We know how difficult it is to find a new mattress – especially if you’ve slept in the same bed for many years. Regardless, it gets to a point where the lifespan of your current mattress approaches an end and you’ll have to start looking for a new one. Even so, knowing where and how to find the most comfortable mattress could prove to be more painful than you think.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of purchasing a new mattress. We’ll take into consideration the most important features that a bed needs, as well as your own personal preferences (including your current budget).

Consider Which Is the Best Type of Mattress for You

There are four main types of mattress builds in the market. Each one offers features that differ from the rest, so it’s up to you to choose which features are most likely to please you during bedtime.

Each type of mattress offers different features. You’ll have to judge which of these features you prefer before opting to buy a specific type of bed

Keep in mind that the features of a hybrid mattress vary depending on the materials used to manufacture them. Some hybrids are made of foam and have an innerspring construction, while others share the features of foam and latex.

Memory Foam Mattress Features

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Foam has been used in the construction of mattresses for a very long time – and there’s a very good reason for it. Memory foam offers the best motion isolation on the market. It’s an elastic product that changes its shape according to the movements of your body.

The best types of memory foam mattresses do not allow motion waves to move through the whole bed. Instead, they keep everything in place while adapting to the shape of your body. This adaptability makes memory foam mattresses some of the most comfortable types of beds you can find.

Some types of memory foam are also combined with other materials to further improve their effectiveness. For example, we’ve reviewed beds that are built with memory foam infused with gel during its production. This gel makes allows your body heat to be distributed throughout the whole mattress instead of concentrating in a single zone.

Innerspring Mattress Features

Innerspring mattresses are the most popular mattresses on the market. They have been around for half a century longer than their memory foam counterparts and their production costs tend to be way cheaper than those of beds manufactured with other materials. Innerspring mattresses are therefore the least expensive out of all the types of beds.

The most important feature to look for in an innerspring mattress is the quality of its coils. Some mattresses have their innerspring systems built in zones, which immensely improves the motion isolation of the bed.

The main issue with these products is their durability. Coils tend to break down in a relatively short amount of time. You might have to replace some innerspring mattresses in less than five years. Regardless, the higher quality beds manufactured with innerspring systems could last for almost as long as their memory foam competitors.

Latex Mattress Features

It’s hard to match the comfort offered by a latex mattress. High-quality latex mattresses also offer very efficient motion isolation. Even so, they generally tend to broadcast movement throughout the bed – latex is very elastic.

Their contouring is as good as you’d get in a memory foam mattress, but latex mattresses are more resilient and therefore have longer lifespans.

Having a quality and comfortable cover is fundamental for a latex mattress. Latex itself isn’t used for the covers – instead, mattress manufacturers usually go for more comfortable types of fabric, such as polyester and other hybrids.

Hybrid Mattress Features

Hybrid mattresses are manufactured by combining layers made from all the types of materials that we’ve discussed so far. The whole point of a hybrid mattress is to create a bed that combines the best features offered by other types of mattresses.

Some of these beds, like the Dreamcloud, have gained world recognition as some of the most comfortable mattresses on the planet. Regardless, hybrid mattresses could be very expensive – especially if they have built-in smart bed technology.

Hybrid mattresses tend to be very breathable, offer a better response than their one-material counterparts and generally come in a variety of different firmness options for you to choose from.

Choose the Right Sized Mattress

The size of the mattress you’ll want to buy depends on the characteristics of whoever’s going to lie on top of it. Consider your height, weight, sleeping habits and whether you have a partner or not if you’re buying the mattress for yourself. You’ll probably want to choose a smaller bed if you’re buying it for your kids.

The size of your mattress will ultimately determine how much you’ll be able to move while sleeping

You’ll probably want to purchase a relatively big mattress if you tend to move around often – a Queen-sized bed would do the job for you if you sleep on your own. If you share your bed, we recommend you purchase a King or Cal King-sized mattress to ensure both of you will always be comfortable. This is all related to how much you move as well as to your weight and height.

Twin and Twin XL are your go-to choices if you have children. You’ll want to purchase a couple of bed barriers if you fear that your children could fall off during the night but buying a toddler-specific bed could end up being an unnecessary expense because children tend to outgrow them very quickly.

Be sure to choose a mattress size that makes you feel free when you lie down on your bed. If you want to buy a bigger (or smaller) mattress than the one you have right now, we strongly suggest you try it out first. If the manufacturer doesn’t offer their mattresses on shops, your only option would be to buy it and try it out during the sleep trial period.

The Importance of the Mattress Construction Quality and Its Durability

The materials used in the construction of a mattress are directly related to the lifespan of your bed. Low-quality latex, foam, and coils tear down very quickly (sometimes in less than a year), while high-quality products could make the mattress remain at its best for more than a decade.

A durable mattress won’t need to be replaced for a long time – spending a few additional dollars on a top-quality bed might end up saving you a lot of money in the long run

The materials used in the layers of every mattress that we review on this site are some of the best that can be used for the manufacture of a bed. Low-quality brands often ignore a product’s lifespan, as they aim to please owners in the short term. High-quality brands such as Sleep EZ, Dreamcloud or Nolah focus their efforts on creating beds that last longer than average.

Construction is often correlated to comfort as well. The materials of a mattress need to be well cured, well made and put together efficiently between the mattress’ layers.

You’re probably going to need to buy a new bed sooner rather than later if you think that other beds feel better than yours.  You’ll also want to buy a new one if you see that your mattress is starting to show signs of indentations.

Evaluate the Quality of the Mattress Conforming

The conforming of a mattress is defined by the quality of its first layers and its cover. Its first layers should provide enough sinkage to allow your body to feel hugged by the bed and not trapped.

Conforming and contouring are directly correlated – they dictate how much support you’ll feel while resting on top of the mattress

Conforming will also define how much support you feel when you sleep. You’ll want a mattress that properly fills the gap between the cover of your bed and your body if you sleep on your sides. When it comes to conforming, a well-rounded mattress does wonders for combo sleepers as it’ll allow them to change positions constantly without feeling uncomfortable.

When your muscles are in contact with the bed, they’ll be able to relax, and pressure will be relieved from them. The same applies if you sleep on your back or on your stomach. A mattress with good conforming features will keep your spine aligned and your muscles well-rested.

Determine Which Is the Best Mattress Firmness for Your Needs

Firmness is a matter of personal preference – there is no such thing as good or bad firmness when it comes to your bed. Regardless, you’ll be able to determine how firm you want your mattress according to your favorite sleeping position.

Firm mattresses could be ideal for back sleepers, while side sleepers might opt to purchase a softer bed

Side sleepers usually need their shoulders to be rested, which means that a soft mattress could be ideal for them. People who sleep on their back might want to opt for a firmer choice, as it keeps their spine in a better position and free of stress.

There’s also the chance for you to purchase a mattress with multiple firmness options. Some beds can be flipped (with each side having different firmness) while others have different firmness on the same side (for example, the right side might be soft while the left side could be harder).

Plenty of factors come into play when you’re going to decide which firmness suits you best. Apart from your preferred sleeping position (which is the most important one), you’ll also want to consider your weight, the shape of your body and your size.

Your ideal firmness level will be the one that makes you feel comfortable. Support and comfort are often directly correlated.

Sleeping with a Partner? All About Motion Isolation, Noise & Edge Support

Best Mattress Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is the most crucial aspects for you to consider if you sleep with a partner. Some people tend to move around when they’re asleep, while others like to get up at night to drink water or pay a visit to the toilet.

It doesn’t matter if they move or wake up during the night, a mattress with high-quality motion isolation will allow you to continue sleeping without even noticing what your partner is doing.

Memory foam mattresses are the best at isolating motion, but some foam and innerspring hybrids can be equally as good. It’s all about knowing what you’re going to buy before making the purchase.

The Importance of Having the Best Edge Support & Edge Performance

You’ll want a bed that offers the same quality on its edges as it does near the center of the mattress if you tend to drift near the edges of your bed (or if you like to sit down on the edges during the day). Some companies don’t place enough importance on this matter, but people who sleep with a partner could find it fundamental.

Once again, foam beds usually come out on top when it comes to edge support. The innerspring system of a bed is very tricky to maintain near its edges, as there’s no room for the coils to move freely. Regardless, well-layered latex beds and hybrid mattresses tend to offer quality edge support as well.

Mattresses that have too much sinkage often struggle with edge support as well. People who sleep near the edges of their mattress could feel like they’re about to fall, which is an awful sensation to feel when you’re trying to fall asleep.

Some companies compensate this issue by placing a denser material beneath the edges of the bed – especially when the mattress is made with memory foam.

Consider Your Budget

Going for that cool $4000 mattress might be a safe bet, but not everyone can afford to pay that much money for a mattress. Your aim when looking for the most comfortable mattress is to try finding the best option available at a price that you know you’ll be able to pay.

Finding balance between quality and price will be your ultimate goal when searching for a new mattress for your room

Before you begin searching for a new mattress, set yourself a maximum price that you’ll be willing to pay for it. Then, filter out the results of your search that exceed that price range and evaluate the options that stay within your limit.

High-quality beds tend to cost more than $700, but it’s crucial that you see this purchase as an investment. You might not have to worry about purchasing a new one for over 10 years if you spend $1000 on a high-quality bed.

The Best Purchasing Packages, Customer Service and Their Role in Your Purchase

Most high-quality mattresses are manufactured by companies that only sell their products online. You’ll want to consider all the benefits and advantages offered by these companies before you make your purchase.

Quality customer service should not be overlooked – you must know you can rely on the bed’s manufacturer in case any issues arise

You’ll probably be unable to give the mattress a try before you buy it, so you’ll want to opt for a product that comes with a rather lengthy sleep trial guarantee. We usually recommend products that have a 3 week-long trial period at the least – 90 days of trial are good enough to know whether you’d like to spend the next 10 years with your new mattress or not.

Most brands offer free shipping inside the United States. This is a feature that you could look forward to if you’re on a tight budget – especially if they offer free shipping for returns as well.

Consider Buying the Best Mattress Base & Mattress Accessories That You Can Afford

 A mattress is just as good as the base that supports it. Most mattress brands offer customized bed bases that are specially designed to hold their own products. We strongly recommend purchasing new bed support directly from your new mattress’ manufacturer if you can afford the extra money.

Additional accessories could maximize your sleeping experience to the fullest – we recommend buying a pillow or two along your mattress purchase

The base directly affects how comfortable is your mattress, so we recommend not writing off the possibility of investing in a new one.

We recommend you check out our review on the BedJet if you’re planning to use additional accessories to improve your bedtime experience. Bed temperature controllers could help you find the ideal temperature of your mattress, improving the comfort of your bed even further.

Learn All About the Best Mattress Brands

Once you’re sure about the features you’d like to prioritize when looking for a new mattress, the next step you’ll need to follow is reading all about the best mattress manufacturers. The mattress market is too big, after all – it could take you a very long time to decide where to begin, even if you know what you’re looking for.

Dreamcloud, Tempur Medic, Purple, Nolah and Puffy are some of the best mattress brands that we’ve reviewed. Their websites would be good places to begin your search for the most comfortable mattress.

Some brands are known for their high-quality products. Learn all about manufacturers before deciding which mattress you want to buy

You could also try your luck with lesser-known brands. Some of them manufacture high-quality beds and offer them at relatively low prices. It’s not impossible to find a high-quality bed at a low price, but it could take you a few days of searching.

Be sure to ask your friends about their mattresses if you’re still not sure which mattress brand to trust. They could point you in the right direction.

Round-Up & Recap

If you’ve thoroughly read our review, then you’re ready to make your choice. Be sure to take every single feature into consideration and do not underestimate any of them – you’d be surprised how much good certain little things (like additional foam on the edges of a mattress) could do to your overall sleeping experience.

Sleeping comfortably positively contributes to your daily routine. It might be worth it to spend a few extra bucks on an expensive mattress that will guarantee a good night’s sleep.