Casper has quickly made their way into the list of top mattress manufacturers in the world. Their products are often synonyms of quality, comfort, and top-class builds. As such, the brand has three main types of mattresses that are currently touted as some of the best beds on the market.

The Casper company, which operates in the United Kingdom, is positioned amongst the top 10 best brands of memory foam mattresses in the world. They offer carefully crafted mattresses to suit the needs of different consumers.

It’d be mad to overlook what Casper has to offer if you’re considering buying a new mattress. Here’s what we’ve concluded after reviewing their products.

Why Should You Purchase a Casper Mattress?

Apart from quality, a Casper mattress is a sleeping partner that can last you for a very long time. Each of their products offers different features, often suiting various types of sleepers. There are a few main reasons why you should consider buying a Casper mattress.

Quality and durability are just two of the main attributes you could expect from a Casper mattress

Memory Foam Quality

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Casper mattresses are made with high-quality memory foam. They aren’t as bouncy as mattresses with innerspring systems in them, but they’re as comfortable as you can get them. Every Casper mattress is layered, and each layer has its own size and density.

Partner Support

These memory foam mattresses are excellent at isolating motion. Their essential model is the weakest one of all three, but it still serves as a good bed to share with a partner. Casper uses no springs to create extra bounciness inside the mattress, which makes them friendlier to people who sleep with a partner and tend to move at night.

In fact, the lack of noise they produce is also one of the best things about these mattresses for you and your couple. You can get up, lay down, and sometimes even bounce a bit without having your partner hear you.

Overall Comfort

Memory foam mattresses are often touted as comfortable, but Casper has managed to create three beds that support sleepers of all kinds. The layered design of their mattresses creates a feeling of comfort rarely matched by its competitors. If you’re looking to buy a product that will last you for a long time, a Casper mattress is one of your go-to choices.

The Pros & Cons of a Casper Mattress

Although Casper produces some of the best mattresses in the United Kingdom, they’re still not perfect. In fact, we’ve come across some drawbacks that you might want to seriously consider before purchasing one of their mattresses. Likewise, we’ve also noticed a ton of benefits that we’re going to list below.

Casper Mattress Benefits

  • All the mattresses are exceptionally durable
  • Your movements produce no noise when you move, thanks to the lack of an innerspring build
  • The company provides a 100-night trial period
  • All models provide you with a cool night’s sleep
  • The company covers delivery costs
  • You can buy their budget option if you’re not willing to spend too much money on a mattress

Casper Mattress Drawbacks

  • The Wave model is the best, but it’s extremely expensive
  • The Essential mattress doesn’t feel as comfortable as the other two

Casper Original Mattress

The Casper mattress consists of 4 different memory foam layers. Each of these layers has different firmness and density, which creates the overall feel of the mattress. The Casper mattress, although not made with coils, offers a decent amount of bounce and great contouring that allows owners to get in and out of bed with maximum comfort.

Let’s take a better look at some of the best Casper mattress features before moving on to the other products offered by the brand.

The Casper Mattress Build and All Its Layers

The cover of the mattress isn’t designed to be fully appreciated by lightweight owners. In fact, this mattress thrives when being exposed to at least 150 pounds of weight (but not more than 300 lbs.). Likewise, the cover is designed to always maintain the mattress cool, while also allowing average to heavy-sized owners to be hugged by the comfort layer.

The cover is manufactured using high-quality synthetic materials. Equally important are its inner layers, which entirely consist of memory foam. The upper layer is a style of non-so-dense memory foam that adapts to the shape of your body; the second layer and third layers work together to adapt to your movements, and the fourth layer supports the other three and creates additional comfort.

The Best Sleeping Positions for the Casper Mattress

This mattress thrives when exposed to medium weight. In the same way, it offers comfort for people that prefer various sleeping positions thanks to its versatile memory foam. Side and back sleepers are certain to have a great time and maximum comfort when sleeping on top of the Casper mattress. Stomach sleepers will be comfortable as well – if they weigh less than 300 lbs.

Side sleepers will be able to rest their shoulders and neck even if their pillow isn’t of the highest quality. The Casper mattress conforms very well in accordance with the shape of the owner’s body. Likewise, since the mattress’ memory foam acts independently, you won’t have to worry about your partner’s movements affecting the support offered by this bed.

Casper Mattress Motion Isolation, Firmness & Sinkage

Every Casper mattress offers top-quality motion isolation features. This is mainly due to the way the memory foam layers are distributed, but also thanks to the high-quality foam used to manufacture the product. The regular Casper mattress allows owners to move freely as their hearts desire, even if their partner sleeps close by.

Furthermore, the noise that the bed makes is close to zero. You really don’t need to worry about waking your partner up when sleeping in one of these beds.

The sinkage of the Casper mattress isn’t as low as you’d expect from a memory foam mattress. The layer distribution plays a long part in this effect. It sinks low enough to allow proper contouring, but it doesn’t make you feel trapped when you sleep. It’s a relatively firm bed that provides enough contouring for you to feel supported.

Casper Mattress Comfort & Edge Support

The Casper mattress is one of the most comfortable memory foam mattresses in the market. Casper has created a well-designed layered system that nullifies the uncomfortable feeling created by some innerspring beds and substitutes it with the conforming effects of memory foam.

In the same way, the edges of the mattress generally feel comfortable during the first few years of usage. The edge support is minimal, but it’s not enough to become a nuisance anytime soon. Regardless, the edges tend to lose a lot of support as time goes by. We recommend looking elsewhere if you need high-quality edge support in your bed.

Casper Original Mattress Conclusion

Being Casper’s flagship product has earned this mattress a reputation that isn’t easy to match. The original Casper mattress is one of the best high-quality memory foam mattresses that you can buy. People of all weights and sleeping positions might want to consider purchasing this product – especially if sleeping cool is what they’re after.

Casper Essential Mattress

The Casper Essential mattress is a basic version of the traditional Casper bed. The company manufactured this product with a more direct approach than their original bed, but it’s arguably less comfortable than its counterpart. It seems to be ideal to be bought for children, as they’ll be able to get the best out of the memory foam’s comfort.

Regardless, the Essential mattress is a good bed that you can buy if you’re on a budget – it’s way cheaper than the Wave and more affordable than the original Casper mattress.

The Essential Mattress Build and All Its Layers

The first layer of the mattress isn’t made with memory foam. In fact, this layer is fully manufactured by using regular polyfoam, which allows heat to flow through the bed and not be retained in one spot. Memory foam is known as a type of fabric that gets hot easily, so Casper created a workaround to avoid this issue.

The second mattress is made with memory foam and it serves as the mattress’ main contouring output. This is the layer that catches your body and helps the polyfoam layer adapt to its shape.

The base of the mattress is what offers support for all the layers located on top of it. It’s made with the firmest foam used in the manufacturing process of the Casper beds.

The Best Sleeping Positions for the Essential Mattress

There are some issues when it comes to selecting a sleeping position in the Casper Essential mattress. Since the build doesn’t have as many layers as its other two counterparts, the mattress lacks support and feels a bit too hugging. It’s a decent mattress, but regardless of your sleeping position, you should refrain from buying it unless you’re too lightweight (or if it’s going to be used by children).

Stomach sleepers will have a hard time trying to find comfort in this mattress. We’d only recommend buying this bed if you’re an adult and you like to sleep on your back. Side sleepers might be able to find comfort, but there’s not enough pressure relief to justify buying this bed instead of the other models (or another brand’s).

Essential Mattress Motion Isolation, Firmness & Sinkage

As we mentioned before, all three Casper models have excellent motion isolation features. There isn’t much difference between the way the Essential mattress and the original Casper mattress respond to pressure.

This stays the same because the memory foam layers are manufactured with the same type of memory foam – the lack of an additional polyfoam layer doesn’t negatively impact the product’s motion isolation.

As you might know, firmness and sinkage go hand-in-hand when it comes to the features of a bed. The Essential mattress allows the user to sink enough to now feel trapped by the bed, but it’s a deeper sink than the one offered by traditional Casper mattress and the Wave. The lack of additional layers does seem to cause a deeper sink, mainly because of the lack of extra support.

All three mattresses feel similar when it comes to firmness, but they all feel different.

Essential Mattress Comfort & Edge Support

The edge support of a bed is the most important feature for you to look at if you sleep with a partner; that, and motion isolation, of course. Furthermore, since motion isolation isn’t an issue with these beds, their edge support will ultimately decide whether you enjoy the bed or dislike it.

Surprisingly, the edge support of this mattress seems more consistent than the original Casper’s. You might feel a bit too much sinkage if you sit on the edges of the bed. Likewise, lying down in any position will provide the same feeling that it would if you were lying down in the middle of the bed.

The Essential mattress is comfortable for people who don’t weigh too much and for children of all heights. It provides great cooling features and doesn’t allow heat to be concentrated in the same place for a long time.

Casper Essential Mattress Conclusion

We recommend purchasing the Essential mattress if you’re looking for the cheapest option offered by Casper. It might not be as great as the company’s other two products, but it’s still a very decent option to consider – especially if you’re upgrading from a low-quality bed.

Casper Wave Mattress

The Wave mattress is the most expensive bed offered by Casper. This ergonomic mattress is engineered to contour around the shape of almost any type of sleeper. This mattress contours around the body of the user by zones – this means that you’ll be able to sleep in one place or in various or move as much as you like, as the mattress will fully adapt to your shape depending on which zone of the bed you occupy.

The Wave Mattress Build and All Its Layers

The Wave mattress comes with a removable cover, manufactured to create maximum comfort thanks to its blend of polyester and other thin types of fabric. Although most of the layers of this mattress are like the original Casper’s, there is an additional latex foam layer that helps the mattress respond quicker to movements.

However, the latex foam doesn’t cause any issues when it comes to heating because of the way layers are distributed in the Wave mattress – the cover does a great job at preventing heat by allowing air to flow in and out of the bed.

The Best Sleeping Positions for the Wave Mattress

You can sleep comfortably in every sleeping position if you own the Wave mattress. However, there will be a few issues if you weigh over 300 pounds and you like to sleep on your stomach – the bed will allow you to sink too much, and depending on the pillow that you have, you might start suffering from pain in your neck and in your shoulders.

Wave Mattress Motion Isolation, Firmness & Sinkage

The Wave mattress is firmer than average. In fact, it feels a tad firmer than the Essential mattress. Its motion isolation is nonetheless fantastic, and the zone distribution of pressure points makes this product an even better motion isolator than its other two counterparts.

The firmness of the Wave mattress is extraordinary, but it lacks the support needed to properly hold heavy owners. If you’re a heavyweight person, this mattress might not be for you.

Wave Mattress Comfort & Edge Support

The Wave mattress is the most comfortable Casper product that we’ve reviewed. Its design permits great edge support thanks to the way the layers are distributed (having a latex foam layer does wonders for edge support). The Wave mattress even provides great support for people who like to sit on the edge of the bed – it doesn’t sink as much as the other two Casper products.

Casper Essential Mattress Conclusion

The Wave mattress is Casper’s luxurious, top-of-the-line choice. It feels like an improved version of the traditional Casper mattress. It’s worth buying if you can afford it. The additional layer of foam used to build this product places it a step above Casper’s flagship model. Likewise, some buyers might want to settle for the already comfortable Original mattress to save a few bucks.

Our Final Verdict

Casper is widely known as one of the United Kingdom’s finest bed manufacturers. Our review has shown us (and you) exactly why that is. The sheer amount of features that you get with each bed is extraordinary. These mattresses aren’t perfect, but they’re certainly amongst some of the best memory foam beds that money can buy.

Be sure you choose the right bed to suit your needs after carefully reading all our reviews. If you think the Wave mattress is going to do the trick for you, it might be worth spending the extra money. Besides, beds are almost a one-in-a-decade purchase. It won’t be expensive for you in the long run – especially if you buy it with credit.