Getting rid of an old mattress and replacing it with a new one is always going to be a daunting task. You must make sure that you’ll enjoy every featured offered by the potentially new bed before making the purchase. If you want to make sure that the mattress you buy is of the highest quality, you might want to check out our list of the top 10 best mattresses of 2019.

We’ll also give you tips and insight into the features you should prioritize when purchasing a new mattress. Please make sure you read each of our mattress reviews thoroughly before making a final decision – we’ve come across and tried many different mattresses, and we believe that some will serve certain purposes better than others.

The Importance of Purchasing a Good Mattress

The time you spend sleeping is an indicator of how productive you’ll be during the day. Athletes are encouraged to get plenty of sleep for a reason, after all. Being able to get a good night’s sleep could be the defining factor between a great performance at work and a below average effort.

The features of a high-quality mattress allow you to feel better during the daytime, as your muscles will be well rested, and your mind shouldn’t feel tired after waking up

A good mattress will allow your back to be well rested, covering the spaces left between your muscles and the mattress in its entirety. These products might be a tad expensive but purchasing a quality mattress will improve your day-to-day life more than you would think.

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If you sleep with a partner, you might want to purchase a quality mattress solely because most of these beds are capable of isolating motions towards the area that receives most of the pressure. This means that your partner could move around as much as they want without waking you up.

It’s important to consider that you and your partner are constantly switching positions as you sleep (two people rarely stay in the same spot throughout the night), which means that having a mattress with top class motion transfer features could be very important for you.

Higher quality mattresses are also capable of staying cool throughout the night without retaining too much heat. If you own a top-class bed, you won’t need to worry about spending extra money on devices specialized on bedroom climate control.

Simply put, a quality mattress could be the difference between being well rested and feeling tired throughout the entirety of the day.

Must-Have Features of a Quality Mattress

Some of the best mattresses in the world share some distinctive characteristics that put them one step above the rest. Apart from the way they’re built, here are some of the most important characteristics that you should look after when buying a new mattress:

Motion Transfer

Most high-quality foam and innerspring mattresses tend to have great motion transfer features. This is reflected in the way people perceive movement when sleeping with a partner: high-quality mattresses usually isolate movements into a single zone, while lesser quality beds allow movement to be felt throughout the whole mattress.

The only exception to this rule is seen in latex mattresses. High-quality latex beds are usually incapable of isolating movement, but this is mainly due to the nature of latex itself.

The mattress can be as well manufactured as possible, but latex isn’t a great movement isolator. It’s almost impossible to avoid feeling your partner move in a latex bed – even if you’re sleeping on the other side of the mattress.

Position Availability

Some mattresses are specially designed to be used by certain types of sleepers. Regardless, most high-quality beds should be able to provide a great sleeping experience for almost anyone.

Deluxe mattresses are prone to versatility – if you sleep lying down on your stomach, the mattress should give you great shoulder and neck support. If you sleep on your back, you should feel supported throughout the entire night. If you sleep lying on either side of your body, you should sink in the mattress without feeling trapped.

Mattress Durability

Purchasing a quality mattress should be an almost once-in-a-lifetime experience. Most deluxe products are made to last for quite a long time – in fact, every product we’ve reviewed so far seems to be made to last for at least 15 years (and their long guarantees are there to back us up in this statement).

Durability reflects the quality of the materials with which the product is manufactured. If the product is durable, it will almost assuredly feel very comfortable as well.

Purchase Experience (Trial Period, Guarantee, Price)

Although some deluxe mattresses are very expensive, it’s possible to find a lot of them for a price lower than $1500 (anything lower than this is very good for a quality mattress). In other words, if you manage to find a deluxe mattress at anything less than $1500, you’re very likely to feel that the purchase was worth it.

Nectar Mattress – Best Memory Foam Mattress

The Nectar Mattress is a foam mattress manufactured with high-quality fabric, specifically designed to support plenty of weight throughout its long lifespan. Its price has earned it the first spot in our review – it’s manufactured with some of the best materials in the market, but it remains at a much lower price than most of its competitors.

One of the main features of this mattress is that its foam doesn’t sink as much as it does in other products. Even so, it offers as much (if not more) comfort as other mattresses that have more sinkage.

Nectar Mattress Pros:

  • The Nectar Mattress comes with a year-long sleep trial and a lengthy guarantee
  • It’s firmer than most of its direct competitors
  • It’s made of four layers, each offering great support and comfort
  • The Nectar Mattress has a cooling system aided by its high-quality Tencel cover

Nectar Mattress Cons:

  • The mattress is almost entirely made of foam, which makes its edge support very weak
  • Returning the mattress could be a real pain as the company doesn’t offer good customer support

Puffy Mattress – Best Mattress for Combo Sleepers

The Puffy mattress is one of the most balanced beds that we’ve tried so far. It does share one critical flaw with the Nectar mattress: it doesn’t provide its owners with solid edge support. Regardless, if you don’t share the bed with a partner, you’re probably going to be very satisfied with the Puffy mattress.

We’ve identified the Puffy mattress as the best bed you can purchase if you like to sleep alone. It offers great muscle support for people who like to sleep in all sorts of positions. If you’re a combo sleeper, this is your go-to choice.

Puffy Mattress Pros:

  • You can move on top of it very quietly – the foam build makes no noise
  • Supports combo sleepers very well
  • You can place the mattress on top of any foundation

Puffy Mattress Cons:

  • Its edge support is very poor
  • If you like bouncing mattresses, you might want to look elsewhere

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed – Best Smart Bed

The Sleep Number 360 is the first smart bed in our list, and there’s a good reason for it: it’s one of the few high-quality smart beds created by a trusted and respected mattress manufacturer. It offers many high-tech features that make this product one of the most innovative beds that you can buy in 2019.

This bed can collect information about the way you sleep thanks to its phone app integration. It can recognize your sleeping patterns and adjust itself to help you stop snoring. It comes with its very own heating and cooling system as well!

The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed changes through the night and adapts to the movements of your body. If it detects that some of your muscles are subjected to pressure, the mattress will respond accordingly by changing its shape.

We haven’t ranked this mattress further up on our list solely because of its enormous price tag. You’ll need to offload a considerable sum of cash if you’re looking to buy their King-sized bed.

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed Pros:

  • It has a variety of innovative self-heating features that adapt to your body’s needs
  • Its pressure relief system is one of the best that money can buy
  • The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed is manufactured with high-quality materials – it’s made to last for a long time

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed Cons:

  • The price is just too big. You’ll need to spend a large sum of money to get it

Dreamcloud Mattress – Best Hybrid Mattress

The Dreamcloud mattress is a hybrid type of bed, made by combining an innerspring system with high-quality memory foam. It’s one of the tallest mattresses we’ve reviewed as well, standing at 15’’ inches. It contains 8 different layers on its interior, each offering a different benefit that contributes to the overall great feel and comfort of the bed.

The cover of the Dreamcloud mattress stands out as one of the best in the market – it’s also a combination of various types of fabrics. It’s an ideal bed that could be found comfortable by people who sleep in all sorts of ways.

Even so, stomach sleepers might find it a bit uncomfortable given that the bed tends to sink a bit too much near your torso. This could cause neck pain if you lie on your stomach for an entire night.

The Dreamcloud mattress offers amazing support near the edges of the bed and its pocketed coil innerspring system makes for one of the best motion isolators on the market. It’s an ideal mattress for couples.

Dreamcloud Mattress Pros:

  • Its design suits almost any type of sleeper
  • The Dreamcloud mattress’ features make it ideal to be purchased if you sleep with a partner
  • It has very good ventilation and manages to stay cool throughout the night – even if you like to sleep hot

Dreamcloud Mattress Cons:

  • Stomach sleepers might not like the sinkage of this bed
  • The mattress might feel like it’s too large for some people

Layla Mattress – Best Flippable Mattress

The Layla mattress is very similar to the Sleep EZ Roma mattress, giving that it’s also a two-sided flippable bed which offers different firmness levels on each of its sides. Each side is built with fabrics of different density, allowing owners to choose whichever side suits them better when setting up the bed for the first time.

The quality of the build seems to be well made on both sides. It provides support for people of all sorts of weights as well, which further emphasizes the versatility offered by this bed.

Layla Mattress Pros:

  • The Layla mattress can be enjoyed by everyone – regardless of how much they weigh
  • It offers good comfort and an above average level or pressure relief
  • The construction of the bed is very solid, and the company offers a lifetime guarantee to prove it

Layla Mattress Cons:

  • The mattress is very heavy and difficult to move around

Purple Mattress – Best Adaptable Mattress

The Purple mattress is a layered mattress designed with a special gel (created by the bed’s manufacturer) that serves the purpose of maximizing comfort. This mattress has some of the best pressure-relieving features that we’ve seen, and these features are also greatly aided by the presence of their special gel.

It’s manufactured with an elastic variation of the common polymer fabric and combined with the gel to create a feeling of comfort unmatched by a lot of its competitors.

Purple Mattress Pros:

  • The Purple mattress adapts very well to your body’s movements (you won’t feel stuck while lying down)
  • It provides comfort as well as great pressure relief
  • The mattress isolates movements depending on the zone where they occur

Purple Mattress Cons:

  • The edge support of the mattress is rather poor (it makes it difficult to get out of bed)

EZ Sleep Roma Mattress – Best Dual-Sided Mattress

The Sleep EZ Roma mattress is manufactured by a company which has been family owned since they began producing mattresses 40 years ago. The company offers amazing customer service and their Roma bed is an insignia of the product quality they tend to offer.

This mattress is almost entirely manufactured with high-quality latex. It doesn’t offer any sort of motion isolation thanks to the nature of the product, but it makes up for it in comfort weight support. The Sleep EZ Roma Mattress is also flippable, making both sides unique and adapting to the needs of each owner.

EZ Sleep Roma Mattress Pros:

  • You won’t feel stuck at any time thanks to the way the mattress adapts to your body shape
  • Its pressure relief features make it ideal for back sleepers who suffer from chronic pain
  • Can be used on either side (each provides a different firmness level)

EZ Sleep Roma Mattress Cons:

  • It doesn’t have any sort of motion isolation because of the latex build

Nolah Mattress – Best Foam Mattress

The Nolah mattress is a memory foam mattress made with a unique type of foam, called the AirFoam™. This special foam is manufactured by Nolah themselves. It improves the flow of air inside the mattress and balances out the temperature of your bed. The technology used to create this special foam also makes it great at changing its shape and adapting to your movements.

Nolah Mattress Pros:

  • The special foam used to manufacture this product makes it one of the best memory foam beds in the market
  • The mattress has great cooling features and stays at a good temperature through the night
  • It’s affordable and offers great value for money

Nolah Mattress Cons:

  • The mattress’ comfort layer is very thin – heavy sleepers will probably not have a good time on it

Helix Mattress – Best Custom Mattress

The Helix mattress combines the best fabrics available to create a hybrid mattress which offers great comfort and support. You can fully customize your mattress before ordering it – the company will create a mattress adapted to your preferred height, weight, firmness and mold it according to the sleeping position that you prefer.

The manufacturer will guide you through the buying process with a well-made questionnaire, making the Helix mattress one of the best products when it comes to customer service and attention.

Helix Mattress Pros:

  • You can fully customize your mattress before ordering
  • The mattresses don’t produce noise when you move on top of them – even with their pocketed coil build
  • The Helix mattress is well-balanced and manufactured with high quality materials.

Helix Mattress Cons:

  • The trial they offer is very short (less than a month), which doesn’t bode well for its durability

Tempur Medic Mattress – Best Multipurpose Mattress

Tempur Medic manufactures some of the best memory foam mattresses on the market. They offer a wide selection of products to choose from, so you can get whichever mattress you prefer. All of them are very good and their construction is made to last. All the beds offer good contouring and improve your body shape with their semi-rigid firmness.

The larger Tempur Medic models are well-suited for overweight people, while their thinner products provide great spinal support to average and lightweight buyers alike.

Tempur Medic Mattress Pros:

  • All the mattresses are very good and unique in their own way
  • Their motion transfer features make them a great buy for couples of all sorts
  • The rigidness of the mattress makes it comfortable but great for treating backache as well

Tempur Medic Mattress Cons:

  • The memory foam has issues near the edges of the bed, creating unpleasant edge support for the mattress