puffy mattress

The Puffy mattress is a product designed to make your bed feel like it’s always comfortable at its most important spots. The mattress is constructed by using two layers. Each of the layers contains memory foam, but there’s also a gel system in place, which allows the mattress to stay cool for a very long time.

The company also offers a “Lux” and “Royal” edition, which has a couple of additional layers in exchange for an elevated price. We’ll be focusing on reviewing the basic model, as we feel like its features make it one of the best mattresses in today’s market.

Why Should You Purchase a Puffy Mattress?

It’s Silent and ‘Motionless’ – And We Really Mean It

The Puffy mattress is one of the most silent mattresses that we’ve ever seen. It doesn’t have any innersprings integrated into the build, so owners can move around freely without hearing annoying squeaks. This mattress could be exactly what you’re looking for if you or your partner easily wake up.

The system is also made to reduce motion throughout the whole mattress. You can move on top of the bed as much as you like – you’re almost assured to not bother whoever is sleeping at your side. They won’t even notice that you’re moving.

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It’s Made to Be Used by The Entire Family

The Puffy mattress is an everlasting product that should stay in amazing condition even after years of use. Its resistant layers lack any sort of potentially breakable metalor aluminum – restless children won’t hinder the condition of the bed even if they tend to constantly jump on top of it.

 The mattressconstruction keeps the bed functioning as intended and the foam gel layer shouldn’t wear down anytime soon.

Overall Balance of the Puffy Mattress

All the features of this mattress make it a balanced product on its entirety. It will suit almost any type of sleeper. The Puffy mattress doesn’t have a clear weakness – its main drawback might be that it doesn’t have an innerspring system, but the layers create a great surface and quality bounciness without needing springs.

Puffy Mattress: Consider These Points Before Buying It

The Puffy mattress is specifically designed to create a surface in which you can lie down and not feel like you’re on top of it. The mattress is made to make you feel ‘hugged’ by your bed. You won’t sink as if you were lying on a huge pile of cotton, but you’ll feel very comfortable regardless of the position in which you tend to sleep.

We do want you to understand that its edge support isn’t the best. This doesn’t matter as much because the layers have no springs, but the mattress does feel way better a few inches short of its edges. Sitting or resting on its edges won’t feel as good as it does on other similar mattresses.

If you’re a heavy person you might also want to avoid purchasing the Puffy mattress. Its lifespan will be significantly reduced as the product isn’t good at dealing with excessive weight.

Lightweight people and side sleepers will surely enjoy sleeping on a Puffy mattress, though. Its sinkage is incredible and you’ll be able to get the most of it regardless of how much you weigh.

Puffy Mattress Benefits and Drawbacks

We’ve already told you some of the Puffy mattress’ best features, but we’ll be putting everything together to help you get a better idea of what you’re buying. The product does have a few negative attributes and we encourage you to thoroughly evaluate them before committing yourself to buying it. Remember that purchasing a new mattress (or bed) should be taken as a long-term investment.

Puffy Mattress Pros

  • It has a well-made build designed to last for a long time
  • Its motion distribution and lack of noise make it ideal for people who share their bed with a partner
  • The company offers a three-month trial and gives you the option to demand a full refund if you’re not pleased with the product
  • The Puffy mattress is manufactured without using toxic chemicals
  • Your bed will feel comfortable regardless of which position you’d rather sleep on
  • It’s one of the most comfortable spring-free mattresses we’ve seen
  • It doesn’t need a particular foundation – you can place it anywhere you like as long as it fits

Puffy Mattress Cons

  •  Its edge support is not great
  • The mattress isn’t made to beused by really heavy people (if you’re under 250 lbs., you should be good to go)
  • We’ve tried bouncier beds in the past. The lack of latex on its build is echoed in diminished bounciness

How the Puffy Mattress Cover is Made

Curiously (and fortunately), the cover of the Puffy mattress is entirely removable. You can completely take it off themattress and wash it. It can be put back on with ease, so you don’t need toworry about it putting it back on – it will fit. It’s entirely made of polyester as well. It bends very easily, but it’s also rather soft.

The cover wraps around the mattress with a very tight fit. The Puffy mattress cover is also very smooth. You might want to remove it and wash it as soon as you getthe mattress, though – after unboxing it, you’ll feel a distinctive smell due to the compression of the product. It goes away after the first few weeks of usage, but the process can be fast-tracked if you thoroughly wash the cover.

Construction of the Puffy Mattress

The Puffy mattress is built with two different layers of memory foam. It also comes with a special gel capable of retaining heat. Overall, the construction of the mattress is designed to keep as much body heat as possible while also making the product feel as soft as you’d expect it to be.

Given that each layer serves a specific purpose, we’ll explain how the construction works step-by-step.

Puffy Mattress Cooling Gel

The cooling gel of this mattress is embedded into the first layer of the design. The only purpose of the gel is to help distribute the heat across the mattress, but the way it’s built in also creates channels for the air to freely flow.

First Foam Layer – Comfort Features

The first layer lies just beneath the cover of the Puffy mattress. As you might’ve guessed, it’s made entirely out of memory foam. It’s super soft, as its mainpurpose is to help you feel like you’re sinking into the bed.

It responds very well to pressure, but what really makes a difference here is the thickness of the foam. It isn’t as thick as the second layer, of course, but it’s still way thicker than the first layer of other foam-based mattresses.

The first foam layer is designed to retain body heat and provide comfort to the user, while the second layer serves as a support base for the mattress

The Puffy mattress’ first layer is infused with the cooling gel that we discussed above. This layer is the first part of the mattress that touches your body, so the gel is dispersed throughout it to help it retain heat. This part of the design is what makes this mattress one of the best options in the market if you like to sleep cool – even if you live in a cold area.

This layer of the Puffy mattress responds very well to the pressure put by your body. It adapts its shape according to your movements. The shape of the layer will only change in the zone where you’re lying down. A lack of innersprings permits the shape of the bed to be altered freely according to your movement.

Second Foam Layer – Support Features

The second foam layer is way thicker than the first one and it’s meant to support your entire weight. Keep in mind that this mattress, unlike others, doesn’t have a small layer to separate comfort from support. This means that applying too much weight to the mattress will make you sink straight to the support layer, making the mattress feel firm.

This part of the design is exactly why we don’t recommend this mattress to heavy people. They won’t be able to fully enjoy the comfort offered by the first foam layer.

Puffy Mattress Firmness

The secondlayer of the Puffy mattress is responsible for the firmness of the bed, whichwe’ll catalogue as average – not toosoft, but not too firm.

The average level of firmness provided by Puffy’s build make the mattress comfortable for most types of people.

It looks like the product was designed thinking in features that would please most buyers, rather than aiming to satisfy a small minority. This is also echoed in the factthat almost anyone will be able to completely enjoy the bed and its comfortfeatures, regardless of how they tend to sleep.

The Puffy mattress might not be nearly as firm as an orthopedic bed, but it’s not as soft as otherfoam mattresses either. You’re almost guaranteed to enjoy its firmness ifyou’re okay with a balanced level of it.

Regardless, the Puffy is solid enough to properly align your spine and back while you lie downon the mattress. One of the most common issues with memory foam is that some of the mattresses made of this material can be quite soft, which isn’t good forthe bones in your back. Thankfully, the dual layer construction is made tocounter this problem.

Best Sleeping Position for the Puffy Mattress

The foam layeron top of the construction makes the Puffy mattress ideal to be used by any type of sleeper. If you like to lie on your back, the foam will make sure to fill every gap created between your back andthe mattress, giving incredible support to your spine and neck.

Most types of people (even combo sleepers) should be comfortable while sleeping on a Puffy mattress – especially couples!

The same type of gap-filling support is created while lying on your stomach and even on either side of your body.

This versatility is one of the main benefits of foam mattresses, but few of them manage to echo it as efficiently as the Puffy mattress does.

Puffy mattress for Couples

Buying a queen or king-sized Puffy mattress should make any couple happy. The noiseless and seemingly motionless motion transfer features, combined with being able to choose any sleeping position, is a strong guarantee of quality that can’t be overlooked.

Both you and your partner will be able to sleep in whichever position you prefer without having to worry about anything but being comfortable.

The Weight Support of a Puffy Mattress

Ideally, you might want to avoid purchasing this bed if you weigh over 250 lbs. We’ve determined that the first layer of the mattress works best when it isn’t subjected to more than 200 lbs. of one person’s weight.

You’ll be able to sleep comfortable if you don’t weigh over 250 pounds

We’re exclusively referring to the weight of a single individual – the mattress can deal with MUCH more weight if its distributed across its entire surface. The problem comes when too much pressure is put on a single zone, as the first layer of the Puffy bed sinks in response to said weight, dragging the sleeper straight towards the second layer.

Generally, the Puffy mattress is designed to support your bodyweight and provide pressure relief to your muscles by combining sinkage and an average level of firmness.

Puffy Mattress Sinkage

The Puffy mattress can sink a lot. Let’s say you weigh 100 pounds – the mattress should sink a staggering 7 inches thanks to the gel-injected first layer.

Great sinkage and easy movement perfectly describe the Puffy mattress experience

Oddly enough, changing positions isn’t as difficult as you’d think. Although you might feel like you were stuck in the bed at first, you’ll instantly notice how quickly the shape of the bed changes as you attempt to move. This is due to the top layer’s ability to adapt to your body shape without putting pressure on you.

Such feature is only possible thanks to the high-quality materials used in the constructionof the mattress. Puffy has made sure to use some of the very best productsavailable to construct this bed.

Puffy Mattress: Motion Transfer Effectiveness

Simply put, the motion transfer features of the Puffy mattress are one of the best we’ve everseen – even if we consider other high-quality foam beds. The layers are wellbalanced, which helps the sleeper smoothly transition from one position toanother without altering the shape of the bed.

The Puffy’s motion transfer features make it ideal to be used by couples or light sleepers alike

It’s also very important that the bottom layer doesn’t divide the bed into different zones. For example, in our Dreamcloud review, we discussed how the innerspring system of the bed was divided to help distribute weight more evenly. Although the system was very good, the dual layers of the Puffy mattress create an even more balanced environment for the sleeper’s body.

This is all paired with the fact that changing positions while asleep generates zero noise. As we mentioned above, those who sleep with a partner will surely appreciate having a silent mattress. We haven’t come across too many mattresses with motion isolation as good as Puffy’s.

The Comfort of a Puffy Mattress

The memory foam present in all layers of the mattress is designed to fit any type of sleeping habit. It adapts to the body shape of any owner, creating a feeling of security which is very hard to match. The Puffy mattress upper layer combines its sinkage and adaptability with the bottom foam layer to create comfort and firmness at the same time.

This comfortable mattress is designed to provide extreme comfort at an average level of firmness

In other words, you should feel like you’re being hugged by the mattress during the time you spent lying on it. You might want to try it out yourself, though – you’ll instantly know what we’re talking about.

Puffy mattress Cost & Info

The cost of a Puffy mattress is like the cost of other affordable but luxurious beds. Thecost of the bed offers amazing value for money – the product is made ofhigh-quality materials and should last you for a very long time. The pricevaries depending on the size of the bed you want to order, though.

They offer six different sizes, ranging from Twin to Cal King and the prices go from $795 to$1350. If you live in the US, Puffy will send you the mattress for free with alifetime guarantee included. You’re also entitled to return the product forfree within the first 101 days after purchasing it thanks to the company’sSleep Trial offer.

Our Final Verdict

Overall, we can say that the Puffy mattress is one of the most balanced beds out there whenit comes to judging every single one of its features. The manufacturer has also taken a great interest towards caring for the owners’ health – the mattress offers comfort, but it also makes sure that your body is always properly aligned while you sleep.

 Its gel-infused first layer allows the mattress to keep body heat without making the bed sleep hot, adding to the overall experience of a high-quality sleep. If you’re into memory foam beds, we strongly recommend you purchase a Puffy mattress.