When shopping for a new mattress, you’ll find many different sizes to choose from. At first glance, you might not think too much of it and you might opt to buy a regular Twin mattress if you sleep alone, thinking it’ll be just enough for you. While this may be true, the benefits that you get from a king-sized bed are endless. Today, we’ll tell you why you should prefer them over regular beds.

Furthermore, we’ll guide you through the best models of king-sized beds that you can find on the market. You’ll be able to purchase most of these models from the comfort of your own home, so you won’t have to worry about going on a shopping spree. Regardless, we do recommend trying any of these beds before purchasing them.

King Size Mattress Advantage & Why You Should Buy Them

A Size for the Whole Family

King-sized mattresses are incredibly large. You might want to buy one of these if you have a large family, or if your bed tends to feel a bit crowded from time to time. In addition, pet owners will love the extra room provided by these beds – pets tend to take up a lot of space, and one of these beds could save you from accidentally waking them up when you sleep.

Homeowners with children might also want to opt for the king-sized option. You probably know by now how kids gravitate toward their parents’ beds when they’re afraid or have nightmares. A king-sized mattress will allow you and your children to sleep comfortably without taking each other’s space in the bed.

Moving Around Too Often? King Size Could Be What You Need

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A regular twin mattress might not be enough for you. King-sized beds will allow you to move around without the fear of falling at any point throughout the night if you sleep in a position that takes a lot of space in your bed.

If you are indeed one of these sleepers, we recommend opting for one of these models if you sleep with a partner with similar sleeping habits as yours. Queen-sized beds will probably not be enough for you. Opting for the King size could save you and your partner from bumping each other during the night.

Health Benefits of a King Sized Bed

Those who suffer from disrupted sleep could be greatly benefitted if they purchase a King-sized bed. Your subconscious might be unintentionally waking you up when you get near the edges of your current bed. If you’re uncomfortable during bedtime, you might need to change your mattress soon. Opting for a king-sized bed might be ideal for you if you can afford it.

Large mattresses can also lead to improved respiration, as your body has no space to compress. The added space means that you can move your legs and arms freely, which is also the best way to fight sore muscles during bedtime.

King Size Versus Queen Size


The most obvious difference between King-sized and Queen-sized beds is the size of each mattress. Bost of these mattresses share the same length at roughly 80 inches, but a King-sized mattress tends to be 16 inches larger than its Queen counterpart.


Larger mattresses are accompanied by bigger price tags. Most high-quality king-sized beds tend to go for anything between $150 to $300 more than any Queen size bed manufactured by the same brand. You’ll have to consider your budget before deciding which of these beds to purchase.

We always like to remind our readers that buying a mattress must be seen as a once-in-a-decade purchase. You might want to spend extra money on a new bed as it will help you save money in the long run. You’ll want to buy a high-quality mattress if you can afford it – even if it takes a little bit of economic effort.


Naturally, King-sized mattresses take up more space that Queen-sized beds. As a result, you’ll have to consider the size of your bedroom before purchasing a new bed or you might end up with a mattress that doesn’t fit your room. Above all, you’ll want to know that your mattress is also suited for your bed base, or else you might need to purchase a new foundation as well.

Furthermore, the space that a King-sized mattress has on its surface is also significantly larger than a Queen bed. Couples that love to cuddle during bedtime might not need the extra space provided by a King-sized bed, but people who value being able to move freely during their sleep might prefer those additional 16 inches.

A Guide on How to Buy the Best King Sized Mattress

Buying a new mattress without considering the process of how it gets to your home is a big mistake that some buyers make. Thus, to prevent that happening to you, we’ll provide you with some tips that will help you get the best King-sized mattress for your needs.

  • Make sure you can get the mattress into your room. People who haven’t’ bought a King-sized bed before might completely ignore this detail, but it can be very troublesome during setup if you struggle to get the mattress into your room. You might want to opt for two Twin XL mattresses if space becomes an issue.
  • Visit stores and showrooms that offer the chance to try the new mattress that you want to buy. Most of these products aren’t offered in physical stores. As a result, you might need to visit special showrooms dedicated to testing these mattresses before buying them.
  • Study as closely as you can every mattress we’ve included in this list and make sure the one you select is the best suited for your needs.

Casper Mattress – Best King Sized Mattress Overall

The Casper mattress is a high-quality memory foam bed manufactured by one of the biggest bedding companies in the world. Every type of Casper mattress is very comfortable and offers an unmatchable amount edge support and motion isolation, thanks in part to the high quality of its memory foam.

The soft model of the mattress isn’t as stable as the other – especially when it comes to its King size. Regardless, the UK-founded company makes some of the best King-sized memory foam mattresses in the world.

Casper Mattress Edge Support

As you’d expect from most memory foam beds, the edge support of the Casper mattress isn’t anything to be proud of. Regardless, it does feel safe for you to sleep near the edges of the bed – particularly during the first few years of usage. After half a decade of owning this bed, you might start feeling how the foam loses firmness near the edge.

Moreover, we do recommend purchasing a different King-sized bed if you’re in need of powerful edge support. A spring mattress might be a better fit for you than the Casper mattress.

Casper Mattress Motion Isolation & Motion Transfer

The Casper mattress is built with a multi-layer system. Each layer is made of different types of foam, with having its own density. The combination of these layers creates a surface in which motion is transferred as smoothly as you can wish. Such feeling is achieved thanks to the lack of an innerspring system.

You’ll rarely feel your partner move around the bed, even if they like to stand up and go to the toilet during the night. The various sorts of foam used in the manufacturing of the Casper mattress stay noiseless regardless of how much movement they’re subjected to, thus making this mattress ideal to be used by couples.

Purple Mattress – Best Luxury King Sized Mattress

The Purple mattress has made its way into most of our top-rated mattress lists thanks to the high quality of its build. This mattress features a grid design made with a special gel and used to create the bed’s first layer. This makes the Purple mattress an ideal choice for people who value quality column support in their beds.

However, even when Purple uses a complex design to build this bed, you can purchase their mattresses at very competitive prices. The Purple mattress is also a great choice for combo sleepers, thanks to its multiple position support.

Purple Mattress Edge Support

The special hybrid built used to construct the Purple mattress doesn’t offer much room for quality edge support. The company opted for a uniform design, which means that the edges of the bed and its central parts are built equally. However, purchasing the King-size model of the Purple mattress grants you with enough room to avoid sleeping near the edges – even when sharing the bed with a partner.

For those who love to sit on the edges of the bed, the Purple mattress edge support does offer a lot of comfort when sitting down. You might not feel as well supported as you would when lying on top of a spring bed, but you’ll nonetheless be very comfortable.

Purple Mattress Motion Isolation & Motion Transfer

The main concern when buying a new King-sized mattress is judging its motion transfer features. Most large beds tend to struggle when it comes to it, but the special first layer of the Purple mattress is surprisingly good at isolating motion towards a single area of the bed. There are some issues with the system, of course, but you get more than you would get from a normal foam bed.

We do recommend looking at other options if you need top-quality motion isolation in your bed. Generally, users are pleased with the King-sized version of the Purple mattress, but it doesn’t match the motion isolation of an innerspring bed.

Tuft & Needle King Mattress – Best Polyfoam King Sized Mattress

The Tuft & Needle mattress is the best high-quality foam mattress for people who are on a budget. Its design is very simple, and it doesn’t have a lot of technicalities incorporated into the build. In the same way, the King-sized version offers a large and comfortable surface that will surely please the most demanding of budget buyers.

The Tuft & Needle mattress is firmer than the average foam bed, but it does have great pressure relief and enough sinkage to make you feel hugged by the mattress.

Tuft & Needle King Mattress Edge Support

The Tuft & Needle mattress edge support is arguably one of its least advantageous features. The foam tends to sink too much when you apply pressure on its edges, which further emphasizes the point of buying a King-sized bed of this brand. Solo sleepers who love King beds are also very likely to enjoy this model, not only because of the price but also because of the comfort of the entire surface.

The Tuft & Needle mattress could use with a small sort of support fabric on the edge to help you feel safer when lying near the edge.

Tuft & Needle King Mattress Motion Isolation & Motion Transfer

The Tuft & Needle mattress is incredibly quiet, even when subjected to a large amount of weight. You’ll need a good bed foundation to support the mattress, as it’ll put to test the quality of your base. Regardless, the overall motion isolation and transfer of the mattress is its main selling point.

You can hardly feel the bed move if you’re lying down on the opposite side of the source. If you who own dogs, or if you have children, the Tuft & Needle mattress might be the best budget mattress for you.

LINENSPA Mattress – Best Budget King Sized Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses are generally regarded as less comfortable than memory foam beds, but the LINENSPA mattress made its way into our list thanks to the quality of its hybrid build.

The mattress is manufactured with a resistant innerspring system which provides the beds with bounce and responsiveness, as well as quality memory foam that contours and adapts to your shape and movements.

Although LINENSPA isn’t often regarded as a prestigious mattress manufacturer, King-sized mattresses made by this brand tend to leave customers very satisfied. Furthermore, the offer very competitive pricing, which makes the quality of their beds even more impressive.

LINENSPA Mattress Edge Support

The LINENSPA mattress is one of the best mattresses in our list when it comes to edge support. Lying near the edges of the bed will allow you to feel exactly as you would near the middle. The spring system that makes most of the inside of the bed provides enough support all around the mattress, which helps achieve this effect.

The main issue with the LINENSPA mattress is how poorly it deals with pressure relief when faced with a lot of weight. Likewise, we do not recommend buying this mattress if you like to sleep on your sides.

LINENSPA Mattress Motion Isolation & Motion Transfer

The bounciness provided by the LINESNPA mattress makes for rather poor motion isolation. We doe expected the bed to let us down at motion transfer, but the potent edge support offered by the LINENSPA mattress makes up for this issue on the most part.

You’ll have to judge whether you prefer good edge support of quality motion transfer when buying a new bed. Lone sleepers will most likely prefer motion transfer, while couples might prioritize edge support. It all comes to the way each member of a couple sleeps.

Zinus Mattress – Best Budget King Sized Foam Mattress

The Zinus mattress is a memory foam bed specialized in pressure relief. The mattress comes with a few layers that create a contouring surface in which all sorts of bodies can feel well supported. Likewise, the bed is firm enough to provide people with good spinal alignment and an affordable price tag that makes almost every buyer able to afford it.

The Zinus mattress is regarded as one of the best budget options on the market, although its quality doesn’t compare to most luxurious beds out there. We’ve included this mattress as well as the LINENSPA in our list to provide options for all sorts of buyers.

Zinus Mattress Edge Support

The Zinus mattress offers above average edge support. Although the bed isn’t as supportive as an innerspring mattress, it did exceed our expectations given its very affordable price. The mattress is made entirely out of memory foam, which makes you expect rather poor edge support.

Regardless, the firmness compensates for the lack of an innerspring system but nonetheless creates a comfortable surface. Furthermore, even though the bed is one of the cheapest options in our list, it’s still one of the best memory foam mattresses at isolating motion that we’ve found so far.

Zinus Mattress Motion Isolation & Motion Transfer

Although Zinus offers different bedding choices, their memory foam bed is the best option for you to purchase if you’re looking to buy a King-sized bed. This model is amazing at isolating motion, which makes it even more ideal for people who own pets or have children.

Large families looking to shop for a new bed on a short budget might want to prioritize checking Zinus beds first. The Zinus mattress is one of the best memory foam budget options that we’ve come across so far.