Getting a custom painting done could change your life for good. Some things, people or pets crave to be immortalized, but maybe you don’t have the artistic talent to do it yourself, or you simply lack the time to start a major artistic project because of real world commitments.

Thankfully, there are many people around the world that offer services to achieve just that. They will create art for you in exchange for a moderate fee that even the most modest of earners could afford.

Although some of these professional artists tend to charge a bit too much money for our liking, it’s possible to find high-quality painters who will immortalize for you anything that you ask them to. That’s how we came across

What Is

The community is a website that offers professional artistic services for those looking to have their own custom paintings made. The website has been very successful in recent years, growing in success thanks to the quality of their portraits as well as the unparalleled value for money that they offer.

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The website started offering services to the general public back in 2006, when freelancing sites were nothing but newborns and artists didn’t use them to promote themselves. This allowed the website to offer the best custom art, having at their disposal the best artists on the online market.

Issues with Overpricing

If you’ve been on the hunt for quality artists before, you may have noticed that some tend to overprice their services. At times, artists could charge you well over $5,000 for a single custom painting. That seems a bit too much for a regular person to handle.

However, has made their mission to provide high-quality artists with constant work, in exchange for moderate fees and affordable pricing for their customers. In fact, the website offers some of the best custom paintings we’ve seen at the best prices on the market. Have no doubts, if you’re looking for the best custom art you can buy, is the way to go.

How Does PaintYourLife Work?

Since they started operating, has been running on the belief that everyone should be able to immortalize pictures in the form of art without having to break the bank for it. However, potential buyers would only be interested in buying the best custom art pieces for their homes, as they wouldn’t want to immortalize their loved ones in low-quality art.

PaintYourLife – How It Works

The company has lived up to its original offering. The best oil artists now form part of the Paint Your Life community, and they’re offering their services according to the website’s own standards and pricing.

How to Get the Best Custom Art from Paint Your Life?

Apart from their top-notch product offerings, the site also gives buyers the option to do buy quality art as easily as possible. To begin your process, simply access the website and upload whichever photo you want to be immortalized as a painting.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be prompted with options to select the size of your painting. You’ll also be able to add additional comments which the artist will be able to read and use as feedback to provide you with the best custom art you can get.

Likewise, the artist will provide you with email notifications to let you know when your custom art is being done. For example, as soon as the artist starts creating your painting, they’ll send you a picture showing the basic guidelines and the way they’re starting the artistic process.

Afterwards, you’ll be notified when the picture is halfway done and when it’s finished. You’ll be able to ask the artist for changes you’d like to make in the painting, to make sure you’ll be getting the best custom art for your photo.

In order to give feedback to the artist, all you need to do is respond to each email you receive individually. They’ll send you new pictures of the changes and any feedback that you’ve provided applied to the piece.


If you’re interested in the project and you really want to buy one of these paintings, you’re probably already wondering how much money you’ll need to fork out for one of these pieces. Contrary to what most people might think, they’re cheap if you compare them to the ones you’d get from other similar sites.

The website offers competitive pricing and they estimate the total cost of your art according to the size of your requested painting as well as the type of painting that you want. The best custom art is not out of your reach – in fact, you can get one of these custom pieces made by much less than $200 (depending on the size that you want).

Art Size

Whether you like your new painting to go in your nightstand or hanged on a wall, you’ll want to consider the size of it before ordering it. The size also influences how pricey the piece will be.

You need to take into consideration how much available space you have at home before committing to a huge painting. The website offers the best custom art for nightstands as well as really good paintings that you can hang on walls.

To help you get a better idea of their sizing options, you can order 8×10 pieces (which are ideal to be placed in coffee tables, nightstands, or other decorative furniture) or anything else up to 48×72 paintings (ideal to be hung on the walls of your home).

Type of Art

You’ll notice that the website allows you to choose a medium for your portrait to be painted in. Although originally thought for oil paintings, the website has evolved to offer customers a wide variety of options so they can fully customize their art to their hearts’ content.

We recommend people to be fully aware of what they want before starting the selection process. If you’re unsure which medium you’d rather select, we encourage you to pause your art application and start learning about painting techniques. Some might suit your desired photo better – be sure to read all about them to make sure you’ll get the best custom art for your picture.

You’ll be able to choose anything from the following list of mediums: watercolor, pastel, pencils, acrylic, oil, and charcoal.

The type of painting technique that you choose is also influential on the price. The website combines the painting medium with the size of the painting and the custom frame you desire to calculate the price you’ll pay for the piece.

Choosing the Best Photo for Custom Art

It doesn’t matter what you want to be immortalized in a painting, just make sure that whichever photo you choose clearly represents what you want the painting to show. Some pictures seem to show more liveliness than others – make sure you opt to select one of those to get the best out of your experience.

Once you’ve chosen the picture, you’ll have to manually select an artist to work with (although the site could automatically assign an artist for you, should you choose to skip this option).

Choosing the Best Artist for Custom Art

Selecting the best artist to suit your needs is not too hard. Browse the site galleries and see which type of painting better adapts to your style and then simply select to contact the artist.

Keep in mind that artists have different styles. Your picture might be better represented by certain painters, while it could end up not looking like you want if you don’t choose a custom artist.

In fact, if you don’t select an artist by yourself, the site will evaluate your picture and assign you an artist that they deem appropriate. The system is friendly for everyone, including those who’d like limited customization. Regardless, the result will be a high-quality custom art that you’re very likely to cherish for years to come.

Creating the Best Custom Art for You with Your Artist

Once you’ve told the artist what you want, you’ll work with them by providing them feedback on any changes that you may want to get on your painting. The artist will comply and change the piece of art to better suit your needs. Once the process is done, you’ll very likely feel that you have the best custom art painting in your hands.

Furthermore, you’ll need to keep the edit request realistic. There’s a certain commitment between you and your artist once the process begins, but don’t expect the artist to remake the entire painting. You could contact the website and ask for a refund if you don’t feel like you have the best custom art piece in relation to your picture.

Refund Policies

PaintYourLife offers users a 30-day money back warranty. The website covers all sorts of things, going from damaged painting to the user being generally dissatisfied with the result of the piece. You can even ask the artist to modify the painting after you’ve received it in person as part of the post-purchase benefits!