Half Price Drapes might not sound like an actual business name, but they are one of the largest custom drape manufacturers in the United States. They’ve currently supplied over 20,000 customers from all over America and the entire planet, having their products sold at some of the most important shops in the world, including online sellers like Amazon.

They differ from other companies by having everything custom made. Thus, all of their products are made by their own employees. The fabric used to make the drapes is weaved by the company, and the drapes and curtains are made entirely by themselves – they don’t purchase any of what they sell from third-party sellers.

Likewise, they’re also well-known for making amazing curtains for bedrooms and living rooms. They have many products at their disposal, but their most sold products are mainly fabric-related objects that you use in your bedroom.

Our aim with this review is to see if Half Price Drapes truly lives up to their expectations, as well as to determine how good their products truly are and how good is the service offered by the company. If you’ve given thoughts to buying from Half Price Drapes, we encourage you to read our full review first.

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Half Price Drapes – A Company Overview

Half Price Drapes started operations in the United States during the first decade of the XI century. The company has always had the goal to cut a ton of production costs, so they can offer much better deals to its customers. As such, the company only sells products that they produce themselves.

The fact that they create all of their drapes and curtains with custom made fabric makes for huge saving in various costs, such as imports and transport. With these cut costs in mind, you’ll be buying these products from major retailers or other stores where the manufacturer sells their fabric products, and this is the only added cost that you’ll be paying for it.

That’s why the company is called Half Price Drapes. Their products are of very high quality, but they are nonetheless very cheap when compared to what the competition sells. This has earned them a place among buyers of all economic backgrounds, and you see their drapes on some of the most prestigious stores on the planet as well as in family homes of different social and economic positions.

They also sell their products directly, which could save you a ton of money if you choose to buy straight from their online catalog.

The Pros & Cons of Buying from Half Price Drapes

Buying from a cheap retailer is not something that many people would consider a safe bet, but Half Price Drapes has changed the view of their customers to reflect how some companies can sell high-quality products at a very low price. However, their products aren’t perfect, and some customers have had complaints about them in the past.

We’ve made a list of the best features of Half Price Drapes as well as the drawbacks that might come when you purchase one of their products. Keep in mind that some negative aspects of their products are strictly due to personal preference and opinions, so we’ve left them out of our list.

Half Price Drapes Pros

  • Half Price Drapes is one of the cheapest high-quality fabric retailers on the planet
  • The products offered by the company offer great value for money
  • They offer an incredible number of designs which you’ll be able to see in their website’s catalog, allowing you to customize your home’s bedroom as you see fit
  • Their products adapt very well to any bedroom, and the wide variety of designs makes Half Price Drapes an ideal retailer for any type of homeowner
  • The quality of the fabric is great, which makes the curtains and drapes very resistant and not prone to tearing apart easily

Half Price Drapes Cons

  • Some of the colors might look different in the site than what they look like in real life, which could cause trouble to homeowners when decorating their room
  • They deceive a bit with their advertising, as you will only receive one panel of a curtain in most of their sales. However, they show 2 or even 4 panels in some pictures, which feels like disloyal publicity

The Actual Prices of Half Price Drapes

Wherever you go and whichever site you visit, you’ll probably read that Half Price Drapes offers the best curtains at the best price on the internet. However, they rarely go into specifics, which can be a bit deceiving for those looking to buy drapes for their bedrooms as soon as possible.

To clear things up, the best thing you can do is refer to their site’s pricing policy: they offer customers the chance to find one of their products at a better price in other websites, and they’ll instantly match the price offered there and refund you the extra cash. This shows how confident they are on the price of their products.

However, it’s also important to note that each Half Price Drapes product costs a different amount of money, which is determined by the fabric used to manufacture each piece. For example, their raw silk curtains might be found at just over $60 per piece, while their velvet curtains and drapes tend to cost almost $90.

Something to Always Be Aware Of

The value for money of each product is very good, but we find very deceiving that they only sell one panel per purchase, while the images used on the site clearly show two or more. It wouldn’t look good if the windows only showed one piece, but it’s easy not to read that you’ll need a couple of panels to completely cover most windows – especially because this is never explicitly stated.

You’ll have to multiply by two the amount of money that you’ll pay for each curtain, or even by four if you want to cover a large window with Half Price Drapes.

The Return and Refund Policies of Half Price Drapes

Working with fabric is always difficult, so it’s important that your manufacturer is willing to offer a special refund policy in case your new drape or curtain comes with defects or flaws. Half Price Drapes offers a refund policy of 30 days, but only if the product comes with a clear manufacturer issue.

If you’re not satisfied with the product, you might have to personally call their customer support to see if there’s anything you can do about it. They don’t explicitly offer refund policies to people unsatisfied with their purchases, which is troublesome if you don’t buy the curtain or drape personally.

Some colors might not be well represented in the website’s pictures (although most of them are, some customers might feel like the colors are different when they see them in person). Not being able to return them might be a huge pain if your new curtain doesn’t match the color of your bedroom.

Their Catalog and Avoiding Color Differences

The company is aware of color mismatches and they have had issues with it in the past. However, they now offer the option for users to order samples that they will receive at their address, to make sure that the product that they want looks exactly how they want it to look in real life.

Since the company offers this option, the fact that they don’t refund money if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase isn’t as damaging as it would be without having it. However, we do encourage you to always ask the company for a sample of fabric before buying any of their drapes, as this will guarantee that the final product is of your liking. 

What Do They Offer?

Their website catalog looks huge, and each category is also divided into various subcategories that contain various types of drapes and curtains. These are the main categories of products that they offer on their website:

  • Solid Color Curtains
  • Pattern & Printed Curtains
  • Signature Silk Curtains
  • Faux Silk Curtains
  • Velvet Curtains
  • Blackout Curtains
  • Cotton Curtains
  • Linen Curtains
  • Sheer Curtains
  • Window Shades
  • Hardware & Décor

The Hardware & Décor category isn’t their most widely stocked, but they do offer a few additional things that might compliment your room’s décor very well. For example, they sell cushion covers, dining chair covers, and even bedding décor, which you can ask custom made to match your new curtain sets. It’s an overall great addition for people that love fully custom bedrooms and homes.

Our Final Verdict on Half Price Drapes – Is Buying from them a Scam?

Half Price Drapes is one of the best manufacturers that you can buy from if you’re looking to buy high-quality drapes without having to pay a ton of money to get them. Their products might not be the cheapest on the market, but they are very cheap when considering the quality of what you’re buying.

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The only big downside of the company is that their advertising is a bit deceiving, but the product quality is unquestionable. Their competitors offer higher prices than them, even if they have similar policies. Just be sure to ask for a sample of whichever type of fabric you like before purchasing a set of drapes and you’ll most likely be very happy with your purchase.