The BedJet is a compact heating and cooling system capable of manipulating the temperature of your mattress. Once you properly set it up, you’ll be able to decide how you want the device to function. You can make it heat the surface beneath your covers if the nights are chilly and cold. On the contrary, you can set the BedJet to cool down your mattress if the nights are hot.

You can also select to purchase their Dual Zone package, which includes two BedJet units. This will allow you to set each unit at opposing sides of your bed, permitting you to input separate settings to each unit. The design should work with any type of cover and mattress, but the manufacturer also offers a BedJet-exclusive cover called the Air Comfort Cloud Sheet.

How does BedJet Work and Why Should You Purchase a BedJet?

The BedJet is a device which operates with a single base unit. It comes with a hose that must be placed underneath your bed’s covers. Once placed, you must customize the unit’s setup before turning it on. There are plenty of customization options available: you can set it to turn itself on after a certain period or you can simply turn it on once before going to bed.

All BedJet Heater Pros & Cons

The BedJet is one of the best bed heaters on the market, if not the best. A single unit can heat up a large bed in a matter of minutes, but if you own a Cal King-sized mattress, you might want to opt for their Dual Zone package.

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Regardless of this, the product does have a few flaws that can’t be overlooked. Read this section closely before purchasing.

Bedjet Pros:

  • The BedJet is really easy to put together – installation doesn’t take long
  • You can get it to work and program it with a phone app (available for Android and iOS devices)
  • The product also includes a controller which can be also used to program the unit
  • The temperature can be tuned to your liking. There are a lot of options to customize it
  • BedJet has been around for a long time and is highly regarded as one of the best bed heaters on the market

Bedjet Cons:

  • The BedJet unit produces a white noise that some owners could find annoying
  • Although you pay for quality, the BedJet is an expensive unit and you’ll have to pay a large sum of money to get it

Our List of All BedJet Features & Other BedJet Facts

BedJet Technical Features

The BedJet unit is designed to be placed in one of the corners of your bed. It should go right beneath the lowest of your sheets. The device’s unit serves the purpose of blowing air (meaning the device is an advanced blower unit), which is directed to your bed through a resistant hose.

You don’t have to wait any amount of time for the device to ready up before starting. As soon as you press the power button, hot air will start to flow through to the underside of your covers.

BedJet’s technical features allow you to fully customize the device to your liking. It works incredibly well both as a means to heat up or cool down your mattress

The device does make some noise, which could be inconvenient for some people. Regardless, its volume is rather low, and most would just consider it a source of white noise.

As we mentioned before, the device comes with a computerized machine that allows you to schedule its operative time. The manufacturers also recommend using the product for 5 to 10 minutes before going to bed. You might wake up during the night if you feel a drastic change of temperature, so heating up your bed previously could work wonders for some people.

BedJet SmartPhone App

You’ll be able to program and control your BedJet unit (or units, if you purchased the Dual Zone package) by downloading and installing the BedJet app in your smartphone. This is ideal for people who like to sleep with their phone charging in their nightstand, as they’ll be able to control the device without having to use the controller.

You’ll only be able to access the controls of the BedJet via Bluetooth, as the device can’t be connected to the internet. Regardless, you can control and set your own schedules before going to bed, even if you’re watching TV in another room.

How Good Is the BedJet Performance?

We know that buying the BedJet constitutes investing a large sum of money. Naturally, you’ll be expecting its performance levels to be virtually unmatched by other products. Thankfully, our tests have concluded that the unit’s performance is indeed of the highest quality.

The BedJet units perform at an outstanding level of quality. These products are some of the best bedroom climate systems on the market

The unit is capable of quickly heating up your bed shortly after you turn on the device. To test the device, we set up the system at the exact temperature that we wanted before hopping into bed. The temperature changes very quickly – you can notice the effects of the unit’s hot air blow during the first couple of minutes.

Cooling the bed down once it reached a relatively high temperature was also very straightforward. The controller lets you change the temperature settings with the touch of a button. The app is functional and does a great job as well. We do want you to note that your phone must be close to the unit if you want the app to work properly – the signal is rather poor.

BedJet Remote Versus BedJet Phone App

Although we’ve already mentioned a few of the differences between the BedJet app and the remote, there’s also one main advantage that plays a huge part in deciding which of these devices to use. The remote doesn’t have a numbered board or a screen, which means you’ll have to press the buttons quite a few times until you find the right temperature.

The BedJet app allows a quicker setup thanks to better input options, while it can take a while longer if you use the stock remote

The app, on the other hand, allows you to input the exact mattress temperature that you want. The BedJet unit will adjust itself according to the numbers that you input to your phone. The same thing happens with the BedJet timer: it takes what feels like ages to adjust it using the remote, while it can be done very quickly if you have access to the BedJet Bluetooth app.

There are other more apparent benefits of using your phone, like the advantage of having it with you at all times and the fact that you won’t have to worry about getting new batteries. The decision is up to you, but we recommend using the app whenever you can.

BedJet Sleep Technology

There is a system in most of the advanced BedJet models that permits you to control the on/off cycle of the unit according to your body’s rhythm. You can set the device to blow hot or cold air once you’re deeply asleep.

The device can be programmed to blow air after you’re fast asleep by inputting personal information into the system

The unit can’t read your biorhythm, but you can feed the BedJet with some personal information that will allow it to calculate the moment when you fall entirely asleep. The results will be as precise as the information you input to the machine, given that the unit can’t properly read your sleep cycle.

BedJet includes some basic layouts that you can use to automatically tune the amount of air blown while you’re asleep. Regardless, you can fully customize it to your liking. The manufacturer encourages you to get the best out of these features, as this enhances your sleeping experience to the fullest.

BedJet Noise Level

The BedJet manufacturers sell you the idea that the unit generates nothing but an almost silent white noise. We feel that this statement is not entirely true. You might not find this device very pleasant if you’re a light sleeper (or if you dislike going to bed with background noise). However, you’re probably going to love this product if you enjoy white noises while you rest.

People who enjoy sleeping with white noise in the background are likely to find this unit very soothing

BedJet has special technology designed to keep the unit from producing loud noises. The product does generate noises while it’s on, but since the sound is constant and non-changing, you’ll probably find it soothing after a while.

The noises it generates will also be quieter if you configure the product to stay at a low heating level. The hotter you set the temperature, the louder the unit will sound. Setting it to the maximum will heat your bed for at least 25 degrees in a matter of 4 minutes. It’s up to you to decide what you want: a quiet, soothing noise or a quickly-heated mattress.

What Is the Best Way to Use BedJet?

We recommend you don’t hop straight into bed after you’ve put the unit in place. Turn the device on at your preferred temperature and wait for it to work its magic for a few minutes.

The minimum amount of time that you should wait before lying down is 7 minutes. The bed will probably not be at the temperature you desire if you lie down sooner (unless you’re just heating the mattress up a bit).

Set your temperature, wait a few minutes and hop into your bed – it’s that simple!

The cooling time of the BedJet is also a tad slower than its heating period. It takes a few more minutes for your bed to reach a comfortable level of coolness – you should be satisfied with the temperature after the BedJet cooling process has gone on for at least 10 minutes.

Keep in mind that these times are estimates and they’re subjected to personal preferences and room temperature. It might take different amounts of time for you to be pleased with the results. You’ll know how much time you need in average after using the product for the first week.

What is the BedJet Dual Zone?

The BedJet Dual Zone is a system that constitutes using two BedJet units to serve a variety of different functions. Purchasing Dual Zone is the most expensive way of obtaining BedJet, but it’s also the most efficient. As we mentioned before, the Dual Zone system allows you to heat up or cool down your bed much quicker – twice as quick as using a single unit.

The Dual Zone system allows you to create temperature zones in your mattress, but it can also be used to make your bed reach the desired temperature much quicker

You could set both units to blow air at the same temperature and watch your bed reach the feeling you desire in a couple of minutes. This is very useful if you own a Cal King-sized bed, or if you’re not looking forward to waiting around for a short while.

The BedJet Dual Zone system can also be used to create temperature zones in your mattress. If you sleep with a partner that likes to feel cool while in bed, but you’d rather sleep hot, the Dual Zone system can be set to heat up one side of the bed while blowing cool air to the other.

BedJet Dual Zone is your best option if you share the bed with a partner, as it allows both of you to customize each side of the bed to your liking.

Everything You Need to Know About the BedJet AirComfort

This super comfortable sheet can be purchased to enhance the effects of the BedJet unit. It fills up with air way quicker than any regular sheet that you might have, and it’s compatible with numerous BedJet units at once. You can use it to improve the zoning experience of the Dual Zone package, for example.

Regular sheets can do the trick as well but owning a BedJet AirComfort sheet makes the temperature feel more evenly distributed across your mattress. Regular sheets allow air to flow more freely with no coherence, which makes the air roam near the area where your feet are.

We feel like the AirComfort sheet is necessary to get the best out of the BedJet unit’s heating and cooling features.

The BedJet AirComfort sheet improves the quality of your sleep by staying inflated and conserving your desired temperature through the night

The main issue is that the product is very expensive – especially when considering that it’s just a sheet for your bed. Regardless, you’ll be paying for a high-quality product that should last you for a long time. Given that the system itself is already expensive, you might want to add a few more bucks to your purchase to get the best out of it.

The sheet is also well manufactured and touching it with your skin feels very good. Washing it is very straightforward and the quality of the fabric allows it to keep its shape without shrinking or tearing. It’s comfortable, have no doubts about it.

Why Purchase the BedJet AirComfort Sheet?

This sheet has four openings near its corners, where the hose of the BedJet unit fits. This means that you don’t have to forcefully slide the hose beneath your regular sheets (which also makes it lose air too quickly). All you must do is place the hose in one of the openings and turn on the device with your preferred settings.

The BedJet AirComfort sheet remains inflated through the night. It loses air very slowly. Overall, your BedJet experience should significantly improve if you decide to buy one of these add-ons.

BedJet Cost & Purchasing Information

One regular BedJet unit costs $499, but you could also purchase a refurbished edition in the manufacturer’s website which goes for a bit less. Regardless, the most expensive BedJet product is the Dual Zone package, which includes a couple of advanced BedJet units to provide maximum customization to large beds.

The Dual Zone package costs $1129. There are other QOL accessories that enhance your experience with the product, such as the AirComfort sheet we discussed above. This sheet costs $139 with no discounts.

You’ll receive a 60-day guarantee with your purchase as well as the option to return the product for free. The shipping costs are also covered by the manufacturer when you buy the product (if you live in the US).

Our Final Verdict

BedJet products are some of the best climate comfort systems for your bedroom. The amount of features that these devices offer is second to none and we haven’t come across such a customizable device before. You can set the unit to heat up your mattress to the fullest or you could have the coolest sleeping experience of your life if you like – it’s all up to you.

The purchasing options like the Dual Zone and additional products like the BedJet AirComfort sheet serve to further enhance the experience you’ll have with BedJet. We strongly recommend pairing your unit (or units) with the AirComfort sheet if you can afford the luxury of spending a few additional dollars – you’re highly unlikely to regret it.