like the Dreamcloud or the Puffy mattresses.

We noticed how the Sleep EZ Roma mattress provides great bounciness without being too overwhelming. You’d expect too bounce around too much whenever you hop in a latex bed, but the firmer latex used to manufacture this product does an amazing job at balancing the bounciness of the mattress.

Best Sleeping Position for the Sleep EZ Mattress

The Sleep EZ Roma mattress shares one similarity with other latex mattress: it can be used for every kind of sleeper. Unlike memory foam, latex doesn’t remember which position you’re sleeping in. Simply put, your shape won’t be projected into the mattress, which means there shouldn’t be any irregularities in the surface of the bed.

The Sleep EZ mattress will do wonders for any type of sleepers. Back sleepers, stomach sleepers, side sleepers and combo sleepers will be able to fully enjoy this mattress’ features

This lack of irregularities means a smooth sleeping surface (aided by the channeled design of the mattress as well). You’ll be able to move freely without feeling trapped thanks to the Sleep EZ mattress latex build.

Regardless, we do recommend purchasing this mattress if you tend to sleep on your back. Back sleepers who suffer from backache should see immediate results shortly after purchasing this mattress. The firm side of the Sleep EZ mattress is ideally designed to prevent pain, as it keeps your body straight while you sleep.

We recommend you try the firm configuration of the bed if you’re a stomach sleeper. Side sleepers will be more comfortable lying on the softer side, as the added sinkage provides better support to your shoulder area.

Sleep EZ Mattress Firmness Review

There are two factors that come into play when judging the firmness of this mattress. The first thing you need to consider is how much you weigh, as this could influence how comfortable you’ll feel while lying down. The second thing you need to know is which side of the mattress you’re lying on. The firm side shares similarities with its soft counterpart, but they’re categorically different.

The firmness level of this mattress depends on which side you’re sleeping on, but overall, the mattress feels firm and comfortable at all times

Sleep EZ Roma Mattress Firm Side

The firm side of the Sleep EZ mattress provides enough comfort to help you achieve a good night’s sleep, but it doesn’t allow you to sink too much. Its firmness is naturally higher than what you’d expect to find in a foam mattress, making it ideal for people who enjoy less bounce in their beds. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping on the bed, not in it.

Sleep EZ Roma Mattress Soft Side

The soft side of the Sleep EZ mattress feels bouncier than its firm counterpart, and it allows your body to sink further down. This side of the bed doesn’t sink as much as a foam mattress does, but the latex beneath the cover isn’t as dense as it is on the firmer side of the bed. You’ll feel more hugged by your mattress if you sleep on this side.

Sleeping on the Edge: The Sleep EZ Mattress Edge Support

The edge support of the Sleep EZ mattress is far from being the best we’ve tried. When you lie down near the edges of the bed, you’ll start feeling like pressure is building up from beneath the covers. It makes for an uncomfortable experience that could be avoided by purchasing a different mattress, such as the Dreamcloud.

The Sleep EZ Roma mattress doesn’t offer great edge support – we recommend looking elsewhere or getting the King or Cal King-sized models if you share your bed with a partner

Latex mattresses tend to offer poor support on its edges, so it could’ve been expected. Regardless, it’s unfortunate that you don’t really get a feeling of being safe when sleeping on the edges of such a high-quality mattress.

We suggest you look elsewhere if you share your bed with a partner. There are other mattresses who would suit you better, such as the Puffy mattress or the Nolah mattress.

Reacting Under Pressure: Sleep EZ Mattress Weight Support

Both sides of the Sleep EZ Roma mattress can hold their own under heavy weight. We do recommend using the firm side of the mattress for maximum comfort if you weigh over 250 lbs. The soft side has greater sinkage, which can make you feel a bit trapped if you’re a heavy person.

The weight support of this mattress is one of the best we’ve seen. This is a statement of how good the quality of its latex build is. The type of latex used to manufacture these mattresses is called “Dunlop”, which is a special type of latex crafted from the sap of rubber trees. Dunlop latex tends to be very durable and it’s known to be one of the firmer types of latex.

Your body will feel supported on either side of the mattress, regardless of how much you weigh. The Sleep EZ mattress is one of the best mattresses we’ve tried when it comes to its weight support features

Each type of body will make the mattress react differently, but the Sleep EZ mattress is one of the best mattresses we’ve tried when it comes to supporting people of all weights.

The only issue that could present itself with this mattress is configuring your body to feel entirely rested. At times, when you lie down on your back, the weight from your hips might not feel entirely supported. Your back might not feel supported if you move your body to create better comfort for your hips.

We believe this issue is caused by the Sleep EZ mattress channel quilting, but it’s more of an eventual issue rather than a constant problem.

How Good is the Sleep EZ Mattress Motion Transfer?

The Sleep EZ Roma mattress offers a certain degree of quality motion transfer, but we still wouldn’t recommend it to someone who shares their bed. Unfortunately, this is something to be expected from most latex mattresses – it’s very hard to isolate zones of the mattress when the construction is purely made of latex.

This Sleep EZ bed still offers better motion transfer features than other latex mattresses – particularly because it’s built with the Dunlop latex we discussed before.

The latex build of this mattress prevents it from having high-quality motion transfer features. The movements are felt throughout the entire Sleep EZ mattress

Movement on any given side of the bed will be felt (at varying degrees of intensity) throughout the whole Sleep EZ Roma mattress. Your partner will feel whenever you get out of bed, or even when you switch positions while asleep.

We do not recommend purchasing this mattress if you sleep with a partner. Make sure you purchase one of the bigger models if you’re still tempted to buy it. The King and Cal King sizes will minimize this issue if you and your partner are used to sleeping a few inches apart from each other.

Sleep EZ Mattress Price & Facts

The Sleep EZ mattress isn’t as expensive as you would expect a dual-sided mattress to be. You can purchase it on various sizes, ranging from the Twin size priced at $595 to the Cal King size priced at $1200.

Regardless of which size of Sleep EZ mattress you choose, you’ll be granted a 10-year guarantee. The product comes packed in a compressed box and you won’t even need to pay for shipping inside the US – the company covers transport expenses. Your purchase also includes a couple of pillows, free of charge.

Returns can also be made 3 months after purchasing the bed if you’re not satisfied with the features of the Sleep EZ Roma mattress.

Our Final Verdict

The Sleep EZ Roma mattress is an ideal mattress to be bought by people who sleep on their own, as well as people who enjoy the feeling of high-quality latex beneath their bed covers. You can transition incredibly well from one position to another without feeling trapped in the mattress thanks to a lack of memory foam in the build.

The problem with the mattress is the lack of motion transfer “zoning”, which prevents couples from staying oblivious to the movements of their partners. On the other hand, lone sleepers should be able to enjoy this mattress regardless of their weight and the sleeping position they prefer.

The overall quality of the product is unquestionable, though. Having the option to choose either side of the mattress to sleep is an amazing feature. This Sleep EZ mattress might be exactly what you’re after if you’re after a dual-sided mattress.