nectar mattress
nectar mattress

Need some nectar in Slumber land? Nectar is here for you.

Launched in early 2007, the Nectar mattress embraced a grand strategy of intensive marketing aimed at outmaneuvering its competitors by focusing on product development that grew to be one of the biggest online bed markets. The manufacturers employ foam materials of the highest quality and standards in the industry while ensuring that the final product is both affordable and durable to its consumers.  Customers have praised Nectar mattress as having the best value for money because of its quality. This favorite brand is still compared to the other two titans in the consumer mattress world, Purple and Casper. However, all the three brands have a significantly different characteristic.

Nectar Mattress: A bitter-sweet tale of nectar juice!

Pros and Highlights

  • Great conforming and motion isolation
  • High-density support core memory foam mattress consisting of memory foam quilted at the bottom of the cover with an extra layer of memory foam beneath which prevents the sink in feel.
  • Much more affordable as compared to other competitor consumer brands available in the market.
  • We found the 365-night trial period and its less pricey lifetime warranty to be very irresistible. This also gave us a risk-free trial for a whole year.
  • Available financing through Affirm with free shipping in the U.S


  • We found the edge support to be rather weak.
  • In addition, we have heard of complaints from some customers about their customer service concerning delayed delivery and unresponsiveness.

The Nectar Ingredients

Nectar mattress is an all-foam product made up of four distinct layers stacked up into an 11-inch profile with distinctive 4-inch memory foam at the top which guarantees a substantial capacity to sink and body contouring. If you’re dealing with issues such as hip and shoulder pain after a night’s rest, sleeping on your stomach or night sweats, then you should consider getting a new mattress. With quite some available brands in the market, choosing the right mattress could be a challenge. After listening to positive recommendations from a number of friends, we decided to purchase one unit as part of the furnishing for a new house which our colleague moved in recently. We outlined the experience with the mattress in the review below.

  • Construction – The Steel Beneath the Velvet

From what we were able to read from manufacturer’s manual, Nectar mattress is made from gel memory foam stacked at various levels from the top cover to the bottom. This ensures better contours which lack the common hug effect prevalent in most foam beds. This combination of gel memory foam and lack of “sink-in feel” guarantees significantly more refreshing sleep than offerings from other foam models in the market.

We found the manual a little bit too technical, but we were able to get support from an enthusiastic salesperson who was able to take us through the more arcane details by a telephone call. For instance, the manual talks of Nectar mattress as being made of a “gel memory foam” partitioned into “four distinct layers.” First, a foundation layer or support core of “breathable polyfoam” consisting of “high-density poly foam” which is conveniently built to enable the mattress withstand the test of time, give the bed a firm foundation, stability, and shape. According to our salesperson, this support core/foundation guarantees Nectar mattress a lifespan of 7-8 years or even more, longevity unparalleled by any other mattress of rivaling quality and price.  The second layer is made of a 3-inch gel memory foam which retorts incredibly slowly to pressure allowing the sleeper to sink in comfortably to a satisfying relief from pressure. When we tried out on the mattress and expressed our satisfaction to the perfect contouring of the foam to the body curves, the beaming salesman, confirmed that this was enhanced by this second layer. According to him, it gives a sleeper a feeling of sleeping “in” the bed rather than “on top” of it. Such a pleasant experience is the dream of side sleepers yearning for cushiony support at their hips and shoulders.


The third layer is a “fully infused ultra-cooling gel” which gives it a significant cooling effect as compared to other foam models. The fourth layer is a breathable Tencel cover made from an eco-friendly material with temperature regulating and heat wicking properties. In addition it is resistant to pests. The combination of the Tencel fibers provides an immediate comfort as a result of its soft nature. The dense foam layer gives the mattress superior stability while increasing the airflow of the bed which helps to keep your back aligned while ensuring a cooling effect at the same time

As a result of the interaction of all these layers, the Nectar mattress is considered ideal to almost all individuals. The subtle balance brought about by the upper layer which reacts instantly to the body shape when you sleep with the sheets underneath which supports and relieves pressure enables one to catch sleep faster and stay asleep longer.

  • Firmness

According to their website, and as confirmed to us by the salesman, Nectar mattress is available in only one durability but will suit the vast majority of sleepers. While acknowledging that the feel of the firmness of a bed is a subjective matter, the salesperson was able to confirm to us that they gave it a stiffness of 5.5 to 7.5 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the least firm while ten being the firmest. This rating, according to the manufacturer, is considered a medium firm mattress with an ideal starting point for various sleeping positions- since it’s neither too hard nor not too soft. This rating gives it the capability to accommodate sleepers who carry a lot of weight as well as stomach sleepers. We found Nectar mattress to have a perfect firmness for an individual’s back since it kept their spine straight while providing the desired softness to relieve any pressure. The salesman asserted that some consumers reported that Nectar mattress felt very soft immediately one lay on it with the firmness becoming ostensible when the denser layers underneath begin to activate. This could mean that the bed may appear firmer when someone who is more massive lies on it as compared to one who is a little lighter.

While the firmness level is appropriate for a majority of owners, about 12% of users found it a bit too firm while 2% of them regard it as too soft, as revealed in the diagram above. Approximately 15% others view the firmness to be acceptable but not ideal for their comfort.

We were also able to learn from a different source that an alternative competing metric that is sometimes used in rating the firmness of a mattress is what is referred to as an “Indentation Load Deflection” or ILD. It’s a number that represents firmness where 12 is indicative of plushness while 50 is an indication of a strongly firm mattress. This was confirmed to us by the sales person when we pointed it out to him while stressing that most of the comfort in Nectar mattress emanated from the top two layers discussed above which carry ILDs of 14 and 15. The soft base has an ILD of about 45 while the bottom layer’s ILD is 55.  He further explained that experiments had been done where a 130-pound weight was applied to a nine by 7-inch area of Nectar mattress. The analysis showed that medium products of Nectar mattress tended to sink by about 6.75 inches. This, according to him was indicative of a slightly solid product on the medium range.

  • Availability: Where do I get some nectar juice?

The nectar mattress is only available online at Nectars website. It is not available in any third party retailers since the company does not operate any brick and mortar stores. Because of its popularity, the demand for this mattress is currently higher than the supply which has led to a more extended waiting period between ordering and shipping.

  • Pressure and Sleeping positions

Closely related to “Firmness” is another characteristic referred to as the “Pressure Map.” This is a representation of areas within a bed where pressure points are most likely to appear when one lays on top of it. Pressure is a significant component of any new bed. It is important to identify where the pressure points are most likely to form on a mattress while lying on it. Some Nectar mattress users have found it to have an initial firm feel which later on gave in to a comfortable sink after a few minutes. On our end, we were able to detect some compression on the soft foam top layers while testing out the edge support capabilities of Nectar mattress. We can, however, say that the high-density poly foam base is good at supporting weights along the edges thereby providing a sense of security and comfort.

Various sleeping positions also generate different feelings of comfort and pressure from the sleepers. Determining the optimal sleeping position is entirely a personal and subjective decision. In our view, a person’s unique preferences, body weight, health conditions are vital in influencing the sleeping position at which one may be able to derive the greatest individual comfort. The salesman confirmed to us that they also provided sleep trials at the Nectar manufacturing plant.

Our colleague being a sleeper who prefers softer mattresses which snuggly contours to the hips and shoulders, a characteristic he found Nectar mattresses satisfactorily provided.

  • Side Sleepers

Sleepers who like sleeping on their side will get great experiences of pressure relief from this particular mattress. Nectar has received average ratings from people who love sleeping on their sides. Average weight sleepers (weight of fewer than 130 lbs.) and heavyweight sleepers (more than 230 lbs.) rated Nectar as being fair. Average weight sleepers (those weighing between 130-230 lbs.) on the other hand rated Nectar as being “good.”

  • Stomach Sleepers

Those who love sleeping on their stomachs will however not enjoy the same pleasures as the side sleepers. According to individuals we consulted recently, thick memory foam layers have been known to cause some sleepers’ hips to sink out of alignment with their shoulders. This sometimes resulted in multiplying the tension along their spines. For the back sleepers, Nectar mattresses do an excellent job. This is because when sleeping on your back, the lumbar area requires the right combination of contour and support which is entirely provided by a high-density memory and base foam mattress like the Nectar mattress.

  • Back Sleepers

According to, Nectar received a “good” review across the board from back sleepers. Back sleepers have been shown to do correctly in medium-firm mattresses which Nectar provides.

The website summarizes ratings from the three spectra of sleepers in the table below:

Below Average Weight

(under 130 lbs.)

Average Weight

(130-230 lbs.)

Above Average Weight

(above 230 lbs.)

Side Sleepers Fair Good Fair
Back Sleepers Good Good Good
Stomach Sleepers Poor Fair Fair
  • Size and Pricing

Nectar is available in various sizes and pricing which according to the website can be summarized in the table below. Customers who also buy Nectar mattresses of any size receive two complimentary pillows.

Size Dimensions Price
Twin 39”X75” X11” $399
Twin XL 39”X80” X11” $469
Full 54”X75” X11” $599
Queen 60”X80” X11” $699
King 76”X80” X11” $799
California King 72”X84” X11” $799
  • Need some play?

Nectar is an excellent choice for couples who may need some springiness in their mattress for fun bedtime activities. Memory foam mattresses are by design static in nature and offer less spring-back. However, Nectar is unlike another form of cushions because it rebounds well. It provides stability and silence one would expect from any foam but at the same time has an active Adaptive HI Core layer. This layer is responsible for giving the bed a great bounce as well as recovery. The feeling of getting “stuck” in certain spots on the mattress is non-existent. Moving around the mattress is easier without hindrances from the upper layers. Related to this is edge support. Even though some compression may be felt when you sit on the extreme edge, there should be no fear of rolling off during those moments of excitement with your partner. It is rated highly above other types of foam mattresses when it comes to edge support, and some people have even claimed that it’s sturdier on the sides when compared to additional spring beds. In as much as the bounce is essential for active partners, Nectar does a splendid job of keeping motion transfer to a bare minimum. The bounce is incredibly subdued when compared to that of an innerspring bed making your movements isolated effectively during the entire period of your sleep. For example, assuming that your sleeping partner slightly slips out of bed, his/her movement won’t be felt at all by you. This is because, during this motion, the softer upper layers are the ones that are activated, barely moving the bed and producing little vibrations. In the case of somebody bouncing off the bed vigorously, then the lower denser layers that are comparatively more responsive will echo the waves louder. When it comes to late-night movements, it’s unlikely that either of you will wake up each other on this type of mattress. It thus makes Nectar an ideal bed for people who work on different schedules requiring them to wake up while the other partner is still asleep.

  • Other Extras and Goodies

One of the few extras worthy of mention that come with the mattress and bed is temperature control. It has a breathable cover which naturally keeps cool and the layers below specially designed to dissipate heat efficiently. It has two gel foam layers that use thermos-regulating gel that disperses your body heat so that you can sleep cool. The layers under are breathable and improve airflow to prevent the heat from accumulating throughout the night. Since the Nectar mattresses tend less towards sagging, they are less likely to trap heat when compared to other typical foam mattresses. Those who have had the opportunity to sleep on Nectar mattresses have kind words for its high capability of keeping night heat away.

The other great feature is its trial period which is an incredibly long 365-day money-back guarantee. When compared to other offerings, this is way much more than your body requires to get used to the mattress. This shows that Nectar goes the extra mile to make sure its customers are satisfied. One is hard-pressed to find a trial period that long from other competing mattress companies. In case you are not happy with the mattress for any reason during the trial period, you are free to call or e-mail Nectar who will then arrange for your bed to be picked up. A full refund is guaranteed after that making the trial genuinely risk-free.

Nectar also offers what they call a “Choice Option” to customers who had their mattress for more than ten years. With this option, instead of having the mattress repaired or replaced, one is given the choice of buying a new bed from Nectar at 50% off the prevailing price. You are also allowed to keep the old mattress, which is an excellent option to people who want to add a still-functional cushion to a guest room while upgrading to a current version of the bedroom. Nectar is indeed a premium bed as far as the build quality is concerned and the quality material it is made from. It is still affordable because no middlemen are involved in the chain. The long warranty period is also an indication of the durability of the bed. The materials it’s made from is not only of high quality but safe and environmentally-friendly. There are no unsafe fire-retardants, no ozone-depleting chemicals or heavy metals involved in its manufacture.

Is Nectar Mattress Right for You?

After going through the characteristics of the Nectar mattress, we at this moment provide a few recommendations and reservations that may assist you in deciding as to whether Nectar is good or bad for you.


  • Stomach sleepers may find that it sends their shoulders out of alignment with their hips.
  • Also, Nectar lacks sufficient bounce which could be discouraging to people looking for some light support.


  • We would recommend Nectar to any person who wants the classic memory feel and deep body contouring that comes with it.
  • Our conclusion is that Nectar is a good mattress for side sleepers who will likely benefit from the pressure relief on the hips and shoulders.
  • Taking into account its excellent motion transfer and edge support capabilities, we can recommend it to all couples looking forward to a superb sleeping experience.