Back pain convalescents know how much of a detrimental issue their backache is. Buying a new mattress can go a long way into solving the issue, but not any mattress will do. Some mattress manufacturers seem to have specialized in the art of making comfortable beds that are also beneficial cures for chronic back pain.

We’ve compiled a list of the best mattresses that you can buy if you suffer from back pain. You might need to accompany your purchase with a few visits to your local chiropractor, but the simple act of buying the mattress moves you one step closer towards fixing your long-term problem.

According to most experts, mattresses with medium firmness (and proper contouring) are ideal to combat pain in your lower, mid and upper back. Although some studies suggest that innerspring mattresses are the best solutions for this issue, this isn’t always the case. We encourage you to talk to your doctor before purchasing any of the mattresses that we’ve listed below.

Is Your Mattress Causing You Back Pain?

It can be very difficult to determine the exact cause of your back pain. The most important thing to note is the time of the day where you feel more pain. Lying down in bed and starting to feel your backache is a clear indication that your mattress is directly related (and probably causing) your woes.

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Furthermore, waking up from your night’s sleep and feeling your back hurt is also a sign that your mattress might need to be changed. To make sure your mattress is the cause, try exercising for half an hour after waking up – if the pain is gone, you’re most likely in need of a new bed.

In any case, we encourage you to visit your doctor or an internist if you’re in need of professional advice.

The Process of Selecting a Good Mattress

Once you’ve determined that your mattress is causing you issues, you’ll have to shop for a new bed – and this search can’t be taken for granted. Before beginning your search, you’ll have to know what you’re looking for.

Determine Your Preferences

Make sure you select a mattress that ticks all the right boxes on your list of preferences. For example, look for a memory foam mattress if you don’t like coil beds, or search for a hybrid if you feel like that’s what you need. Just make sure you know what you’re looking for before beginning.

Search for a Bed with the Right Firmness Level

The mattresses that we’ve reviewed on this article seem to be made to offer the right amount of pressure relief without sacrificing the much-needed comfort of a bed. Some mattresses might offer you the chance of customizing the firmness level, but we recommend sticking to the models we’ve reviewed today – we can’t guarantee the effectiveness of their variants.

Mattress Price and Value for Money

Investing a lot of money on a new mattress might not be part of your plans, but the improvement that it may have on your health could be worth the hefty price.

Cheap mattresses are often poorly designed and the pressure relief they offer isn’t enough. At times, cheap zoned mattresses could feel even worse than sleeping on top of a foam layer. Keep in mind that sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress is not good for your long-term health – you’ll be spending at least 6 hours per day lying on top of it.

Additional Tips for Relieving Bedtime Back Pain

Your backache will improve almost instantaneously if your mattress was the cause of your woes. However, you might still feel pain if your sleeping habits are not in consonance with your health. We’ll provide you with some additional tips and advice that you can follow if your back pain persists after changing mattresses.

Changing Your Sleeping Position

You might be unaware of it, but your sleeping position could be the cause of your back pain. Some people tend to adopt very awkward sleeping manners and they stick with them throughout most of their lives. In other words, they’re causing damage to their own bodies without even realizing it. On the long run, this could mean irreversible spinal damage.

The simple act of adopting a new sleeping position could do wonders for your health. Get advice from a sleep clinic on how to improve your positional habits, or simply look for tutorials online. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can improve your seemingly chronic condition.

How to Remove Back Pain Through Exercise

Besides improving your sleeping habits, changing your late night and early morning routines could also do wonders for getting rid of your back pain. Stretch your back a few times before going to bed and do so as well after waking up. This will allow you to accustom your back’s muscles and to potentially get rid of the pain caused by your mattress.

It’s crucial that you make a habit out of these routines and repeat them every day. Incorporating exercises to your schedule will do good for your backache, but it will also improve your health.

Helix Mattress

The all-in-one Helix mattress is the ideal bed to purchase by those who have struggled to find a balanced bed that doesn’t leave more to desire. The Helix mattress promises to comfort, support and give buyers an ideal sleeping experience at a relatively low price. This is a hybrid bed that combines coils with memory foam and gives you the possibility to customize its firmness.

Helix Mattress Information & Back Benefits

The Helix mattress is one of the firmer beds offered by Helix. Thus, it’s an ideal mattress to be used by stomach and back sleepers alike. The foam used in the construction of this bed is a hyper-elastic variant of memory foam, which does a better job at supporting the sleeper’s spine.

You can choose how firm you want the bed to be before you purchase it. The company presents you with a quiz that you must fill out, and with its answers, they’ll determine your ideal level of firmness.

The main benefit of the Helix mattress is the spinal-alignment technology incorporated into the build. The wrapped coils work in combination with their elastic foam to create a surface that contours around the shape of your body, but without the sinkage that most memory foam mattresses have. This creates a comfortable surface that supports your muscles quite well.

The Helix Dawn mattress seems to be the best option to purchase if you sleep on your back or on your stomach, but side sleepers will need to take Helix’s quiz to determine which mattress suits them best. The Helix Dawn is the best Helix mattress for back pain, though. If you’ve been suffering from back pain for a long time, you might want to give this mattress a shot.

Layla Mattress

The Layla mattress is a memory foam mattress with different firmness options on each of its sides. The bed can be flipped as the user sees fit to better suit the needs of the sleeper. The firm side of the Layla mattress offers much more support than its softer counterpart, thus making it the best choice for those looking to stop chronic backaches.

Each side of the bed is manufactured with memory foam of different densities. Furthermore, the memory foam is infused with a copper-like substance that increases the mattress’ cooling and improves durability.

The soft side of the Layla mattress is better suited for side sleepers, while the firmer side works best if you sleep on your back or stomach. The support offered by the soft side is just enough to keep your spine aligned while also permitting your shoulders to be relieved of pressure.

Overall, this is one of the best beds for back pain if you like memory foam mattresses. Not many offer the same level of support as the Layla mattress.

Layla Mattress Information & Back Benefits

The Layla mattress will provide you with two firmness options, but apart from helping you get rid of chronic back pains, the mattress has one crucial benefit. Specifically, the Layla mattress deals with heat incredibly well. This is mainly due to the properties of copper, and it makes the bed ideal to be used by people who like to sleep hot (the bed’s construction prevents heat retention).

The support foam layer located right beneath the surface memory foam coating provides your back with a comfortable surface at which it can rest. In addition to it, there’s an additional layer of responsive foam which reacts quickly to your movements and allows quicker transitions from one position to another.

The softer side of the bed isn’t as good as the firmer one when it comes to dealing with heat. This isn’t an issue if you intend to use the firm side, although it’s something to be wary about before buying it.

Dreamcloud Mattress

The Dreamcloud mattress is a hybrid bed manufactured by one of the most prestigious mattress companies in the world. This bed emulates the feeling of plushness that you get from some hotel beds, even though its main purpose is to create a balance between comfort and support.

The hybrid Dreamcloud mattress is constructed by combining layers of foam and pocketed coils. It also incorporates latex and other comfortable materials to increase the luxurious experience that it promises to offer. It might not be as soft as other mattresses, but it’s certainly a steady surface in which you can rest for many hours a night.

Because of its numerous layers, the mattress is very tall and relatively difficult to move. You might want to ask the company to set it up for you or look for an acquaintance to help you carry it.

Dreamcloud Mattress Information & Back Benefits

The Dreamcloud mattress is a medium-firmness bed, which feels firmer the further you sink into its surface. The upper layers of the bed are made with soft foam to provide maximum comfort. Below the soft layers, you’ll find firmer variations of foam combined with an innerspring system that provides as much comfort as it offers support.

The main selling point of the Dreamcloud mattress is the way in which the innerspring system is divided. The springs are in different areas, which create comfort zones across the bed. This system was designed to improve the bed’s overall support, but it also makes the Dreamcloud mattress great at isolating motion.

The coil system helps to create a pressure relieving surface at the top of the bed. The Dreamcloud mattress is extremely comfortable. In contrast, it doesn’t offer as much back-pain relief as the other two products we reviewed today, but its above-average spinal alignment along its comfortable feel earned it a spot in our list.

Casper Mattress

The current version of the Casper mattress is the product of many years of technological improvements. The original mattress has been modified many times by Casper to shape what they have now: a product capable of providing comfort as well as support in different zones of the bed.

The Casper mattress is divided into different support zones. Each part of the bed is designed to offer pressure relief according to the parts of your body that lie on top of them. This means that you’ll always have to sleep in the same direction when on top of the Casper mattress, but its specialized features make it one of the best at offering support for your back.

Casper also has other models available. The Essential mattress, which is a budget variant of the traditional Casper mattress, and the Wave mattress, a Deluxe version of their traditional bed.

Casper Mattress Information & Back Benefits

The Casper mattress feels very average in terms of firmness. It’s not a super soft mattress, but it does allow a certain level of sinkage. Its construction is similar to the Helix mattress, as it has one soft layer at the top followed by a firmer layer right beneath it, providing enough support to compensate for the first layer’s contouring.

The main selling point of the Casper mattress is that you’ll find it comfortable regardless of your sleeping position. You might struggle to find a comfortable position if you sleep on your stomach, but side and back sleepers will feel at home as soon as they lie down on top of the Casper.

The bed responds well to your movements and properly adapts to the shape of your back. The Casper mattress is good for your back, although it could be better if the top layer was firmer and just as responsive as it is.

Purple Mattress

The Purple mattress is designed to provide pressure relief and comfort, thanks to a special gel incorporated into the build. The first layer of the mattress is made entirely with this gel, and it has a gridded design that serves to provide comfort and a unique feeling that you won’t find in any other bed.

All Purple mattresses share this special gel grid as a feature. Thus, every Purple product is breathable, resistant and good for your back. The Purple mattress works well for all types of sleepers, as their upper elastic layer adapts easily to the shape of your body. It doesn’t matter if you’re heavyweight, lightweight or in which position you sleep.

Keep in mind that the feeling offered by the Purple mattress provides good pressure relief for your back, but it’s a unique feeling anyway. You might want to give it a try first before committing to the Purple mattress on the long term.

Purple Mattress Information & Back Benefits

Determining the actual firmness of the Purple mattress can be very challenging. Again, this is mainly due to the shape of its upper layer.  We do feel like this is one of the firmest mattresses on our list, so its firmer than the average bed.

One of the most unique features you get with the Purple mattress is the way it adapts to the parts of your body that sink the most into the bed. Each part of the mattress moves independently and adapts individually to better suit your needs.

Furthermore, and as an example, you can feel how the upper layer reacts to the shape of your spine when you lie down on your back. The technology used to create the Purple mattress isn’t only unique, it also makes for one of the most efficient builds in terms of pressure relief and back support on the market.

Our Final Verdict

It doesn’t matter which of these mattresses you prefer, if your own mattress is causing you distress, you’ll want to change it as soon as possible. The options we’ve presented you in this article are the best mattresses for back pain that you can find on the market, and we’ve identified them for you to choose whichever one suits your need better.

Furthermore, we encourage you to choose a mattress that offers as many features that you like as possible. Some of the beds we’ve shown you today could be very expensive (especially if you purchase the larger versions), but your back will thank you for the investment in the long run.