Mattress vendors tend to place very hefty price tags on their products. Yet, they almost always seem to sell for much less than the listed amount. Mattress deals show up constantly throughout the year, but not everyone knows how and when to look for them. Thankfully, there’s a certain and constant pattern that you can use as a guide when you need to go shopping for a new mattress.

Huge discounts are often applied to some of the best mattresses out there, and you could end up saving hundreds of dollars thanks to it. Even if you think a specific mattress is out of your price range, you might be surprised as to how low the prices can drop. In this article, we’ll be explaining to you what the best time is to shop for a mattress.

Why Should You Replace Your Mattress?

You won’t find a direct answer to anywhere if you’re looking for the appropriate time you need to wait before replacing your mattress. Each mattress has a different lifespan – it doesn’t matter if both are from the same brand and the same line, each owner gives a different use to the mattress, so it’s up to you to decide when to replace it.

You’ve probably already made up your mind and you’re looking to purchase a new mattress if you’re here. Regardless, here’s a quick guide showing you the estimated lifespan of the different types of mattress we can find on the market:

  • Latex mattresses are very durable and might need replacement after 25 years
  • Innerspring mattresses are durable and considerably cheaper than its competitors, but they usually should be replaced after 10 years
  • Some of the most durable types of beds you can get are memory foam mattresses, with each of them having a lifespan of around 25 years
  • Hybrid mattresses don’t have an estimated lifespan, as it depends on the way their layers are placed (and the materials with which they’re made of). They tend to last for around 10 years.
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You might want to replace your mattress as soon as possible if you’re not sleeping well or waking up with sore muscles. Sleeping poorly might lead to unwanted diseases and a clear decrease in your quality of life.

Should You Shop for a Mattress Online or Shop for a Mattress in-store?

You’re probably wondering where you should look for a new mattress if you’ve made your mind about purchasing a new one. Purchasing a new mattress in a store is always going to be advantageous for the buyer because you’ll be able to try out the mattress before sealing the deal.

Purchasing in store also brings you the opportunity to see other types of mattress apart from the one you’re planning to buy.

Shopping on a store might bring you more benefits than doing so online, but online prices tend to be better than those you’ll find in a store

We know that some people get used to certain types of mattresses and they’re very reluctant to change their minds. Even so, mattress manufacturers are always innovating and the feel of each type of mattresses changes as time goes by. We encourage you to visit a store and judge the comfort of each type of mattress by yourself.

There’s one important thing to note, though. Purchasing a mattress online is almost certainly going to cost you less money than it would in a physical store. At times, you can even find the same mattresses for almost half the price published online.

Buy a Mattress in May

You’ll be surprised to know how many retailers are looking to sell their inventory as fast as possible as May draws to a close. Many mattress companies release their new lines of products near June, so retailers are looking to offload as much merchandise as possible before the new intake of mattresses arrives.

You might be able to find mattresses at very cheap prices if you visit your local retailer during the last week of May – especially if the model you’re interested in buying is the current “new” product of the brand. The new products of May will stop being the latest releases once June comes.

Buying a new mattress a few weeks before companies release new products should help you save a couple hundred dollars at least

You’ll want to be there when retailers start dropping prices. You might be able to pick up a mattress on the store at the same price that you would find it online, but with the bonus of being able to try it before you buy it.

Try approaching a vendor and asking for a price reduction on your desired mattress. This might be an effective method if you’ve been monitoring the store’s prices for a while and you still see no discounts as May draws to a close. Negotiating a lower deal tends to be very simple in these instances.

Purchase a Mattress with Discounts Online

Virtual shops tend to start offering crazy discounts near the end of November, to encourage the well-known December shopping spree. Regardless, there are many ways for you to purchase a new mattress for less than its actual value if you need it at any other time – especially if you’re buying it online.

In fact, we encourage you to contact a business representative once you’ve set your sights on the mattress you want to buy. These people know how to deal with customers and they will almost assuredly offer you a discount to keep you interested in their mattress.

Many online mattress stores offer great discounts at their websites – you can easily take advantage of these

We’re going to show you some tips that you can use to fish for lower prices in the online mattress market – you should be able to get a discount at any given time of the year, but we encourage you to keep reading our review to find out which are the best dates and months to put these into practice.

Contact Their Representatives

As we mentioned before, your best bet will be to talk to a company’s representative via their live chat if you can’t find any discounts on the mattress that you want. There are times where they’ll be unable to give you discounts, but they could spice up the sale by adding extra bonuses such as free pillows or sheets.

Closely Look at Their Website

Most companies tend to hide certain discounts in plain sight. Closely look at their website and see if you can find any deals there. You might even want to allow the website to send you information via email, as subscribing to these newsletters often nets you discounts of over $100 dollars (depending on the total price of the mattress, of course).

In any case, you might be able to find information on other discounts if you browse through all the pages of the website.

Holiday Discounts for Mattresses are Very Common – Take Advantage of Them

Most stores (physical and online) are always taking new opportunities to offer discounts. Most holidays bring price reductions with them almost all the time. When we talk about holiday’s, we’re referring to American holidays. Most global mattress companies are based in the US, and so are most of their buyers.

Some of the most important American holidays that bring discounts to the shops are:

Black Friday

Black Friday was an American tradition that took the world by storm. Shops all over the world lower their prices to create a non-stop shopping spree that goes on for a few days. Mattress shops are not an exception to this rule. You can find all sorts of mattresses at discounted prices if you hunt for your purchase on Black Friday.

Some mattress retailers offer tremendous discounts to the first few customers of Black Friday. You might want to get up really early (or camp outside of the shop) if you intend to take full advantage of these discounts, but keep in mind that sometimes they’ll only offer them to the first 5 people that arrive.

Veteran’s Day

This holiday, which serves the purpose of honoring American military veterans, is celebrated on November 11. This holiday takes place a few weeks before Black Friday, but there are still some stores that offer discounts for Veteran’s Day. Be sure to check your local mattress retailer and pick up whichever mattress you like at a discounted price.

Columbus Day

The second week of October (where this holiday takes place) is almost guaranteed to be a slow month for retailers. People are waiting for Black Friday offers, but this no-buy conduct forces stores to lower prices almost as much as they would do during Black Friday. Buying mattresses on Columbus Day might end up netting you a pretty heft discount!

Independence Day (4th of July)

Most new models of mattresses are released on June, which means that Independence Day is the first big chance that retailers get to offer discounts on the recently released beds. Since these new mattresses have just gotten in stock, the prices are only cut for by small percentage. Even so, it’s always great to save a couple of hundred dollars.

Labor Day

Labor Day is one of the days of the year where mattresses tend to go on enormous discount sprees. In most cases, the offers are advertised before the day has even begun. Most retailers try to create awareness about their sales before making the discounts, so we suggest you start looking for any advertised price cuts one or two weeks before Labor Day.

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There are many shops that offer huge discounts on December. There’s often a consumerist attitude associated with the last month of the year, as many people rush to shop with their Christmas bonuses. Mattress retailers are no different, and online stores tend to offer many discounts as well. You can find certain mattresses with discounts of up to $300 if you know where to look!

Prime Day Discounts

As you probably know by now, Amazon is home to some of the best mattress brands. Once a year, their Prime subscribers are offered crazy discounts in an event called Amazon Prime Day. This would be the best way for you to find a discount if you have Amazon Prime and you’re looking to buy a mattress.

State of The Store

If you’ve noticed that a mattress retailer store is about to shut down, do not even hesitate: visit it immediately. When a store is shutting down for good, they’ll be looking to get rid of as much merchandise as possible. That’s where you come in.

Take it a step further and speak to one of the vendors if they’re offering the mattress that you want. They might be able to hook you up with an even bigger discount.

Thing to Consider When Shopping for a Mattress

Monitoring the Price of Your Mattress

Once you’ve made your purchase, we strongly suggest you keep checking the price of your mattress constantly. Most retailers will be able to reimburse you the price difference if the mattress you purchased goes on sale. You’re very likely to be reimbursed by the vendor as long as the mattress is still within its sleep trial period,

Don’t Fall for Fake Discounts

Plenty of companies intentionally inflate the prices of their mattresses to make the offers seem way more desirable to the buyers. The best way to avoid falling for one of these disloyal business practices is to keep your mind focused on the actual price of the mattress instead of checking the percentage being discounted by the vendor.

Don’t Wait for a Discount If You’re Uncomfortable

We’ve told you where and when to look for mattress discounts, but if you’re feeling uncomfortable with your mattress and there are still a few months left until the next holiday, we encourage you to purchase one as soon as possible.

Buy online if you wish to save some money but replace your mattress soon if it’s causing you issues. Sleeping on a worn-down mattress could cause you long-term health issues that will be very hard to get rid of, such as chronic backaches and neckaches.

Always Haggle for a Lower Price

We advise you to talk to a vendor and attempt to haggle for a lower price if you’re purchasing your new mattress in a physical store. It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting the store during one of our recommended times of the year, you’ll want to get a better price on your purchase – and you’re very likely to get it if you haggle properly.

Haggling plays a key role when purchasing a mattress, given that most of these products tend to be sold for a large profit

Most of the vendors are instructed to drop the price of the product to a certain amount if a customer shows interest on purchasing it. You’re unlikely going to get the same price that you would by purchasing online, but you’ll get a nice discount anyway.

The best thing you can do is research online the price of the mattress that you want. This way you’ll know how much it’s truly worth before you pay a visit to the store. You’re unlikely to pay more than 15% of the online value in a physical store if you know how to haggle with the vendor.

Try not to look to enthused about the product, either. You’ll want the vendor to think that he’ll have to do a lot better with the price if he wants to earn his commission.

How to Haggle for a Better Price

You can’t be shy if you’re going to attempt haggling for a discount. Do not be afraid to politely approach vendors in the store and ask them for a better price on their products. We do suggest you keep things as polite as possible, as respect often brings you the best results when it comes to buying new products from vendors.

In any case, be prepared to speak to a store manager. Some vendors are instructed to speak to someone high up in the chain of command before lowering prices. When this happens, it’s highly likely that the manager will come out and speak to you. Be sure to let it slip that you have other options, but a lower price would make it hard not to buy their mattress.

There’s one additional tip that could almost instantly net you a discount on any mattress: look for its price on the internet and if it’s lower than the one offered by the store, show it to the vendor. Let them know you’re willing to buy theirs if they match the price. At the end of the day, you have nothing to lose and much to save.

Final Recap and Conclusion

Make sure you take enough time to evaluate all your options if you’re going to buy a new bed. If it’s not urgent to purchase one now, it’d be better for you to wait for one of the discounts that pop up during the times of the year we discussed in this article.

We do recommend buying a new mattress right now if your current bed is causing pain to your body. Do not take this matter lightly as the future well-being depends on it. There are still many discounts that you can find at any given time of the year if you know how and where to look.