If you’re here, you probably already decided to shop for a new mattress. That’s good, but it’s just the first step you need to take before purchasing a new bed. The next thing you’ll want to do is search for the best mattress brands. Then, reduce your search to the mattress brands that produce the type of mattress you like the most.

The whole process sounds overwhelming at first, but it’s simpler than what it looks like. We’re here to guide you through the first steps of the process. We’ll also give you some advice on how to select a new mattress and why you should buy a new bed.

Before we begin, you should note that most of these brands sell their beds through online stores. You might be entitled to free shipping and setup fees if you live in the United States or the United Kingdom.

Why and When You Should Purchase a New Mattress

It would be unfair to use a set amount of time to know when to replace an old mattress. Some mattresses are made to last for the better part of two decades, while others start showing signs of deterioration after only 5 or 6 years.

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Although this is generally true, the mattress brands we’ll show you today are known for their high-quality products. Regardless of which brand you opt to purchase from, you’ll be getting your hands on a bed that will last for at least 10 years.

Mattress Age

Usually, when a mattress is 7 years old, you should be aware of any signs of natural wear-and-tear that might show up on it. Some mattresses don’t show any signs of it until they reach a 10-year lifespan, but it’s still a smart choice to keep an out for them.

Furthermore, you don’t have to change your mattress as soon as these signs start showing. The important thing will always be how comfortable the bed feels.

Back Comfort and Alignment

When a mattress loses its firmness, your back will start to feel wrongly positioned when you sleep. To test this out, lie on your back on top of the mattress. If you feel a slight misalignment between your head and the middle part of your back, your mattress might be starting to wear down.

Be sure to test this out without a pillow. Using a pillow might fix the issue to some extent, but it would be nothing more than a placeholder solution.

Notice How Your Body Feels When You Wake Up

A long night’s sleep is the best way to judge whether you need to change your new mattress. Waking up with pain on your shoulders or on your back could mean that the mattress isn’t working as intended anymore.

Refusing to acknowledge a worn-down mattress could cause you long-term health issues. The money you’ll pay for a new bed will be worth it in the long run.

Benefits of Buying a High-Quality Mattress

For some reason, buying a high-quality bed is often seen as an expense that could be omitted from your life. Contrary to popular belief, investing money in a mattress could be incredibly beneficial to your health, and the investment could mean that you’ll spend less money caring for your back in the long run.

Purchasing a new mattress will help you solve a variety of different issues (if your current mattress is old and worn down). The most important problem it will solve is your posture. Spine alignment tends to become an issue in mattresses that have been used for over a decade and buying a new one with better firmness could instantly solve this problem.

Stress Relief & Preferences

Older mattresses tend to lose their firmness very quickly. In fact, they’re not made to last for a long time. Upgrading to a new mattress means that your muscles will be subjected to better support than they are now.

The stress relief provided by a newer mattress is also noticeably better than what you get from an older bed. Newer mattresses have never been used before, which means that no part of its inner build is worn down. You can improve your sleep by simply investing money in a new bed.

Anti-allergenic Properties of Newer Mattresses

Most modern mattresses come with special fabric designed to combat the accumulation of allergenic particles, residue, and creatures. The most effective mattresses at doing this are memory foam mattresses.

It’s hard to tell how many allergenic creatures and particles are making a living in your mattress – especially if you’ve owned the same bed for a couple of decades. Anti-allergenic beds became widespread during the earlier years of the 21st century, which means that older beds serve as a habitat for many problematic allergens.

Tips for Buying a New Mattress

Try It First

Make sure that whichever manufacturer sells you your new mattress offers a trial period. Upgrading from an older bed might seem like an easy task, but if you choose a model that doesn’t suit your needs, you’ll want to have the option to return it.

Ask Advice from a Professional

Asking a doctor or an expert in a sleep clinic will help you decide which type of mattress suits your needs, as well as which brand produces the best types of mattresses that you’re looking for. You’ll want to talk to a doctor first if you suffer from any sort of discomfort when sleeping in your current bed.

Know Which Type of Mattress You Prefer

Different types of mattresses offer different comfort options. Be sure to know which type of mattress suits your needs before upgrading your current bed. Memory foam mattresses tend to be plushier and allow for more sinkage, while innerspring beds offer better support for your spine and are generally seen as firmer beds.

It doesn’t matter which type of mattress you prefer – just be sure that whichever brand you select has mattresses with the features that you’re looking for.


Purple is an American mattress manufacturer with their headquarters located in Alpine, Utah. Apart from manufacturing beds, they also specialize in selling pillows, cushion, and bases for beds.

The company manufactured a new type of technology that they use to create the first layer of all their beds. This technology is a hyper-elastic type of column gel that the company cuts into a giant grid, which is used to increase comfort and support in all their beds.

Purple originally started with a Kickstarter campaign in which they managed to raise thousands of dollars’ worth of support. They have now grown to become one of the most prestigious mattress companies in the world, offering a unique selling point that no other brand can match.

Purple’s grid technology offers a different type of comfort thanks to the peculiar feeling that it has. Regardless, those who tried it before regard Purple’s invention as one of the most comfortable experiences of their lives.

Nest Bedding

Nest Bedding is a memory foam mattress manufacturer that offers six different types of beds. They are one of the first companies that decided to sell boxed mattresses directly to the consumer, saving extra money to the buyers.

Furthermore, they’ve opted to offer buyers with a ton of customization at the moment of purchase. Each of their models offers a different type of comfort and feel, but it’s up to you to decide how firm you want your mattress to be – they allow you to choose the firmness of each model in stock.

They’ve also specialized in producing hybrid mattresses, combining their high-quality memory foam with latex and other sorts of elastic fabric. The use of polyfoam and gel-infused memory foam make their mattresses some of the most comfortable in the market.

Casper Sleep

Casper Sleep is an online mattresses retailer with their headquarters located in New York, USA. The traditional Casper mattress placed the company amongst the most respected mattress manufacturers I the world. Now they’ve expanded their stock and added a couple of new mattresses that adapt to different preferences and budgets.

They’ve divided their line of products into three items. Their Essentials model offers a bit less comfort but costs less money than what you’d pay for the original Casper. The Wave model is their deluxe option, and it has a cost way above the market’s average which is justified by the quality of its build and its comfort.

Finally, the original Casper mattress is a traditional memory foam bed that aims to please all sorts of sleepers with a balanced feel and enough firmness to support your back and keep it aligned through the night.

Sleep Number

Sleep Number is a Minnesota-based company that produces two lines of products: the traditional Sleep Number beds and the Comfortaire mattresses.

Although the company has been involved in minor controversies before, their products are still regarded as some of the best mattresses in the world. Sleep Number has three different lines of mattresses, ranging from beds with no comfort layer in place to others with extreme comfort features and various layers that support and contour around your shape.

Their Innovation models are designed to thrive under heat thanks to their cooling features; the Classic line offers balanced comfort, feel and firmness; and the Performance line has surfaced suited to enhance pressure relief in the muscles of your back.


Saatva is a mattress manufacturer that offers memory foam beds as well as innerspring hybrids. They’ve been widely regarded as one of the mattress companies that offers the largest amount of customization for their beds. Each of their products can be bought in three different firmness options, but you can also select the height that you prefer without paying extra money.

Saatva’s models are compatible with adjustable beds, and the top of each mattress is designed to feel like a pillow. Their main selling point is the high-quality design of their innerspring systems, but the company’s growth is also reflected in their vast cataloge and various customization options.

Their beds have always had issues with motion isolation, so Saatva has been regarded as one of the best (if not the best) mattress brands for people who sleep on their own. Couples tend to opt out of their Saatva purchase simply because motion waves are felt across the whole bed, which makes often means either member of the couple gets waken when the other stands up from the bed.


Leesa is an American memory foam mattress manufacturer that has spent most of its existence designing a bed that offers balanced comfort to fit the needs of every type of buyer.

The high-quality of their mattresses is reflected in an unmatched level of pressure relief as well as top quality cooling features, making these mattresses ideal to be bought by couples and hot sleeper alike.

Furthermore, Leesa has a social mission that goes beyond simple PR. For every 10 mattresses that they sell, the company donates one bed to a homeless person or someone in need. The social reach of their program has been enormous in recent years – the company has donated over 10.000 mattresses to charity.

Their memory foam is manufactured using high-quality standards. Leesa implements an innovative system of memory foam layers combined with other pressure relieving layers, making their memory foam beds some of the most comfortable on the market.


Dreamcloud is a hybrid mattress manufacturer that doesn’t focus on producing affordable beds. On the contrary, their products tend to be rather expensive, but with quality standards that make up for the fee that you must pay to get them.

The company is based in Palo Alto, California. They’ve stormed their way through to the top of the mattress market with the spike in popularity of their beds.

Dreamcloud beds tend to be tall, as they are made with various layers of memory foam and a couple of innerspring systems that increase bounce. The innerspring system used to craft these beds are divided into zones, which solves the issue of poor motion isolation that tends to be present in most pocketed coil beds.

The Dreamcloud mattresses are made with dense layers of memory foam and an impressive innerspring system. The beds aren’t made to hug the sleeper. Instead, they rely on the quality of their foam to offer enough comfort and just enough contouring to maximize a sleeper’s comfort.


Serta is a mattress company with almost 100 years of experience. Some of their models aren’t regarded as the best there are, but their iComfort line has made its way to the top of the hybrid mattress market thanks to the quality build used to manufacture them.

The Serta iComfort hybrid mattresses are held very high by the manufacturers and are often seen as some of the most comfortable hybrids mattresses that you can buy. Dreamcloud offers better beds, but Serta isn’t too far behind.

Serta fully discloses all specs that their mattresses offer, which means that you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for before your purchase. Although they offer sleep trials as well, we recommend you stick with their iComfort model. The SertaPedic and the Perfect Sleeper lines aren’t held in high regard by mattress experts and users alike.


Puffy mattresses have a special design that divides each bed into comfort zones, fully maximizing the amount of pressure relief that you get in on of these beds. Unlike other manufacturers, Puffy only uses a couple of layers when manufacturing their beds. Each of these layers is made of memory foam and complimented with a gel structure that increases contouring and cooling.

The Puffy mattress design seems to be specially created for couples. The beds are silent, and the motion transfer is almost non-existent. You could jump on one side of the bed and the motion would be rarely felt on the other side. This makes Puffy an ideal brand for couples.


Nolah is a polyfoam mattress manufacturer that has two main flagship products on their cataloge. They manufacture a special and trademarked type of foam, which goes by the name of AirFoam. This special foam permits air to flow through the layers of the bed, maximizing the cooling effect that tends to be non-existent in most low-quality foam beds.

These beds are ideally designed to be used by heavyweight sleepers, but the foam is responsive enough to allow contouring for lightweight owners as well. The Nolah mattresses also have spine alignment features integrated into their comfortable builds.

Sleep EZ

Sleep EZ is the most popular latex mattress manufacturer on the market. Their mattresses are fully customizable when it comes to how firm they are, the way they are built and their thickness. The Sleep EZ Roma mattress -the company’s most popular model- is a two-sided flippable bed made with different types of latex.

They also have the Ultra King model (made with three layers of latex) and the Luxerion Hybrid (which is made with polyfoam and Dunlop latex). Sleep EZ mattresses aren’t known for their motion isolation features, but they are some of the most comfortable latex beds that you can buy online.