Sheets or linens are the perfect complement to any good quality bed that you’ll find on today’s market. In fact, for some people, sheets are almost as important as their mattresses. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a cold or hot area, or how hot do you want to sleep, it’s important to choose the right sheet to properly suit your needs as a sleeper.

This article will serve to guide you in your search for your ideal bed sheet or linen, so you can make a more informed decision on whether you’d like to purchase a new type of sheet compared to what you have or if the one you own is made of the best material possible. In any case, be sure to go over our list of materials for bed sheets before buying new linen – you’d be surprised how different they are.

Choosing the Right Sheet for Your Bed

Even though there isn’t a specific formula that will help you decide which type of sheet will suit you better, there are a few determining factors that will help you make a better decision if you take them into consideration before buying. Naturally, the material is the most important one of them all, but we’ll first break down some other attributes that also come into play.

Softness Matters

Some people love to sleep with super soft sheets, others would rather use thicker ones. In any case, it’s important that you buy a high-quality sheet in order to make sure that the level of softness that you like remains the same even after several uses.

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A well-made sheet should keep its original softness for well over a year after you buy it – regardless of how many types per month you decide to wash it. Quality is expensive, but it’s a worthwhile investment.

Consider the Size

The worst thing that you can do when buying a new sheet for your mattress is ignoring its size. There’s nothing that looks worse than a sheet that fits loosely or that simply doesn’t fit in one of the corners of your bed. This will not only make it look bad, but you might end up sleeping on top of the mattress itself, making a mess out of your bed.

Proper measurement goes a long way into improving your quality of life and makes the process of buying a new sheet much more straightforward.


The weight of your bed sheet will be the primary factor that defines how hot or cool it will sleep. This factor is entirely up to personal preference as we can’t really tell you that a sheet is bad because it’s thick, nor can we tell you that it’s not good enough because it sleeps cool.

Do keep in mind that even though the material plays a part in the weight, you’ll still be able to find all sorts of weights in your sheets regardless of the material. Some cotton sheets are extremely heavy, while some are very lightweight.


The finish of the bed sheet is what defines how it will look and feel on top of your mattress. There are various types of finishes. Some bed sheets can be extremely smooth on top of the bed with no patterns or anything, while others can be a bit rough and coarse depending with a patterned design that creates a bit of elevation on it. It’s really up to you to decide which finish you like the most.

The Right Material Makes a Difference

In any case, regardless of everything that we’ve told you so far, the most important thing that you’ll have to consider before purchasing a sheet is the material with which it is made. This will be the ultimate defining factor on its quality, and you’ll need a type of material that adapts to your needs in terms of comfort, temperature, and thickness.

There are many types of materials used to create sheets, and you’ll find that some of them feel quite better than others for your own personal preference. If you haven’t bought a bed sheet before, we encourage you to visit a physical store to make sure that you’ll make a decision that will end with you being as happy as possible.

Material plays a huge part in how the bed will behave during the night. You can consider the material as a complement to the mattress and the materials with which the bed itself is made. If you buy a breathable sheet and you use it on top of a breathable mattress, then you can rest assured that you’ll sleep cool throughout the night. It really is as simple as that.


Tencel is a type of material that aims to mimic the way cotton feels. However, it’s far more environmentally friendly than cotton itself, which has made it gain a lot of popularity in recent years (especially by companies that are looking to care more for the environment as time goes by). In ant case, the manufacturing process of Tencel won’t allow chemicals to leak into the environment.

It feels extremely soft and it’s far more comfortable than other materials. The one downside is that it can cost quite a bit of money to purchase a Tencel sheet, but they’re durable and extremely breathable.


Polyester does have its fair share of issues when it comes to retention of unwanted materials such as oil and even moisture, but it offers so many positives that many people still prefer it to other more expensive products. The main advantage of polyester, apart from how smooth it feels, is that it’s extremely durable and usually lasts for a long time.

In fact, polyester sheets are considered to be amongst the most durable products on the market thanks to the way the material resists consistent washing as well as it avoids wrinkling with ease. Just don’t try to wash it too much and it will remain functional for a long time.


If you live in a cold area or you simply like to sleep in a warm room, then flannel bed sheets might be exactly what you’re looking for. For starters, they’re also made of cotton, which makes it more durable than other products on the market. The main advantage of these sheets is that they are great at helping you feel warm, and the manufacturing process allows it to remain effective for quite some time.

However, given how the cotton is brushed on these types of sheets, it retains a lot of moisture after each wash and makes it difficult for the sheet itself to dry up quickly.


Even though it wasn’t particularly common to use bamboo sheets on a global scale just a few decades ago, bamboo linen has become a very popular product thanks to many of its amazing qualities. These sheets are great if you want to sleep cooler, as they don’t retain any heat and allow you to decide how much you want them to get warm depending on your covers.

Bamboo is also very easy to produce, and even though these sheets are made with bamboo plants, they grow very quickly and you don’t have to worry about ruining the environment.


Cotton is the most popular type of material used to produce bed sheets. In fact, it is one of the oldest materials that has ever been used to improve people’s sleep over the night, with some historians claiming that cotton has been used for far longer than humanity has been properly civilized as we know it today.

The reason why cotton is so popular is because it’s easy to access, easy to grow, and even easier to harvest, and create sheets out of it. Finding a quality cotton sheet will leave you with a durable product that is also extremely breathable, can be easily dyed, and requires little to no care to remain functional for a long time.


Silk sheets are expensive, there’s no other way around it. Silk has always been seen as one of the most luxurious materials with which you can cover your bed, and one of the main reasons as to why it’s so popular is because it adapts to the environment to define its temperature. That’s why silk sheets are effectively used throughout the entire year in countries with seasonal changes.

The main drawback of these sheets, as you can imagine, is their hefty price. You’ll need to invest quite a lot of money to get your hands on a set of silk sheets.


Linen has a very peculiar characteristic: it gets softer each time that you wash it. The way it looks also makes linen sheets quite different from the rest, which is something that many people tend to love. The main problem with linen is that it’s not too versatile and can’t be folded well, but other than that, it’s an amazing material for bed sheet crafting.