The MyPillow is a high-quality pillow that has been growing in popularity in recent years. The company has invested a significant amount of money in advertisement, and many local TV stations are showing the product all over the place. In addition to it, there are countless stands across American malls selling the product.

We couldn’t help but wonder: is all the hype truly real, or has it been fabricated by the company? We’ve tried non-adjustable pillow before, and some of the products have truly let us down when comparing them to what we first expected. So, we decided to try out the new MyPillow to see what all the hype is about.

You can buy whichever type of fill you prefer, as the company offers many different options, but once you’ve bought a MyPillow model you won’t be able to modify it whatsoever. Choose wisely after reading our thorough review of the product.

Why Should You Buy a New Pillow?

Before going into full depth regarding the most important features of MyPillow, it’s crucial that you know the importance of buying a new pillow – especially if those that you own are already torn or just don’t feel as good as they did when you bought them.

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You should change your pillow regularly, making sure that whichever new product that you buy fully adapts to your specific needs. You should always buy a pillow that adapts to your sleeping position – make sure that MyPillow has all the characteristics that you want in a product before you buy it.

Guaranteed Comfort

Although comfort is a very sensitive subject (mainly because comfort is perceived differently by every person on the planet), buying a new pillow means that you’ll be getting the best out of the product. Just make sure that the pillow you buy suits your needs and you’ll instantly notice how the extra comfort will be instantly felt as soon as you try it for the first time.

Remember that some pillows are intentionally harder, while others are designed to let your head sink deeper into it. Read our list of MyPillow features to make sure it’s what you need.

Improved Sleep

Those who suffer from insomnia or other sleeping conditions might want to take a look at their pillows to fix their problems. Pillows and mattresses of low quality or worn-down products can be very damaging to a person – buying new products when yours start to show signs of damage might play a crucial role in improving your sleep.

The Pros & Cons of MyPillow

We’ve noticed that MyPillow has a bunch of different features, some of which are detrimental to the product’s performance while in use. However, we also found that some of the things offered by the pillow make it extremely comfortable to sleep on, so we’ve made a list of all the benefits and drawbacks of the pillow to help you get a better idea of what you’ll be buying.

MyPillow Pros

  • There are a ton of firmness options for you to choose from, which mitigates the issue of the pillow not being modifiable after buying it
  • The size of the product along manufacturer policies make this pillow easy and cheap to transport
  • It’s great for people who sleep hot, as the pillow doesn’t retain heat and allows you to stay cool through the night
  • MyPillow is well complemented by most types of mattresses
  • You can wash it on a washing machine without fearing for the product tearing or being damaged

MyPillow Cons

  • You can’t change the fill of the pillow once you buy it unless you tear it and sew it back. This is far from ideal – especially if you’re unable to take advantage of their refund and return policy
  • The product has lost a bit of credibility in recent years because of some false claims they made on TV, which now earns them a bad rating among customers

MyPillow Construction – How It Works

The inner build of the pillow is always made of the same materials, regardless of which firmness option you prefer. They only vary in the amount of fill that the company uses, which gives each product a specific level of firmness. These pillows are entirely made of foam (a peculiar type of foam as well, called polyurethane), which is soft and easy to bend.

Likewise, the foam allows the pillow to be carried around easily, without struggling to fold it or store it on boxes or any compartment.

All of the foam inside the pillow is intentionally shredded. This increases comfort to the user (the pieces are well cut with comfort in mind), but it also makes air pass through the pillow easily. This is what makes MyPillow such a great option for people that sleep hot – it can stay cool through the night and keep your head from sweating too much.

The company doesn’t offer a special super firm pillow or anything of the likes, but you can ask for a medium-firm model if you like to sleep on semi-firm pillows. We do recommend avoiding their soft model if you like to feel that your head is supported, as the soft version of MyPillow lets you sink too much.

The Overall Feel of a MyPillow Product

It’s hard to judge the firmness and feel of MyPillow because of their different firmness options, but each of them is designed to offer maximum comfort to satisfy the needs of each type of sleeper. We do recommend the medium-firm model to side sleepers and stomach sleepers, as it offers better support to their necks.

However, if you’re one of those people that loves to sleep on their back, the softer options might offer even better comfort to your head and neck.

There are other features that all MyPillow models have in common, though, considering that the polyfoam used to create the fill of each pillow is the same. The lack of latex, for example, makes the pillow stay quiet through the night. As such, is a great product for those combo sleepers that struggle to find a comfortable position.

Moving MyPillow – One of Its Strongest Assets

The fact that the polyfoam is so easy to shape makes MyPillow a great product to be bought by those who move their pillow around in the night. Some sleepers love to hug their pillow, for example, and the easiness with which this pillow adapts to new shapes makes it a solid option for those who do it.

The fill of the pillow can be adapted by shaping it with your hand, but it also adapts very well when you move MyPillow around or when you apply pressure to it with your own head.

It’s a very responsive pillow that can be smoothed according to your own preferences. Always keep in mind that the fill of the pillow can be freely distributed, even when the pillow itself cannot be opened or modified. Versatility is one of its strongest assets.

MyPillow Prices and Info

The pricing of MyPillow doesn’t vary, regardless of how much fill you like to have inside your pillow. As such, the product has four different models with the same prices and firmness. We’ve made a list of the best features of each MyPillow model to help you get a better idea of what you’ll be getting with each of them.

Keep in mind that all of these models share the same price, which the company has set at just short of $60. They seem very expensive, but they’re very well worth it if you’re looking for soft, durable, and comfortable pillow options.

Yellow Model (Softest Option)

This option of softness allows your head to lay just a bit above the mattress, which keeps your spine aligned through the night regardless of which sleeping position you prefer. It doesn’t offer as much support, though, as it allows your head to sink a lot on the pillow.

White Model (Medium Soft)

The White model has a very similar level of firmness to its Yellow counterpart, but it does feel more stuffed. This helps a lot to better distribute the fill of the pillow. It offers better support to your back as well, and your neck feels better supported than it does on the Yellow model if you sleep on the edge of your pillow.

Green Model (Firm Option)

The Green model is one of the firmest options that the company offers, but it still feels soft and contouring. It’s labeled as a medium firmness pillow, but this version of MyPillow will still allow you to freely move your head and feel the polyfoam inside the product. It offers an ideal balance between firmness and softness which is difficult to find.

Blue Model (Firmest Option)

The Blue model looks very stuffed when compared to the other product options, but as we’ve mentioned above, every MyPillow model allows you to move freely on the bed. As such, you won’t find any of these models to be particularly firm, but the two firmest options seem to offer much more pressure relief than other pillows that we’ve tried.

Our Final Verdict on MyPillow

MyPillow may have received some criticism in the past for their shady marketing techniques, but their products are nonetheless very well rated by the community. We have been able to verify this by ourselves, and we can safely say that their pillows are some of the softest and most comfortable on the market.

We do recommend buying one of the MyPillow products if you like to sleep with a soft pillow. We recommend using the Green model, as this feels like the most well-balanced pillow out of them all – it offers great spine alignment, sinkage, comfort, and support at the same time.