Side sleepers always struggle when searching for a new bed. The ideal mattress for a side sleeper needs to be perfectly balanced in comfort, firmness and pressure relief, three features that often cause conflicts between each other. It can be quite troublesome to sleep comfortably on your sides, but most people are already too used to it to change their ways.

Thankfully, there are a lot of mattresses on the market that will suit the needs of side sleepers. Knowing where to look is always the issue, but we’ve compiled a list with many different options to save you the trouble of searching. All you have to do now is decide which of these mattresses you like better and purchase it.

Which Type of Mattress Should Side Sleepers Buy?

Side sleepers should always opt to buy a relatively soft bed if they’re looking to sleep comfortably. You probably already know this if you’re here, though. Thus, you probably know how firm some innerspring beds tend to feel, which is why latex mattresses and foam beds tend to be the best options for you, and the ones you should always look for.

Some hybrids could also do a wonderful job of supporting your weight and offering good pressure relief. The best hybrid mattresses for side sleepers tend to be made with latex and foam – the presence of innerspring systems will almost assuredly mean that the bed will be firmer than what you want.

Latex Mattresses for Side Sleepers

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Latex beds are widely regarded as the best mattresses for pressure relief. When you sleep on your sides, your body tends to build up a lot of pressure between itself and the mattress. This is especially true for certain areas like your shoulders and your hips. Likewise, latex layers cause a decent amount of bounce in most beds.

A latex mattress serves to counter the pressure and relief the stress created on your shoulders. Natural latex mattresses are usually built as hybrids with other types of soft fabric (like polyfoam), although in certain cases you might find latex mattresses built with innerspring layers.

Foam Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Although the results achieved by foam mattresses are similar to what you get from a latex bed, foam beds offer a greater amount of comfort with less bounce than their latex counterparts. A memory foam bed with an average level of firmness might provide just enough sinkage for side sleepers to enjoy, while also creating a spinal-friendly surface to sleep on top of.

Furthermore, side sleepers who enjoy changing positions during their sleep might want to opt for a foam mattress. These beds have no issues with motion transfer and are often touted as the best mattresses for couples.

Advantages of Being a Side Sleeper

Many people think that the best sleeping position to keep your spine in good health is sleeping on your back. However, many experts think that sleeping on your sides could have better long-term effects on your back. You’re giving your shoulders and hips the pressure that would otherwise fall entirely on your back, which reliefs your spine and lets it stay rested through the night.

In addition to the obvious comfort that sleeping on your sides provides, there are also a ton of health benefits that come with this position. In fact, not many people are aware of this, but sleeping on your right side is not good for your organs and for your health. This is mainly due to the position of your stomach and the way your body functions on the inside.

On the contrary, sleeping on your left side offers a ton of benefits for your day-to-day life as well as for your nights. Sleeping on your left side will minimize the risk of waking up during the night with gasses or a sudden urge to vomit. In the same way, your stomach will help your body perform its functions to the best of its ability by improving your digestion.

Furthermore, sleeping on your left side will greatly reduce pain and sore muscles as well as those annoying back pains that tend to be felt after an uncomfortable long night’s sleep. You might be unconsciously leaning to your right while sleeping, so we recommend paying close attention to the way you sleep to further improve your health.

Disadvantages of Being a Side Sleeper

Although sleeping on your sides offers a lot of benefits to your health, there are still some negative consequences that you might’ve noticed after waking up. For example, when sleeping on either side you’re putting a lot of pressure on your shoulders and in your arms. This is greatly alleviated by owning one of the mattresses we’ve presented today, but it’s nonetheless an issue.

Sleeping on either side also increases the risk of suffering from heart-related issues. This is mainly due to the extra pressure that your circulatory system is subjected to when your body isn’t in a straight position.

You might want to change your sleeping habits if you’re waking up with numb arms too frequently. Either way, sleeping on your back or stomach will improve your digestion far more than sleeping on your left side. We strongly suggest changing your sleeping habits if you suffer from any of the issues we’ve mentioned so far.

In addition, pregnant women should avoid at all cost sleeping on their sides. The amount of pressure that the belly is subjected to can damage the baby’s health.

Nectar Mattress

The Nectar mattress is a high-quality memory foam mattress using high-density fabric to create a feeling of firmness that’s very hard to match by other foam beds. It also has a gel layer which serves the purpose of keeping the mattress cool, making it ideal to be used by people who like to sleep hot during the night.

The Nectar mattress doesn’t sink as much as other foam and polyfoam beds, but it’s still a very good option for side sleepers who like to feel supported while lying in bed. Although the build is made of expensive materials, you can find the Nectar mattress at a very affordable price.

Nectar Mattress Firmness & Comfort

As we said, the Nectar mattress has a level of firmness that could be considered high for memory foam beds. Some of the mattress’ layers are made with a special foam, which is created to feel firmer than other sorts of fabric. Although side sleepers are often encouraged to purchase soft beds, the surface of the Nectar mattress is ideal to be used by those who enjoy firm foam.

The firmness of the Nectar mattress creates an ideal balance between comfort and pressure relief, two features that tend to be separated from one another in the current bed industry trend.

Nectar Mattress Motion Transfer & Motion Isolation

Being a foam mattress means that the Nectar mattress suffers from no issues when it comes to motion transferring. Even though the upper layers of the bed are firmer than average, they’re still made from foam. Motion from one side of the bed shouldn’t be felt on the other side unless you subject the mattress to a lot of movement.

The Nectar mattress also does a good job at not producing noises when you’re using it. None of the layers have innerspring constructs or materials that make noise with friction, which allows sleepers to move freely without making noise. It’s an ideal bed for side sleepers and couples.

Layla Mattress

The Layla mattress is the second memory foam bed in our list. It’s manufactured differently on each of its sides, which means you can flip the bed and try how it feels on each side. The Layla mattress costs what you’d expect from a high-quality bed, and you’ll be getting two different options to choose from.

One of the layers of the Layla mattress has a special foam induced with copper. The inclusion of copper in the mattress built allows the bed to stay cool through the night, as copper is great at releasing unwanted heat.

Layla Mattress Firmness & Comfort

The foam/copper layer of the bed permits owners to move around as much as they want without having to worry about bad contouring. In fact, the copper allows the mattress to react quickly to your body’s motions, which in turn makes the bed more responsive and better at relieving pressure off your muscles.

The Layla mattress has a decent level of bounciness. It’s not as much as you’d get from latex or an innerspring bed, but it’s more than what you’d expect from a foam bed. Again, this is mainly due to the presence of copper inside the mattress.

Layla Mattress Motion Transfer & Motion Isolation

Although each side of the mattress makes motion transfer feel differently, both are great at isolating motion to the area of the bed in which movement is generated. The inside of the mattress shares various fabric densities, but none of these are capable of transferring motion across the entire bed.

The lack of latex and the focus on foam inside the build make this mattress a great motion isolator, just like the Nectar mattress. In fact, the firm side of the Layla mattress feels very similar to the Nectar mattress in firmness, contouring and motion isolation.

Zenhaven Mattress

The Zenhaven mattress is a foam and latex hybrid that falls into the luxurious category of beds. The main selling point of the Zenhaven mattress is how different each side of the bed feels. One side of the mattress is incredibly soft, whilst the other side is firmer than you’d expect from a traditional foam bed.

The feeling of the Zenhaven mattress is achieved by combining foam and latex of different densities. The soft side of the mattress offers more sinkage and contouring (ideal to be used by side sleepers), whilst the firm side should be used by back sleepers to improve their spine’s alignment when in bed.

Zenhaven Mattress Firmness & Comfort

The Zenhaven mattress has a high-density latex layer right in the middle of the build. This special layer creates a surface in which the upper layers of the mattress can thrive, while also securing the opposite side and increase the comfort of the bed. The Zenhaven mattress has very poor edge support, mainly due to the presence of latex and a lack of an innerspring construction.

Both sides of the Zenhaven mattress are equally as good when it comes to bounciness. The latex also allows the upper foam layers to contour better, as it offers a surface underneath to support the surface’s weight.

Zenhaven Mattress Motion Transfer & Motion Isolation

Even though the memory foam does a great job at containing the latex’ motion transfer, the Zenhaven mattress is still overly reliant on its latex layer to support all the weight from the surface. Thus, this leaves a lot of room for the latex to do its thing. As you might know, latex is very prone to transferring motion and a poor motion isolator.

The foam is able to control the motion transfer of the Zenhaven mattress, but you’ll still be able to feel movements from one side of the bed even if you’re lying on the opposite edge.

Eight Sleep Jupiter Mattress

The Eight Sleep Jupiter mattress is highly regarded as the best bed created by Eight Sleep. This is also the most customizable model in our list. The company allows each buyer to pick their preferred level of firmness and they will incorporate them into each side of the bed. This option increases the total cost of the product, but it’s worth it if you’re looking for maximum comfort.

The Eight Sleep Jupiter mattress is made entirely out of foam. It has a high-density layer in the middle of the bed, with two other layers (with different firmness levels) placed on each side of the middle layer.

Eight Sleep Jupiter Mattress Firmness & Comfort

The Eight Sleep mattress is designed with one side being firmer than the other. Side sleepers might want to use the soft side to get the best feeling out of this bed. Regardless, considering that Eight Sleep offers bed customization, you can ask the company to make both sides of the bed feel soft.

The foam used to make the Eight Sleep mattress feels very comfortable and should please even the most demanding of buyers. It’s considered a luxurious bed made to fit the needs of most types of sleepers, but it provides the best comfort for side sleepers.

Eight Sleep Jupiter Mattress Motion Transfer & Motion Isolation

The entire Eight Sleep mattress is made with foam, and although it varies in density, the motion isolation of this mattress is incredibly good – even in foam mattress standards. This is helped by the high-quality firm layer located in the middle of the bed, which holds firm both other layers and allows them to offer maximum comfort and contouring.

You could apply as much pressure and movement as you want on either side of the bed and you’re highly unlikely to feel any movement on the other side. The Eight Sleep Jupiter mattress is great for couples and side sleepers alike, just like most of the foam beds we’ve reviewed today.

Nest Bedding Alexander Mattress

The Nest Bedding Alexander mattress has everything required for a mattress to be considered luxurious, but Nest Bedding sells the bed at a lower price than the market average. If you’re looking to buy a quality mattress but you can’t afford to shell over $2000 doing it, this bed could be exactly what you’re looking for.

You also have three comfort levels to chose from at the moment of purchase. We recommend buying the softer version of the Nest Bedding Alexander mattress to get the best feeling as a side sleeper.

Nest Bedding Alexander Mattress Firmness & Comfort

You’ll get a different firmness feeling depending on which firmness option to opt for. As we recommended the soft version, this is the one we’ll focus on our review. The firmness of the Nest Bedding Alexander mattress soft version is the best you can get from a soft luxurious bed, offering as much contouring, comfort, and pressure relief as you could wish for.

The medium option for the Nest Bedding Alexander mattress is also a good choice for side sleepers, and an ideal option for couples that tend to sleep in different positions or change them through the night. It lacks a bit of quality edge support, but you should have no issues if you purchase one of the larger models.

Nest Bedding Alexander Mattress Motion Transfer & Motion Isolation

The Nest Bedding Alexander mattress doesn’t transfer motion from one side of the bed to the other. As this mattress is a high-quality product, you get as much motion isolation as you would from any other quality memory foam bed.

As most of the products we reviewed today, the Nest Bedding Alexander mattress is ideal to be purchased by couples, families with children and solo sleepers who love to sleep on their sides.